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The Hottest Male Singers

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Who are the hottest male singers of all time? The gorgeous specimens on this list certainly qualify. These guys, quite simply, are smoking hot, and several are among the best rock vocalists ever. Along with musical talent, they possess incredible good looks that just serve to enhance their incredible charisma. Which of these awesome singers is the most beautiful? You decide, with your votes. Oh, and remember: You can re-rank this list of hot musical dudes any way you want.

The male musicians on this list are without a doubt among the sexiest artists of all time. From the smouldering good looks of Lenny Kravitz to the soulful hotness of Justin Timberlake, being hot just seems to come naturally to these singers. These gifted musical artists have, in some cases, won as many Grammy Awards as they have hearts over the years.

Who's your top choice? A famous crooner like Michael Buble, a pop frontman like Adam Levine or a hair band rocker like Jon Bon Jovi? Enjoy the voting.

List Criteria: Only handsome singers

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    Genre(s): Pop music, Neo soul, Rock music, Contemporary R&B, Rhythm and blues + 5 more
    Albums: YOLO, Yesterday, Crack a Bottle, Stereo Hearts
    Nationality: United States of America
    Labels: A&M Octone Records, A&M Records
    Career Began: Los Angeles, California, United States of America
    Adam Levine : see more

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