#1 Taylor Swift / on The Greatest Teen Pop Bands & Artists #8 CHIC / on The Best Disco Bands/Artists #4 'N Sync / on The Greatest Boy Bands of All Time
82 LISTS Daniel Craig Daniel Craig returns to the big screen this weekend with 'Logan Lucky' 9 LISTS G-Dragon Play some Big Bang this weekend for G-Dragon's birthday 26 LISTS Bacon Start planning Sunday brunch, for August 20th is Bacon Lover's Day 23 LISTS Bonnie Tyler Tyler will perform 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' for the coming eclipse 36 LISTS Kyrie Irving Will Irving stay with the Cavaliers or go to another team?
Item Image Week 19, May 29 - June 4: We Kiss The Paris Accord Goodbye, Trump Capitalizes On Terror In London, Kathy Griffin Upsets Barron, And... COVFEFE \ falling to #9 Every Week Of The Trump Administration, Ranked By Insanity beverages 1.1k people have voted on Jokes & Zingers All Coffee Drinkers Will Find Funny graveyard shift 38k people have read Are Mermaids Real? These Photos Seem To Suggest They Are fan art 146 people have voted on 33 Epic One-Punch Man Mashups And Fan Art v 521 people are watching How Indiana Jones Snuck Onto The Nazi Base

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49 reranks The Best Websites to Waste Your Time On #1 YouTube
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#2 Ranker
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#3 Wikipedia
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30 reranks The Best Hair Metal Bands Of All Time #1 Mötley Crüe
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#2 Def Leppard
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#3 Poison
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38 reranks The Most Anticipated Movies of 2017 #1 Star Wars: Episode VIII
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#2 Wonder Woman
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#4 Thor: Ragnarok
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29 reranks The Best Teenage Superheroes #1 Spider-Man
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#3 Raven
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#4 Kitty Pryde
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