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The Best Nickelodeon Cartoons of All Time

List Criteria: Cartoons and animated series that air or aired on Nickelodeon or Nick Jr.

Nickelodeon cartoons are some of the best on cable and have made Nickelodeon the go-to source of basic cable children's entertainment. While Nickelodeon was known for its live action shows in the 80s and early 90s, it started to shift its programming focus over to cartoons. They even created their own cartoon company called, "Nicktoons." 

"Nicktoons" introduced the world to such famous Nickelodeon cartoons as Rugrats, Ahhhhh Real Monsters, Doug, and much more. It wasn't until 2000 that Nickelodeon really started to pick up steam with their massive hit, Spongebob Squarepants. Spongebob was so popular it became synonymous with cartoons in general. In addition to Spongebob there are many of other memorable Nickelodeon cartoon characters from these Nick cartoons.

Since then Nickelodeon has made cartoon hits as well as some off-kilter toons like The Fairly Odd Parents, Invader Zim, and Ren and Stimpy. Nick is also the creator of some cutting edge programming like Avatar: The Last Airbender and its current follow up, Avatar: Legend of Korra.

Nickelodeon might not make the live action shows that some of us grew up loving anymore, but they certainly have made up for it by producing some of the best cartoons around. Vote for your favorite Nickelodeon cartoons here on this Nickelodeon shows list! 
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  1. 1
    Up 879
    Down 428

    the people's #1 Amanda Bynes, Debbie Reynolds, E.G. Daily

  2. 2
    Up 915
    Down 404

    Clancy Brown, Tom Kenny, Dee Bradley Baker

  3. 3
    Up 1053
    Down 440

    Mark Hamill, Grey DeLisle, Mae Whitman

  4. 4
    Up 703
    Down 330

    most listed Frankie Muniz, Laraine Newman, Tom Kenny

  5. 5
    Up 587
    Down 324

    Maria Bamford, Billy West, Tom Kenny

  6. 6
    Up 556
    Down 272

    Frank Welker, Jim Belushi, Tom Kenny

  7. 7
    Up 756
    Down 304

    Jim Belushi, Dan Castellaneta, Tress MacNeille

  8. 8
    Up 576
    Down 362

    Tom Kenny, Carlos Alazraqui, Charlie Adler

  9. 9
    Up 469
    Down 414

    Kevin McDonald, Rodger Bumpass, Richard Steven Horvitz

  10. 10
    Up 529
    Down 307

    Ron Perlman, Rob Paulsen, Grey DeLisle

  11. 11
    Up 447
    Down 344

    Barry White, Tom Kane, Nick Bakay

  12. 12
    Up 588
    Down 334

    Billy West, Fred Newman, Fran Brill

  13. 13
    Up 406
    Down 340

    Lacey Chabert, Tim Curry, Danielle Harris

  14. 14
    Up 403
    Down 312

    Lauren Tom, Jennifer Hale, John Kassir

  15. 15
    Up 398
    Down 306

    Lacey Chabert, Tim Curry, Jim Belushi

  16. 16
    Up 515
    Down 371

    Aubrey Plaza, Lisa Edelstein, Maria Bamford

  17. 17
    Up 457
    Down 329

    Billy West, Gary Owens, John Kricfalusi

  18. 18
    Up 277
    Down 340

    Amanda Bynes, Jeremy Piven, Laraine Newman

  19. 19
    Up 299
    Down 321

    Cree Summer, Candi Milo, Audrey Wasilewski

  20. 20
    Up 269
    Down 321

    E.G. Daily, Jess Harnell, Rodger Bumpass

  21. 21
    Up 260
    Down 301

    Tara Strong, Kevin Michael Richardson, Jeff Bennett

  22. 22
    Up 331
    Down 185

    ranked low on reranks Mark Hamill, Ben Stein, Rob Paulsen

  23. 23
    Up 165
    Down 318

    often listed & ranked high on reranks Rob Paulsen, Wayne Knight, Maurice LaMarche

  24. 24
    Up 266
    Down 300

    Laraine Newman, Tress MacNeille, Kath Soucie

  25. 25
    Up 252
    Down 223

    added by mohid Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress

  26. 26
    Up 211
    Down 327

    Mischa Barton, Billy West, Rick Gomez

  27. 27
    Up 169
    Down 332

    Lucy Liu, Maria Bamford, Simon Helberg

  28. 28
    Up 140
    Down 327

    Rob Paulsen, Grey DeLisle, Jeff Bennett

  29. 29
    Up 109
    Down 346

    Grey DeLisle, John DiMaggio, Alanna Ubach

  30. 30
    Up 120
    Down 329

    Action League Now

  31. 31
    Up 92
    Down 336

    often listed Wendie Malick, Chris Hardwick, Patrick Warburton

  32. 32
    Up 69
    Down 353

    often listed & ranked high on reranks Michael Cera, Joan Cusack, Laraine Newman

  33. 33
    Up 47
    Down 51

    added by datrlykewlfreekinguymandood Wanda Sykes, Maria Bamford, Chris Hardwick

  34. 34
    Up 5
    Down 7

    ranked low on reranks & added by JessicaMariaNicole Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Elizabeth Gillies

  35. 35
    Up 4
    Down 8

    new! & added by JessicaMariaNicole Tom Kenny, Ciara Bravo, Bobby Lee

  36. 36
    Up 18
    Down 94

    added by datrlykewlfreekinguymandood 2013

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