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The Best WWE Entrance Songs

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List of the coolest entrance themes for WWE wrestlers and superstars. A big part of being a successful sports entertainer is whipping the crowd up before a fight, and nothing accomplishes this better than choosing a pounding, fist-pumping, aggressive song with which to enter the arena. A good entrance theme also helps to define a wrestler's persona and personality, and over time will become very tied to that wrester in the minds of fans. (Consider the popular musical theme that accompanied the Honky Tonk Man, and the familiar dance that became his trademark.)

This list collects the most appropriate, memorable and catchy WWE entrance songs of all time. Vote for the wrestler whose song was the best, and if your favorite WWE theme music isn't on the list, go ahead and add your own list so you can move it to the top!

What are the best WWE entrance songs? Take a look here and find out.

List Criteria: Only WWE wrestlers. Other organizations should not be represented here

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