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The Best Cooking Competition Shows

The best cooking competition shows, hosted by some of television's most entertaining celebrity chefs, have become one of the must-watch genres on television. Some of the best shows on television right now take place in a kitchen, and the best cooking shows on TV are the reason.

While the cooking show has been around almost since the advent of TV (Julia Child was a thing long before Meryl Streep played her), in recent years we have seen the rise of the cooking competition show. Whether you tune in to Top Chef on Bravo to see elite chefs battle for the title of best chef, or Masterchef which features home cooks battling it out to see if they have the chops to compete with the pros, reality cooking competition shows have become must-watch entertainment for the culinarily curious. Adding to the mix are timed challenge cooking competition reality shows like Chopped and Cupcake Wars which put cooks in the kitchen but under extreme pressure to produce or go home.

Which reality cooking competition show is the best? What is the most entertaining cooking competition show? Who are the best hosts of reality cooking competition shows? Vote on your favorite reality TV cooking competition show here to find out. If you don't see your favorite reality cooking show listed, make sure to add it to the greatest cooking competition show list so other viewers can make it their top cooking competition show. No matter what type of cooking contest you like, there is definitely something out there for you.
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  1. 1
    Up 414
    Down 197

    the people's #1 Jennifer Ellison, Abi Titmuss, James Dreyfus

  2. 2
    Up 367
    Down 140

  3. 3
    Up 316
    Down 124

    Scott Conant, Ted Allen, Aarón Sanchez

  4. 4
    Up 224
    Down 157

    most listed Bill Murray, Giada De Laurentiis, Rachael Ray

  5. 5
    Up 14
    Down 6

    often listed & added by woogyjones50 Emeril Lagasse, Gail Simmons, Padma Lakshmi

  6. 6
    Up 219
    Down 145

    Gail Simmons, Ruth Reichl

  7. 7
    Up 178
    Down 134

  8. 8
    Up 174
    Down 176

  9. 9
    Up 156
    Down 137

    Keegan Gerhard

  10. 10
    Up 125
    Down 145

    Bobby Flay

  11. 11
    Up 134
    Down 100

    Bobby Flay, Cat Cora, Mario Batali

  12. 12
    Up 123
    Down 167

    Bobby Flay, Anne Burrell

  13. 13
    Up 125
    Down 160

    Hubert Keller, Gail Simmons

  14. 14
    Up 90
    Down 181

    Guy Fieri, Rachael Ray

  15. 15
    Up 108
    Down 136

  16. 16
    Up 71
    Down 163

    often listed & ranked high on reranks Sweet Genius Ron Ben-Israel

  17. 17
    Up 38
    Down 23

    ranked low on reranks & added by kfresan Matt Preston

  18. 18
    Up 81
    Down 143

    The Taste Anthony Bourdain Nigella Lawson Ludo Lefebvre Marcus Samuelsson

  19. 19
    Up 54
    Down 42

    ranked low on reranks & added by MikeTrujillo Masaharu Morimoto, Hiroyuki Sakai

  20. 20
    Up 8
    Down 24

    added by kfresan Lisa Ray, Thea Andrews

  21. 21
    Up 13
    Down 16

    Bobby Flay

  22. 22
    Up 39
    Down 168

    often listed & ranked high on reranks Jean-Christophe Novelli

  23. 23
    Up 9
    Down 24

    added by kfresan

  24. 24
    Up 8
    Down 17

    Chopped: Canada Dean McDermott

  25. 25
    Up 13
    Down 18

    added by DannyLatcovich Ramsay's Best Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

  26. 26
    Up 6
    Down 21

    added by MarvinTalley Paula Deen

  27. 27
    Up 14
    Down 4

    added by Sh├│naMcCormick Cutthroat Kitchen Alton Brown

  28. 28
    Up 1
    Down 0

    new! & added by materio Pesadilla En La Cocina

  29. 29
    Up 1
    Down 0
    No image

    new! & added by RichardMichaelPalomino Rick's Kitchen

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