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The Most Beautiful Countries in the World

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This should be a really fun list to rank. I hope everyone enjoys these breathtaking scenes around the world, and have fun ranking them. If I have missed a country that you feel is really beautiful, feel free to add it on with the best photo you can find of that country. Thanks for viewing and voting, and hopefully I have encouraged some of you to visit these countries some day. My choice for the most beautiful country is Italy because of the magical cities of Rome, Venice, Florence, and also the Amalfi Coast. Breathtaking scenes everywhere!!!

What factors go into considering the most beautiful countries in the world? Certainly, many of these gorgeous countries are home to the most beautiful natural wonders in the world, along with the most beautiful buildings. It's hard to argue, for example, with Australia as a top choice, given the extraordinary natural wonders there.

What do you believe is the most beautiful country? Time to vote, and feel free to rerank this list in any order you want.

List Criteria: Nations with the most breathtaking landscapes, including architecture and natural features

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