The Best College Football Players of 2012

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List Criteria: Please vote for the players on their on-field accomplishments only. Only college football players based on their 2012 season

The best college football players of 2012 are those talented young men who lead their respective NCAA Football teams to greatness in the 2012 season. these top quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and other positional players each bring something special to their college football teams that sets them apart as the best NCAA Football players of 2012.

As the honor is awarded to the top college football player, it's no surprise that the 2012 Heisman Trophy will likely go to one of these players. Prior to the beginning of the season, players such as USC quarterback Matt Barkey, Michigan's double threat Denard Robinson and South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore all had their name floating around in Heisman race talk but poor performance, or in Lattimore's case a tragic injury, have made way for others to take that spotlight.

Other 2012 top college football quarterbacks like Collin Klein from the Kansas State Wildcats, AJ McCarron from the perennial favorite Alabama Crimson Tide and hidden gem Johnny Manziel from the Texas A&M Aggies all each rose to the task in 2012 and landed among the elite players of the year. But it wasn't just quarterbacks shining with other players such as Oregon running back Kenjon Barner, Wisconsin rusher Montee Ball and Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o each earning spots as the top college football players of 2012.

Which 2012 college football player is the best? Who will take home the Heisman? Vote for the players you think are the most deserving below, add any not already listed or re-rank this list your way to count down the top college football players of 2012.
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