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The Best Current Dramatic TV Shows

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The best dramatic shows of all time took us back in time, allowed us to visit far away lands and most of all, pulled at our heart strings as we watched our favorite characters deal with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. While some of the best shows on TV have been off for years (Mad Men, we're looking at you) others like Breaking Bad, Fringe, Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones kept us interested, toyed with our emotions and certainly kept our DVRs busy as we followed along with the dramatic story lines.

As with previous years, many of the best, most acclaimed and Emmy Award-winning drama series from 2011 came from networks like CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX while others were only available from basic cable stations like AMC and FX. Even others were limited to those with the pay channels like HBO and Showtime. Regardless of network, these series got us interested and kept us hooked to all the action throughout the year.

The best drama series of all timeprovided a bit of something for everyone. Sci-fi and horror lovers had plenty of options like Terra Nova and American Horror Story while those looking for courtroom dramas could choose from the likes of The Good Wife and The Defenders.

There were plenty of shows for the ladies as well with the likes of Desperate Housewives returning for its final season and new shows like Hart of Dixie airing. Not to leave the gory shows out of the picture, there were several options for those liking bloods and guts with Dexter and True Blood making the list.

Of course there were also plenty of new shows, including remakes of old shows like a reboot of the Charlie's Angels franchise and the return of Hawaii Five-0, as well as plenty of old favorites who returned for another seasons like the NCIS and CSI franchises.

So whether you're a fan of the warm and fuzzy dramas or the hard-hitting crime shows or any in between, one or another of the best dramatic series of 2011 is sure to keep you crying, cheering or simply entertained.

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