The Hottest Actresses Who Have Played Cheerleaders People
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The Hottest Actresses Who Have Played Cheerleaders

List Criteria: Vote up for the hottest actress that played a cheerleader.

One thing that all guys have in common is that we all love cheerleaders. Whether you're a jock or a nerd, whether you play sports of hate sports, there's just something about a fine girl dancing around in a short skirt, that's irresistible to any guy. Here are the hottest actresses that I could think of that played cheerleaders. Enjoy!

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    age: 26
    birthplace: Palisades, New York, United States of America
    profession: Model, Actor, Voice acting, Singer
    institution: South Orangetown Middle School
    height: 5'0"
    Hayden Panettiere : see more

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