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Hottest Olympic Male Swimmers

List Criteria: Please vote for the swimmers based only on their looks and not their performance in the pool

Olympic swimmers are some of the most athletic people on the planet. Every four years at the summer Olympics, we finally get to see these amazing athletes in motion. There is something about watching the grace and fluidity of movement that happens when a male Olympic swimmer hits that water that is like poetry in motion.

It's not just their swimming ability that makes these male swimmers hot though. It's hard to find any other athlete on the planet that as ripped and toned as Nathan Adrian or Ricky Berens. As opposed to other male athletes performing in summer Olympics in sports like basketball, running or biking, swimming is a true full body sport. This helps firm and tone those rippling abs and arms.

These are the most highly trained, famous Olympic swimmers in the world, including Michael Phelps who holds the record for the most medals ever earned by a single Olympian. This list isn't about the golds, silvers, or bronze medals though. It is about the bronzed abs, the golden tans, and the silvery way the water glistens off of these models of humanity while they cut through the Olympic lap pool. These are the hottest swimmers in the world, come to fight it out once an Olympiad.

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