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  1. The Best Sound Bites in the History of Super Bowl Media Day 41 votes The Super Bowl is not just the biggest football game of the year, it's a cultural eve ...more
  2. The Best "Big Game" Performances by a Quarterback 454 votes
  3. The Worst: Super Bowls That Weren't So Super 77 votes

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    Idina Menzel
    1208 votes The Greatest Female Broadway Stars
  2. listed
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    Game of Thrones
    220174 votes The Best TV Shows of Recent Memory
  3. listed
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    The Brady Bunch
    23226 votes The Most Important TV Sitcoms
  4. listed
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    Teresa Giudice
    43665 votes The Worst People in the History of Reality TV
  5. listed
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    Taran Killam
    5409 votes The Best Current SNL Cast Members, Ranked

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