The All-Time Greatest Comedy Films Films
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The All-Time Greatest Comedy Films

List Criteria: Vote up the most well-made comedy movies

The best comedy films of all time are listed here, in one convenient list of the top comedy movies ever. These hilarious movies are not only laugh-out-loud funny, they're considered to be some of the best movies of all time as well as some of the funniest movies ever. Itching to watch a great comedy right now? Here's what you can find currently streaming on Amazon Prime or Netflix Instant

To be called one of the greatest comedy movies of all time is kind of a big deal, and chances are, you'll think some of the comedy films on this list are more deserving of the title than others. This round-up of top comedy movies includes gross-out comedies (Dumb and Dumber, South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut), comedy parodies (Spaceballs, This is Spinal Tap), teen comedies (American Pie, Superbad), and plenty of British humor (Monty Python and the Holy Grail, History of the World: Part 1). Whatever you think is the best kind of comedy movie, it's here for you to vote on in this list of the best comedy movies.

What are the best comedy movies ever? What are the funniest movies to watch? This list is here to sort out the "HAHA" funny films from the "ha." movies that are kind of funny, but not so much. Don't see your favorite comedy movie on the list? Make to add it to this list of the greatest comedy movies so that other people will have the chance to laugh as hard as you. If you see a supposedly great comedy movie that you think stinks, make sure to vote it down to the bottom of the list of the greatest comedy films.
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  1. 153
    Up 49
    Down 33

    Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski, Reginald VelJohnson

  2. 155
    Up 27
    Down 31

    Johnny Depp, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube

  3. 37
    Up 273
    Down 143

    ranked low on reranks Darren McGavin, Zack Ward, Peter Billingsley

  4. 199
    Up 26
    Down 41

    Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Maureen O'Sullivan

  5. 36
    Up 235
    Down 163

    Jamie Lee Curtis, John Cleese, Kevin Kline

  6. 119
    Up 60
    Down 46

    added by AndrewW.Curley Madonna, Tom Hanks, Rosie O'Donnell

  7. 125
    Up 39
    Down 56

    Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Leonard Marx

  8. 70
    Up 117
    Down 107

    Vincent Price, Bela Lugosi, Lou Costello

  9. 21
    Up 281
    Down 184

    Jim Carrey, Courteney Cox, Dan Marino

  10. 76
    Up 78
    Down 90

    Jim Carrey, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Simon Callow

  11. 204
    Up 31
    Down 43

    Christina Ricci, Anjelica Huston, Cynthia Nixon

  12. 171
    Up 39
    Down 30

    ranked low on reranks Elisabeth Shue, Vincent D'Onofrio, Penelope Ann Miller

  13. 224
    Up 23
    Down 49

    Adam Sandler, Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi

  14. 2
    Up 606
    Down 226

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Leslie Nielsen, Ethel Merman

  15. 133
    Up 39
    Down 21

    added by but chickens double d Robin Williams, Gilbert Gottfried, Frank Welker

  16. 48
    Up 195
    Down 147

    Alyson Hannigan, Shannon Elizabeth, Tara Reid

  17. 182
    Up 26
    Down 30

    Alyson Hannigan, Shannon Elizabeth, Neil Patrick Harris

  18. 44
    Up 178
    Down 149

    Christina Applegate, Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller

  19. 186
    Up 32
    Down 41

    John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam

  20. 150
    Up 75
    Down 109

    often listed Jack Nicholson, Adam Sandler, Heather Graham

  21. 82
    Up 81
    Down 132

    often listed & ranked high on reranks Woody Allen, Christopher Walken, Sigourney Weaver

  22. 128
    Up 102
    Down 73

    ranked low on reranks Cary Grant, Peter Lorre, Raymond Massey

  23. 161
    Up 35
    Down 51

    added by Dbo878 Britney Spears, Beyoncé Knowles, Tom Cruise

  24. 28
    Up 259
    Down 168

    Elizabeth Hurley, Carrie Fisher, Will Ferrell

  25. 101
    Up 64
    Down 68

    added by Dbo878 Elizabeth Hurley, Heather Graham, Will Ferrell

  26. 228
    Up 27
    Down 61

    often listed & ranked high on reranks Jenny McCarthy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Yasmine Bleeth

  27. 83
    Up 75
    Down 17

    ranked low on reranks & added by but chickens double d Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson, Jason Hervey

  28. 147
    Up 37
    Down 20

    added by but chickens double d Clint Eastwood, Michael J. Fox, Elisabeth Shue

  29. 157
    Up 34
    Down 19

    ranked low on reranks & added by but chickens double d Michael J. Fox, Elisabeth Shue, Lea Thompson

  30. 117
    Up 86
    Down 124

    often listed & ranked high on reranks Lauren Graham, Billy Bob Thornton, Bernie Mac

  31. 205
    Up 31
    Down 40

    Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, Jason Segel

  32. 197
    Up 36
    Down 63

    Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, David Letterman

  33. 217
    Up 18
    Down 64

    Donald Sutherland, Cloris Leachman, Mo'Nique Imes-Jackson

  34. 65
    Up 101
    Down 47

    Alec Baldwin, Winona Ryder, Geena Davis

  35. 129
    Up 74
    Down 79

    Jane Lynch, Jennifer Coolidge, Christopher Guest

  36. 78
    Up 87
    Down 47

    ranked low on reranks Eddie Murphy, Damon Wayans, Paul Reiser

  37. 30
    Up 261
    Down 136

    Tom Hanks, Jon Lovitz, Elizabeth Perkins

  38. 126
    Up 57
    Down 64

    Adam Sandler, Jon Stewart, Steve Buscemi

  39. 114
    Up 71
    Down 53

    Keanu Reeves, George Carlin, Jane Wiedlin

  40. 113
    Up 64
    Down 60

    Adam Sandler, Steve Buscemi, Chris Farley

  41. 239
    Up 16
    Down 48

    added by beernbugs Rose McGowan, Kylie Minogue, Jack Black 1996

  42. 111
    Up 46
    Down 56

    often listed & ranked high on reranks Julie Benz, David Spade, Gary Busey

  43. 7
    Up 501
    Down 179

    Mel Brooks, Gene Wilder, Anne Bancroft

  44. 95
    Up 95
    Down 144

    Pamela Anderson, Sacha Baron Cohen, Alan Keyes

  45. 141
    Up 65
    Down 53

    ranked low on reranks Jon Hamm, Rose Byrne, Kristen Wiig

  46. 80
    Up 70
    Down 48

    ranked low on reranks Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman, Jim Carrey

  47. 234
    Up 34
    Down 44

    Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins

  48. 5
    Up 486
    Down 182

    Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield

  49. 99
    Up 66
    Down 120

    often listed & ranked high on reranks Paul Reubens, Phil Hartman, Cheech Marin

  50. 35
    Up 209
    Down 179

    Ellen Barkin, Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong

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