The Funniest TV Shows of 2012

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The funniest TV shows of 2012 allowed us to unwind after a long day with witty writing and belly busting laughs. These comedy and variety TV shows might not all by up for Emmy Awards but each brings a unique type of humor and a little something for everyone. Quite simply, when we needed a laugh, we turned to these funny TV shows first.

Bringing home dozens of awards in recent years, a handful of sitcoms have dominated the airwaves lately, including in 2012. "Modern Family," "30 Rock" and "Parks and Recreation" have all been leaders in laughs with their stellar casts, solid writing and loyal followings. But there are many more looking for a piece of the action including newer shows like "Community," "Eastbound & Down," "Girls" and "Louie."

Comedy is not simply limited to just sitcoms however with a number of variety shows and even animated programs among the funniest on the tube in 2012. Current events go from being news to joke fodder on shows like "The Colbert Report" and "The Daily Show," not to mention late-night dailies like "Conan" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live," while mainstays on Sunday nights like "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy" continue to draw fans young and old.

So whether you're into the newer shows like "2 Broke Girls" or "Veep," or just a die-hard fan of "South Park," surely with this wide variety of 2012 funny TV shows there is something to keep you smiling. Serious television more your speed? Try the best dramatic TV shows if 2012 instead.
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