The Funniest TV Shows of All Time

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List Criteria: Vote up the most hilarious sitcoms, sketch shows, or other programs in television history

The funniest TV shows ever range from some of the best TV shows of recent memory to some of the best TV shows of all time. These hilarious television shows and series are the ones that make you accidentally snort your soda up your nose, spill your TV dinner, and fall off your chair from laughing. Some of these funny TV shows are so good, they'll make you want to punch a baby. Yes, punch a baby. That. Good. 

From the timeless antics of I Love Lucy's Ethel and Lucy to the foul-mouthed hi-jinks of the kids from South Park to the moral depravity of the Bluth family on Arrested Development, these funny television series make the living room (or bedroom, plane, car, office,'s the digital age, we get it) a funnier place to be. Many of these amusing TV shows are still on the air (The Simpsons, Big Bang Theory), others have gone to TV heaven (Cheers, 30 Rock), and more still have been resurrected from the digital grave (Family Guy, Futurama). 

What are the funniest series on TV?  What is the funniest TV show ever? This list of the funniest TV shows ever looks to crown one TV show the funniest television show ever. It doesn't matter if the show is old or new - these are the top TV comedies of all time. Vote for your favorite TV show and make sure to add any popular funny TV shows that might be missing from the funniest television series list. Note that they aren't necessarily all comedy tv shows - a show can be funny and not necessarily a "comedy" per se. But let's face it - most of the funniest tv shows are also the best comedies of all time.

Check out the best streaming Netflix TV shows if you want to know if some of these hilarious series are available for streaming there.


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