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The Most Beautiful Actresses Ever

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List Criteria: Vote up all of the most stunning and radiant actresses to have ever existed.

Since the first series of silent films were first released, some of the beautiful women in the world have graced the silver screen. These beautiful actresses are some of the most well-known people in the world. Starlets of the golden era of film include some the biggest and most beautiful movie stars like Ingrid Bergman, Vivien Leigh, Greta Garbo, Hedy Lamarr, and Ava Gardner are considered some of the most beautiful actresses in movie history. Over time, the influence of those women, along with other actresses like Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor combined their talents and good looks to become some of the most iconic actresses in movie history.

Many of today's actresses are considered some of the beautiful in the world. Charlize Theron, Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson, and Zoe Saldana are considered the beautiful actresses out there today. Many of these actresses have graced the pages of some of the biggest magazines, newspapers, and websites in the world.

With so many beautiful actresses to choose from, it's up to you to decide who should be considered the most beautiful actress ever. This may seem easy, but it shouldn't be since there are so many drop-dead gorgeous actresses who have starred in movies for nearly 100 years. This is your chance to select who is the most beautiful actress of all time is. You really can't go wrong with who choose on this Ultimate List of the Most Beautiful Actresses Ever.

These are the prettiest actresses. The most attractive actresses of all time.

Who do you think is the hottest actress of all time? The hottest actress ever?

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    Audrey Hepburn was a British actress and humanitarian. Recognised as a film and fashion icon, Hepburn was active during Hollywood's Golden Age. She was ranked by the American Film Institute as the third greatest female screen legend in the history of American cinema and has been placed in the ...more

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    • Credits: Breakfast at Tiffany's, My Fair Lady, Roman Holiday, Charade, Wait Until Dark, + more
    • Age: Died at 64 (1929-1993)
    • Birthplace: Ixelles, Belgium
    • Profession: Model, Actor, Dancer
    • Cause Of Death: Appendix cancer
    • Place Of Death: Tolochenaz, Switzerland
    • Children: Sean Hepburn Ferrer, Luca Dotti
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    Grace Patricia Kelly was an American actress who, after marrying Prince Rainier III, became Princess of Monaco. After embarking on an acting career in 1950, at the age of 20, Kelly appeared in New York City theatrical productions and more than 40 episodes of live drama productions broadcast during the ...more

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    • Credits: Rear Window, High Noon, Dial M for Murder, To Catch a Thief, The Bridges at Toko-Ri, + more
    • Age: Died at 53 (1929-1982)
    • Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
    • Profession: Fashion Model, Actor, Crown Princess
    • Schools: American Academy of Dramatic Arts
    • Cause Of Death: Stroke
    • Place Of Death: Monaco
    • Children: Albert II, Prince of Monaco, Caroline, Princess of Hanover, Princess Stéphanie of Monaco
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    Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot is a French former actress, singer and fashion model, who later became an animal rights activist. She was one of the best known sex symbols of the 1950s and 1960s and was widely referred to by her initials. Starting in 1969, Bardot became the official face of Marianne to ...more

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    • Credits: Cinema Paradiso, Contempt, Shalako, Spirits of the Dead, Helen of Troy, + more
    • Age: age 81
    • Birthplace: Paris, France
    • Profession: Activist, Model, Actor, Singer
    • Schools: Conservatoire de Paris
    • Children: Nicolas-Jacques Charrier
    • Medical Conditions: Breast cancer
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    Dame Elizabeth Rosemond "Liz" Taylor, DBE was a British-born American actress. From her early years as a child star with MGM, she became one of the great screen actresses of Hollywood's Golden Age. As one of the world's most famous film stars, Taylor was recognized for her acting ability and for her ...more

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    • Credits: Cleopatra, National Velvet, The Flintstones, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Giant, + more
    • Age: Died at 79 (1932-2011)
    • Birthplace: United Kingdom
    • Profession: Film Producer, Actor
    • Schools: University High School
    • Cause Of Death: Heart failure
    • Place Of Death: Los Angeles, California, United States of America
    • Children: Maria Burton, Michael Wilding Jr., Christopher Edward Wilding, Liza Todd Burton
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    Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, model, and singer, who became a major sex symbol, starring in a number of commercially successful motion pictures during the 1950s and early 1960s. After spending much of her childhood in foster homes, Monroe began a career as a model, which led to a film contract ...more

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    • Credits: Some Like It Hot, All About Eve, The Misfits, The Seven Year Itch, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, + more
    • Age: Died at 36 (1926-1962)
    • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States of America
    • Profession: Film Producer, Model, Actor, Singer, Showgirl
    • Schools: University of California, Los Angeles, Actors Studio, Van Nuys High School
    • Major/Field Of Study: Literature, Art
    • Cause Of Death: Barbiturate overdose
    • Place Of Death: Brentwood, Los Angeles, California, United States of America
    • Medical Conditions: Endometriosis
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    Michelle Marie Pfeiffer is an American actress and singer. She made her film debut in 1980 in The Hollywood Knights, but first garnered mainstream attention with her breakout performance in Scarface. Pfeiffer's greatest commercial successes are Batman Returns, What Lies Beneath and Hairspray. She has ...more

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    • Credits: Scarface, Batman Returns, The Prince of Egypt, Dark Shadows, Stardust, + more
    • Age: age 57
    • Birthplace: USA, Santa Ana, California
    • Profession: Actor
    • Schools: Fountain Valley High School, Golden West College
    • Children: John Henry Kelley, Claudia Rose Pfeiffer
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    Sophia Loren is an Italian-French film star. She began her career at age 14 after entering a beauty pageant in 1949. Encouraged to enroll in acting lessons, Loren appeared in several bit parts and minor roles until the late 1950s when Loren's five-picture contract with Paramount launched her ...more

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    • Credits: El Cid, Nine, The Fall of the Roman Empire, The Cassandra Crossing, Quo Vadis, + more
    • Age: age 81
    • Birthplace: Rome, Italy
    • Profession: Actor
    • Children: Carlo Ponti, Edoardo Ponti
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    Natalie Wood was an American film and television actress best known for her screen roles in Miracle on 34th Street, Splendor in the Grass, Rebel Without a Cause, and West Side Story. After first working in films as a child, Wood became a successful Hollywood star as a young adult, receiving three ...more

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    • Credits: West Side Story, The Searchers, Rebel Without a Cause, Miracle on 34th Street, Splendor in the Grass, + more
    • Age: Died at 43 (1938-1981)
    • Birthplace: USA, California, San Francisco
    • Profession: Actor, Singer
    • Schools: Van Nuys High School
    • Cause Of Death: Drowning
    • Place Of Death: Santa Catalina Island, California, United States of America
    • Children: Courtney Brooke Wagner, Natasha Gregson Wagner
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    Kim Novak is an American actress. She began her career in 1954 at age 21, and came to prominence almost immediately with a leading role in the film Picnic. Other films from this period of her career include The Man With the Golden Arm, The Eddy Duchin Story, Pal Joey, Jeanne Eagels, the Alfred Hitchcock ...more

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    • Credits: Vertigo, Bell, Book and Candle, The Man with the Golden Arm, Picnic, + more
    • Age: age 82
    • Birthplace: USA, Chicago, Illinois
    • Profession: Actor, Artist
    • Schools: Farragut Career Academy
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    Charlize Theron is a South African and American actress, producer, and fashion model. She starred in early films in the late 1990s, such as The Devil's Advocate, Mighty Joe Young and The Cider House Rules. Theron received critical acclaim for her portrayal of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster, for ...more

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    • Credits: Arrested Development, Prometheus, The Italian Job, The Devil's Advocate, Snow White and the Huntsman, + more
    • Age: age 40
    • Birthplace: Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa
    • Profession: Spokesperson, Film Producer, Model, Actor, Film Director
    • Schools: Joffrey Ballet School
    • Children: Jackson Theron
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    Catherine Deneuve is a French actress who gained recognition for her portrayal of aloof, mysterious beauties for various directors, including Luis Buñuel and Roman Polanski. She is a 13-time César Award nominee. Deneuve first came to prominence in Jacques Demy's 1964 film Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, ...more

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    • Credits: Repulsion, Dancer in the Dark, Persepolis, The Hunger, Beauty of the Day, + more
    • Age: age 72
    • Birthplace: France, Paris
    • Profession: Entrepreneur, Film Producer, Model, Designer, Actor, + more
    • Children: Chiara Mastroianni, Christian Vadim
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    Hedy Lamarr was an Austrian and American inventor and film actress. After an early and brief film career in Germany, which included a controversial love-making scene in the film Ecstasy, she fled her husband and secretly moved to Paris. While there, she met MGM head Louis B. Mayer, who offered her a ...more

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    • Credits: Samson and Delilah, Boom Town, Algiers, Come Live with Me, My Favorite Spy, + more
    • Age: Died at 86 (1914-2000)
    • Birthplace: Vienna, Austria
    • Profession: Pin-up girl, Inventor, Scientist, Actor, Engineer
    • Cause Of Death: Natural causes
    • Place Of Death: Casselberry, Florida, United States of America
    • Children: James Lamarr Markey, Denise Loder, Anthony Loder
  13. 13
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    Rita Hayworth was an American actress and dancer. She achieved fame during the 1940s as one of the era's top stars, appearing in a total of 61 films over 37 years. She is perhaps best known for her performance in the 1946 film noir, Gilda. She is listed as one of the top 25 female motion picture stars ...more

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    • Credits: The Shawshank Redemption, Gilda, The Lady from Shanghai, The Strawberry Blonde, The Wrath of God, + more
    • Age: Died at 69 (1918-1987)
    • Birthplace: New York City, USA, New York
    • Profession: Film Producer, Actor, Singer, Dancer
    • Cause Of Death: Alzheimer's disease
    • Place Of Death: New York City, New York, United States of America
    • Children: Yasmin Aga Khan, Rebecca Welles
  14. 14
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    Raquel Welch is an American actress. She first won attention for her role in Fantastic Voyage, after which she won a contract with 20th Century-Fox. They loaned her to a British studio where she made One Million Years B.C.. Although she had only three lines in the film, images of her in the doe-skin ...more

    more ABOUT
    • Credits: Legally Blonde, The Last of Sheila, Fantastic Voyage, The Four Musketeers, Tortilla Soup, + more
    • Age: age 75
    • Birthplace: USA, Chicago, Illinois
    • Profession: Businessperson, Actor
    • Schools: La Jolla High School, San Diego State University
    • Children: Tahnee Welch, Damon Welch
  15. 15
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    - 2634

    Ursula Andress is a Swiss actress and sex symbol. She is best known for her role as Bond girl Honey Ryder in the first James Bond film, Dr. No, for which she won a Golden Globe. She later starred as Vesper Lynd in the Bond-parody Casino Royale.more

    more ABOUT
    • Credits: Clash of the Titans, Dr. No, Casino Royale, The Blue Max, Falcon Crest, + more
    • Age: age 79
    • Birthplace: Ostermundigen, Switzerland
    • Profession: Actor
    • Children: Dimitri Alexandre Hamlin
  16. 16
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    Sharon Yvonne Stone is an American actress, film producer, and former fashion model. Stone first caught the public eye opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall. She then achieved international recognition for her starring role in the erotic thriller Basic Instinct by Paul Verhoeven. She was ...more

    more ABOUT
    • Credits: Casino, Total Recall, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Basic Instinct, Antz, + more
    • Age: age 57
    • Birthplace: USA, Meadville, Pennsylvania
    • Profession: Fashion Model, Film Producer, Actor, Voice acting
    • Schools: Saegertown Junior Senior High School, University of Pennsylvania, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
    • Major/Field Of Study: Creative writing, Fine art
    • Children: Laird Vonne Stone, Quinn Kelly Stone, Roan Joseph Bronstein
  17. 17
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    Catherine Zeta-Jones CBE is a Welsh actress. She began her career on stage at an early age. After starring in a number of British and U.S. television films and small roles in films, which included The Darling Buds of May from 1991 until 1993, she came to prominence with roles in Hollywood movies ...more

    more ABOUT
    • Credits: Chicago, Traffic, High Fidelity, Ocean's Twelve, The Terminal, + more
    • Age: age 46
    • Birthplace: Swansea, United Kingdom
    • Profession: Spokesperson, Actor, Singer, Dancer
    • Schools: Dumbarton House School, Arts Educational Schools, London
    • Children: Cameron Douglas, Carys Zeta Douglas, Dylan Michael Douglas
    • Medical Conditions: Bipolar disorder
  18. 18
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    Jessica Claire Timberlake is an American actress. Biel began her career as a vocalist appearing in musical productions until she was cast as Mary Camden in the family-drama series 7th Heaven, for which she achieved recognition. The series is the longest-running series that ever aired on The WB channel ...more

    more ABOUT
    • Credits: Blade: Trinity, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Illusionist, Total Recall, Valentine's Day, + more
    • Age: age 33
    • Birthplace: Ely, Minnesota, United States of America
    • Profession: Film Producer, Model, Actor, Singer
    • Schools: Lycée Français de Los Angeles, Fairview High School, Tufts University
  19. 19
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    Winifred Jacqueline Fraser Bisset is an English actress. In 2010, she received one of France's highest honours, the Légion d'honneur. Bisset began her film career in 1965 and first came to prominence in 1968, starring opposite Frank Sinatra in The Detective and Steve McQueen in Bullitt, and received a ...more

    more ABOUT
    • Credits: Bullitt, Murder on the Orient Express, Airport, Casino Royale, Domino, + more
    • Age: age 71
    • Birthplace: England, Weybridge
    • Profession: Model, Actor
    • Schools: Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle
  20. 20
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    Ingrid Bergman was a Swedish actress who starred in a variety of European and American films. She won three Academy Awards, two Emmy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards and the Tony Award for Best Actress. She is ranked as the fourth greatest female star of American cinema of all time by the American Film ...more

    more ABOUT
    • Credits: Casablanca, Notorious, Cinema Paradiso, Murder on the Orient Express, Spellbound, + more
    • Age: Died at 67 (1915-1982)
    • Birthplace: Stockholm, Sweden
    • Profession: Actor
    • Schools: Dramatens elevskola
    • Cause Of Death: Breast cancer, Lymphoma
    • Place Of Death: Chelsea, London, United Kingdom
    • Children: Ingrid Rossellini, Isabella Rossellini, Renato Roberto Giusto Giuseppe Rossellini, Pia Lindström
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