The Best Saturday Night Live Characters of All Time TV Characters
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The Best Saturday Night Live Characters of All Time

List Criteria: Characters that have appeared on SNL only.

The best Saturday Night Live characters of all time include classic, unforgettable characters brought to life by the best cast members on SNL. The list itself is impressive, filled with hilarious characters from the greatest SNL shows from the 1970s, 1980s and beyond. Whether it's Eddie Murphy's Buckwheat, Chris Farley's Matt Foley or John Belushi's Samurai, the characters on this list represent the absolute greatest - those that made us laugh for days after the show aired. This is a vote ranked list, so be sure to cast your vote for your personal favorite SNL character ever (and vote down any characters you don't like). If you don't see your fave on the list, feel free to add it!

Saturday Night Live's original sketch comedy represents some of the funniest ever on television. Since the show first aired in 1975, so many talented comedians and actors have given their all to make sure everyone kept laughing. Whether it's the recurring characters from the early years like The Coneheads and The Blues Brothers, or more modern classics like Chris Kattan's Mango, Adam Sandler's Opera Man or, more recently, Bill Hader's Stefon, all are memorable and all are truly funny.

Who are the best characters on SNL? For more great SNL info, check out these lists of the best 'Saturday Night Live' original cast sketches, monologues, sketches from the 1980s and the 1990s. Ever wonder who the most frequent 'SNL' hosts are? There's a list for that, along with information about the youngest and oldest 'SNL' hosts ever - and 'SNL' hosts who were banned. Enjoy!
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  1. 114
    Up 78
    Down 139

    Tom Snyder Dan Aykroyd

  2. 113
    Up 7
    Down 6
    No image

    added by looksharp Tony Bennett Portrayed by Alec Baldwin

  3. 112
    Up 6
    Down 6
    No image

    added by looksharp Irving Cohen Martin Short as a cigar-smoking, old songwriter

  4. 111
    Up 6
    Down 6
    No image

    new! & added by looksharp Derek Stevens Dana Carvey as a dramatic, pop singer: "She choppin' brocolli"

  5. 110
    Up 11
    Down 4
    No image

    new! & added by RandyGordon The Coneheads

  6. 109
    Up 7
    Down 7
    No image

    new! & added by looksharp Nude Male Model Will Farrell as a crude, nude male model in an art class

  7. 108
    Up 7
    Down 5
    No image

    added by looksharp The Trivial Psychic Christopher Walken

  8. 107
    Up 37
    Down 34

    added by JosephMorabito Grumpy Old Man Dana Carvey as Grumpy Old Man on Weekend Update.

  9. 106
    Up 10
    Down 6
    No image

    added by looksharp Jesse Jackson Portrayed by Darrell Hammond

  10. 105
    Up 12
    Down 9
    No image

    new! & added by looksharp Canteen Boy Adam Sandler as a boy scout

  11. 104
    Up 10
    Down 6
    No image

    new! & added by looksharp Janet Reno Will Farrell in Janet Reno's Dance Party

  12. 103
    Up 14
    Down 6
    No image

    added by looksharp Larry King Portrayed by Norm MacDonald

  13. 102
    Up 14
    Down 6
    No image

    added by looksharp The Nerds Bill Murray and Gilda Radner as a teenage couple

  14. 101
    Up 108
    Down 140

    Garth and Kat Fred Armisen, Kristen Wiig

  15. 100
    Up 99
    Down 136

    Jimmy Carter Dan Aykroyd

  16. 99
    Up 141
    Down 146

    added by Mavsc79 The Sweeney Sisters Nora Dunn, Jan Hooks

  17. 98
    Up 114
    Down 133

    ranked low on reranks Laraine Newman

  18. 97
    Up 66
    Down 214

    often listed & ranked high on reranks Virgania Horsen Kristen Wiig

  19. 96
    Up 56
    Down 155

    often listed & added by zxray Dan Aykroyd

  20. 95
    Up 69
    Down 50

    ranked low on reranks & added by looksharp Donatella Versace Maya Rudolph

  21. 94
    Up 57
    Down 203

    often listed & added by zxray Herb Welch Bill Hader

  22. 93
    Up 53
    Down 21

    ranked low on reranks & added by looksharp Nick Burns, The Company Computer Guy

  23. 92
    Up 105
    Down 227

    added by JimJenkins Massive Headwound Harry Dana Carvey Dana Carvey

  24. 91
    Up 133
    Down 194

    added by Philip C Goatboy Jim Breuer

  25. 90
    Up 97
    Down 218

    added by JimJenkins Lothar of the Hill People Mike Myers

  26. 89
    Up 44
    Down 42

    added by nevercomestheday Gap Girls "Uh, I think these pants are too big.""No, that's how you're supposed to wear them! Just get a big belt and cinch 'em!"Chris Farley, David Spade, Adam SandlerAlso in that sketch:

  27. 88
    Up 59
    Down 75

    added by charlesminorversion1 Deandre Cole

  28. 87
    Up 94
    Down 127

    Bob Dole Norm Macdonald

  29. 86
    Up 194
    Down 311

    Chris Kattan

  30. 85
    Up 84
    Down 207

    often listed & added by JimJenkins Mike Myers

  31. 84
    Up 93
    Down 179

    added by zxray Pete Dionasopolis John Belushi Olympia Cafe....NO COKE! Pepsi....NO FRIES! Chips...

  32. 83
    Up 190
    Down 260

    added by JimJenkins Gilly Kristen Wiig Kristen Wiig

  33. 82
    Up 111
    Down 186

    added by JimJenkins Andy and Raif Andy Samberg, Justin Timberlake Andy Samburg and Justin Timberlake

  34. 81
    Up 80
    Down 160

    Queen Elizabeth Fred Armisen

  35. 80
    Up 108
    Down 223

    added by zxray Garrett Morris

  36. 79
    Up 139
    Down 292

    Chris Rock

  37. 78
    Up 127
    Down 160

    added by JimJenkins Stuart Rankin Mike Myers "If it's not Scottish IT'S CRAP!!!!"

  38. 77
    Up 126
    Down 65

    ranked low on reranks & added by BobEqualityGreen Julia Child Dan Akroyd "I've cut myself"

  39. 76
    Up 139
    Down 188

    added by JimJenkins Phillip Mike Myers

  40. 75
    Up 131
    Down 130

    added by zxray Mr. Subliminal Kevin Nealon

  41. 74
    Up 109
    Down 228

    added by JimJenkins Amy Poehler

  42. 73
    Up 156
    Down 313

    often listed & ranked high on reranks Dana Carvey

  43. 72
    Up 139
    Down 62

    ranked low on reranks & added by dbeorn Chee-buger Chee-buger John Bellusci and Bill Murray were hilarious

  44. 71
    Up 152
    Down 191

    added by zxray The Anal Retentive Chef Phil Hartman

  45. 70
    Up 129
    Down 208

    added by zxray Brian Fellows Tracy Morgan

  46. 69
    Up 215
    Down 135

    Emily Litella Gilda Radner

  47. 68
    Up 169
    Down 235

    often listed & added by JimJenkins Penelope Kristen Wiig Kristen Wiig

  48. 67
    Up 165
    Down 135

    Fernando Billy Crystal

  49. 66
    Up 123
    Down 87

    added by mjhegger Pathological Liar Jon Lovitz

  50. 65
    Up 192
    Down 170

    added by zxray Mark Wahlberg Andy Samberg

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