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  1. 19 Weird YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching 19 items We all know about the “weird side” of YouTube. In our darker (or more enlightened) mo ...more
  2. The Most Inspiring LGBT YouTube Channels 242 votes
  3. The Best YouTube Channels to Watch When You Need a Laugh 1113 votes

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    The Rolling Stones
    58534 votes Rolling Stones to Tour: Are They the Best Live Band Ever?
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    Peyton Manning
    10520 votes Professional Athletes Who Could Have Been Comedians in a Past Life
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    David Letterman
    10183 votes All-Time Greatest Late Night Talk Show Hosts
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    Columbia University
    60674 votes Students Rank Their Top "Dream Colleges" in the U.S.
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    1937 votes The Best Music Apps

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  1. Most Important Battles in US History
  2. Dinosaur Facts
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  3. Movies You Loved as a Child That Just Don't Hold Up 5848 votes
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  1. The Worst Law & Order: SVU Crimes 278 votes Law & Order: SVU is like a car crash: you can’t look away and the violence is int ...more
  2. The Top 10 David Letterman Top 10 Lists 59 votes
  3. Dave Letterman Signs Off: TV's Most Memorable Farewells 1185 votes
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  1. Everything You Need to Know About 2015's Shaky Knees Fest 24 items The third annual Shaky Knees Festival took place in Atlanta's Central Park from May 8 ...more
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  5. Fan Favorites: What Are the Best Indie Bands Around Today? 11106 votes
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  1. The Best LGBT Comic Books 240 votes The LGBT movement has been gaining steady progress over the past twenty years, but fo ...more
  2. 26 Fun Facts to Know About Avengers: Age of Ultron 1393 votes
  3. 20 Things You Should Know About Scarlet Witch 666 votes
  4. Best Avengers Comic Storylines, Ranked 400 votes
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  1. Words That Definitely Should Be Real... But Aren't 1741 votes What if you could add your own made-up words to the dictionary? Good news folks - now ...more
  2. People We Wish Were Still Alive 335817 votes
  3. The Best Qualities in a Leader 1358 votes
  4. Silly Things We All Thought Were True When We Were Little 33655 votes
  5. The Best Qualities in a Friend 4563 votes
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  3. The All-Time Best NBA Buys for the Money 6129 votes
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  5. The Best Golfers Of All Time 3013 votes
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