Celebrities Who Have Aged the Worst People

Celebrities Who Have Aged the Worst

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This is a list of celebrities who've looked worse with age than one would expect. As they've gotten older, these stars have become more and more unattractive. We've all seen our fair share of bad plastic surgery celebs, and some of these famous people certainly fall under the same category. Those that don't create their own damage naturally. These celebrities aging badly include actors, musicians, and notable public figures who look like they've aged 50 years in the last ten.

What celebs have aged the worst?  What celebrities used to be hot and aren't anymore? It's a shame that some of these celebs are no longer recognizable, because everyone on this list actually looked pretty good when they were young. May this be a lesson for us all to watch our bad habits and not succumb to temptations of having too much work done.

List Criteria: Vote for the celebrities who you feel look worse than they should for their age (or their age when the photos were taken)

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    A RANKER USER SAID: "Okay let me be honest although not to the point of disrespectful and say that Mickey Rourke in his early years was quite the handsome guy but not so much now. The picture presented in this list seems to be one of the worse that could of been found on the web of him but still its not only one. He may not have taken care of himself as well as he could have and it kind of shows now that he is getting a little more up in age." (join the discussion)

    Born: 1952
    Birthplace: Contiguous United States, New York, Schenectady County, United States of America, Schenectady + 2 more
    Nationality: United States of America
    Profession: Screenwriter, Actor, Professional Boxer
    Institution: Miami Beach Senior High School, Horace Mann Junior High School
    Height: 5'10"
    Friends: Bai Ling, Bob Dylan
    Canoodled: Bai Ling, Kim Basinger, Evan Rachel Wood
    Dated: Courtney Love, Charlotte Lewis
    Mickey Rourke : see more

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