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Fictional Company You'd Most Want to Work For

List Criteria: Any company from a movie, tv show or book

The fictional companies that would make the best employers, as voted on by the Ranker community. Anyone can add to this real-time ranking of fictional companies that seem like they'd be fun places to work. Rank the firms you think would have the coolest bosses, the most laid-back environments, and the most rewarding mission statements. And who knows... If a recruiter from Kramerica ever reaches out to us, perhaps we'll put in a good word for you.

These awesome fictional companies have it all. Great benefits, booze cruises, stair cars, Batmobiles, and more. Which fictional company would you like to work for? Would you fit in at Stark Industries? Or are you more of an Oscorp type? Maybe you'd be great at slinging lattes at Central Perk.

Vote up the companies from TV, film, comic books, and other works of fiction that you would kill to get a job at.
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  1. 51
    Up 18
    Down 29

    Callahan Auto Parts Automotive Supplies and Sales

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  2. 52
    Up 9
    Down 8

    added by zxray Pawtucket Brewery Brewer

    open report item
  3. 53
    Up 5
    Down 4

    added by wiabux Fringe Division

    open report item
  4. 54
    Up 13
    Down 16

    added by whedonite101 Angel Investigations

    open report item
  5. 55
    Up 5
    Down 5

    added by wiabux OmniCorp

    open report item
  6. 56
    Up 1
    Down 0

    added by JackWHallmark Blue Sun Corporation

    open report item
  7. 57
    Up 4
    Down 7

    added by wiabux The Daily Bugle

    open report item
  8. 58
    Up 3
    Down 6

    added by wiabux Spectre

    open report item
  9. 59
    Up 3
    Down 6
    No image

    added by hcshannonart Sunshine Cabs

    open report item
  10. 60
    Up 6
    Down 12

    added by duker Prestige Worldwide The First Word In Entertainment

    open report item
  11. 61
    Up 4
    Down 9

    added by zxray Mainway Toys Toy Manufacturer

    open report item
  12. 62
    Up 4
    Down 11

    added by zxray The Permanent Assurance Company Assurance

    open report item
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