The Best Uniforms in the NFL Football Teams (American)
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The Best Uniforms in the NFL

List Criteria: Please vote for the teams based on the quality of their uniform only

NFL fans love to argue over what team has the best uniform in the league. While to non-football fans this may seems like a trivial detail, a team's uniform and colors are important to projecting an image that is vital to a team and its fans. The best uniforms can also be some of the league's most basic and simple. For many years, the Oakland Raiders' intimidating silver and black uniform has been considered one of the best in the NFL due its menacing color combination. Traditionalists love uniforms of classic teams like the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers. These uniforms have barely changed over the years.

In 2012, Nike became the official outfitter of the NFL. A few teams have updated their uniforms since then. The Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins changed their uniforms, hoping that a snazzy new look will help them vault into the upper echelon of the best uniforms in the NFL. Has it helped? Who knows! What we can know is which are the coolest NFL jerseys. Which ones would you sport while tailgating a big game? Or wear to a party? Is there a NFL uniforms so cool that you'd even wear it to your wedding? If so, it's going to be on this definitive ranking of the top football jerseys.

Vote on what you consider to be the best uniforms in the NFL. There's no rhyme or reason to the list; just vote for the team you think has the best uniform, that way we can find out which are the coolest and which are the ugliest in the league! The title of the team with the best uniform in the NFL is in your hands!
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    San Diego Chargers

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    Seattle Seahawks

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    New Orleans Saints

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    Green Bay Packers

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    Pittsburgh Steelers

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