NFL Player Most Likely to Win the 2012 MVP Award Football Players (American)
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NFL Player Most Likely to Win the 2012 MVP Award

List Criteria: Viable candidates for the NFL MVP in the 2012-2013 season

Which NFL player is most likely to win the 2012 MVP award? Now that the 2012 regular NFL season is over, it's time to get serious about picking the players who truly deserve the honor. This isn't easy, because there are several arguments for several players. Be sure to vote for the player you think is most deserving, and vote down any that just shouldn't make the cut. Also, feel free to add anyone that you believe should be considered for 2012's NFL most valuable player.

When considering the NFL players for MVP, there's no way not to include several high profile quarterbacks. Some are veterans, but 2012 was in many ways the year of the rookie. A number of new QBs proved their worth, taking their teams straight to the NFC and AFC playoffs. Among the veterans, no MVP 2012 list would be complete without the great Peyton Manning, who came back from injury to sign with the Denver Broncos. Thanks in large part to his outstanding effort, the Broncos earned a number one berth in the AFC. Also, Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and Aaron Rogers of the Green Bay Packers all put up excellent numbers during the 2012 season. All should be listed for consideration.

What about the rookies? How about Robert Griffin III? He's led the Washington Redskins straight to the playoffs. So has Indianapolis' rookie QB Andrew Luck, and Seattle's Russell Wilson.

Defensively, some major names that come to mind include the Houston Texans' sack master J.J. Watt and Denver's beast linebacker Von Miller.

And yes, last but certainly not least: Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson deserves strong consideration for NFL MVP of 2012. One year after a devastating injury (torn ACL and MCL) and subsequent surgery, Peterson came within nine yards of breaking Eric Dickerson's single-season rushing yards record.

Who should get the overall NFL most valuable player award? That's up to you to decide here, with your votes.
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