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The Best Current Female Singers

List Criteria: Female singers who currently have singles out, are on tour, or have new albums

The best female singers currently performing rank among some of the best female singers of all time without contest. These are the most talented female singers in the world (and some of the most successful female musicians as well) here for you to rank from best to worst.

These women represent some of the women who have sold the most albums, female singers with the most awards (including women who have won Grammys), female vocalists with incredible vocal ranges, and just some of the most talented women in entertainment. Some of these top female singers, like Florence Welch, are just becoming exposed to a wide audience, while others like Adele and Taylor Swift are known around the world for their vocal talents.

Who are the greatest female singers today? Which women are the best vocalists? Are the best female singers today the best female singers ever? These are tough questions we'll attempt to answer with this list of the best current female singers. If your favorite female singer isn't on the list, make sure to add her so she can contend for the #1 spot as the top current female singer.
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  1. 58
    Up 51
    Down 102

    added by Coolza Soon We'll Be Found, Under the Milky Way, Drink to Get Drunk

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  2. 8
    Up 448
    Down 628

    Good Girl Gone Bad (remix bonus disc), Where Have You Been, Umbrella

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  3. 15
    Up 274
    Down 432

    2005-07-22: Kansas City, MO, USA, Smile, Let Go

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  4. 49
    Up 39
    Down 65

    added by dennyvo Rarities, B-Sides, & Other Stuff, One Dream, Angel

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  5. 33
    Up 120
    Down 324

    often listed & ranked high on reranks Tug of War, This Kiss, Kiss

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  6. 70
    Up 29
    Down 112

    Lara Fabian, Lara Fabian, Le Secret

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  7. 27
    Up 145
    Down 302

    added by mal1 All I Really Want, In Praise of the Vulnerable Man, Not as We

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  8. 11
    Up 377
    Down 483

    added by NormanBates Estoy Aquí, Hips Don't Lie, Fijación Oral Vol. 1

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  9. 54
    Up 42
    Down 122

    added by First L Fight for This Love, 3 Words, Promise This Christmas Bundle

    open report item
  10. 42
    Up 105
    Down 216

    added by averagej123 Sand in My Shoes, No Freedom, Everything to Lose

    open report item
  11. 61
    Up 38
    Down 115

    Deeper Understanding, Hounds of Love, Live at Hammersmith Odeon

    open report item
  12. 17
    Up 346
    Down 363

    ranked low on reranks & added by Coolza Spirit, Spirit (Deluxe Edition), The Labyrinth Tour: Live from the O2

    open report item
  13. 29
    Up 11
    Down 28

    Sweet Nothing, Sweet Nothing

    open report item
  14. 48
    Up 53
    Down 93

    You, iTunes Live, All of You

    open report item
  15. 66
    Up 42
    Down 119

    added by Coolza All Is Full of Björk, Earth Intruders, Pagan Poetry

    open report item
  16. 65
    Up 47
    Down 103

    added by wiabux White Is in the Winter Night, May It Be, Amarantine (Special Christmas ...

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  17. 68
    Up 24
    Down 78

    added by MChi Planeta Paulina, Celebridades, Paulina Remixes

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  18. 24
    Up 158
    Down 296

    Wildest Dreams, I Want You Near Me, Typical Male

    open report item
  19. 59
    Up 76
    Down 251

    often listed & ranked high on reranks Roman's Revenge, Starships, Did It On'em

    open report item
  20. 35
    Up 179
    Down 216

    ranked low on reranks & added by Coolza iTunes Festival: 2012, Do It Like a Dude, Nobody's Perfect

    open report item
  21. 19
    Up 246
    Down 401

    Your Song, Figure 8, Lights

    open report item
  22. 32
    Up 126
    Down 232

    added by First L Live at the Royal Albert Hall, iTunes Session, Daddy

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  23. 1
    Up 855
    Down 600

    the people's #1 & most listed Turning Tables, iTunes Live from SoHo, 1988

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  24. 75
    Up 28
    Down 70

    added by Coolza Hot Right Now, Ora, How We Do (Party)

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  25. 73
    Up 18
    Down 90

    added by bakermf465 Peak Performance, Angel in Disguise, Missing You

    open report item
  26. 5
    Up 443
    Down 566

    Diary, Ghetto Story Chapter 2, Doesn't Mean Anything

    open report item
  27. 18
    Up 250
    Down 374

    Fallen, Evanescence, The Open Door

    open report item
  28. 28
    Up 132
    Down 210

    The Concert: Highlights, Barbra: The Ultimate Collection, What Kind of ...

    open report item
  29. 3
    Up 588
    Down 595

    added by WarrenMitchell Video Phone, Beyoncé Karaoke Hits, Vol. I, Irreplaceable

    open report item
  30. 26
    Up 185
    Down 422

    often listed & added by nikosnikopoulos3 Scream & Shout, The Singles Collection, Me Against the Music

    open report item
  31. 12
    Up 340
    Down 468

    American Idol (Live Broadcast), Mama's Song, Play On

    open report item
  32. 4
    Up 524
    Down 468

    added by LanaTinaQueens Your Body, What a Girl Wants, Remixed Hitz

    open report item
  33. 47
    Up 85
    Down 192

    added by malmrphy Playlist: The Very Best of Ciara, Ciara, Work

    open report item
  34. 13
    Up 360
    Down 421

    added by WarrenMitchell Here We Go Again, Get Back, Don't Forget

    open report item
  35. 37
    Up 98
    Down 156

    Starting Over Again, Downtown, Shine

    open report item
  36. 53
    Up 49
    Down 84

    added by Coolza Finally, Big Girls Don't Cry, Party People

    open report item
  37. 30
    Up 152
    Down 215

    ranked low on reranks & added by Coolza Early Winter, The Sweet Escape, Can I Have It Like That?

    open report item
  38. 20
    Up 183
    Down 281

    added by Boyle348 Airplanes

    open report item
  39. 23
    Up 171
    Down 309

    Think Like a Man, I Remember Me, Spotlight

    open report item
  40. 34
    Up 122
    Down 260

    added by WarrenMitchell No Air, Tattoo, No Air

    open report item
  41. 74
    Up 21
    Down 86

    added by elise Immigrant Song, Hello Tomorrow (adidas Version)

    open report item
  42. 69
    Up 56
    Down 165

    100 Proof, Small Town Girl, 100 Proof

    open report item
  43. 7
    Up 457
    Down 535

    Catch My Breath, Cry, My December

    open report item
  44. 44
    Up 116
    Down 218

    added by First L BET Presents Kelly Rowland, Simply Deep, What a Feeling

    open report item
  45. 64
    Up 48
    Down 117

    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Good Friend and a Glass of Wine, O ...

    open report item
  46. 40
    Up 99
    Down 189

    open report item
  47. 22
    Up 267
    Down 376

    added by NormanBates Give It to Me: The Early Years, Ultra Rare Trax, Volume 3, Hard Candy

    open report item
  48. 9
    Up 374
    Down 462

    added by MChi Valentines, Music Box, Here Is Mariah Carey

    open report item
  49. 43
    Up 120
    Down 227

    added by MChi Best of Hannah Montana, He Could Be the One, Hannah Montana: Hits Remixed ...

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  50. 39
    Up 116
    Down 274

    The House That Built Me, Heart Like Mine, Only Prettier

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