The Best Non-Chocolate Candies Candy Varieties
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The Best Non-Chocolate Candies

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The best non-chocolate candies on the market include many of the greatest candies of all time (that are sweet and chocolate free). Whether you prefer the taste of sour candies, sweet candies, or just don't enjoy the most delectable chocolate deserts on earth, there are plenty of varieties of chocolate-free candy for you to enjoy year round. Your selection of gummy candies, chewy candies, tart candies, and options for dairy free candies is nearly endless.

Looking for gluten free candy? You'll find plenty of health conscious and sugar free candy options on this list of the best non-chocolate candy. Whether you want to get into the debate about whether Red Vines or Twizzlers are the better licorice option or think that there's no better tart candy than SweeTarts (it is in the name after all), you'll have plenty of choices for best alternative candy on this list of the best candies without chocolate.

What are the best dairy free candy brand? What companies make the top non-chocolate candy? All the greatest candies without chocolate are on this list of chocolate candy alternatives and ready for you to add your vote in the quest to determine which chocolate-free candy rules the snack universe. If you don't see your favorite chocolate-free candy on the chocolate free candy list, make sure to add it so other candy lovers can find new treats to enjoy.
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    Jelly Belly

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    Haribo Gold-Bears

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    added by jc.osen96 Sour Skittles

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    Sour Patch Kids

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    Swedish Fish

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    Reese's Pieces

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    often listed & added by roac34 Red Vines

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    Saltwater Taffy

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    new! & added by jschro1861 Now and Laters

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