The Sexiest Characters in Thrillers

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Who are the sexiest characters in thrillers? These are the characters who stick with you long after the movie credits are over. They are seductive, sometimes dangerous and often disturbed -- but they are hot. From erotic thrillers to political, psychological and crime thrillers, this list includes some of the most memorable, sexy characters ever in films. Be sure to vote for the characters that you think are worthy of the "sexiest" title, and vote down any characters that you don't think belong here. Also? Please, add any great, sexy thriller movie characters that are missing.

Sexy thriller movie characters include classic movie femme fatales that are incredibly seductive, often mysterious and almost always memorable. Think Cora Smith in 'The Postman Always Rings Twice' (both Lana Turner and Jessica Lange were phenomenally sexy as Cora), Matty Walker (Kathleen Turner) in Lawrence Kasdan's 'Body Heat,' Catherine Trammel (Sharon Stone) in 'Basic Instinct' and Bridget Gregory (Linda Fiorentino) in 'The Last Seduction.' Each one of these characters exudes sex, and the actresses that portrayed them do too.

Some sexy characters in thriller films are extremely dangerous -- but then, that's part of the attraction, isn't it? They wreck lives without a second thought, and they do it with ease. And yes, they are also, at times, mentally unbalanced. Examples, you say? Ice-pick wielding Catharine Trammel's already been mentioned, so how about crazed bunny-boiling Alex Forrest (Glenn Close) in 'Fatal Attraction' or lethal stalker Evelyn Draper (Jessica Walter) in 'Play Misty for Me?'

To be truly sexy in a great thriller film, you don't necessarily have to wield a weapon. Examples include Lisa Fremont (Grace Kelly) in Alfred Hitchcock's 'Rear Window' or poor, unfortunate Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) in another classic Hitchcock thriller, 'Psycho.'

Enjoy this list of the sexiest characters in thrillers, and be sure to check out this list of the sexiest women in action films too!
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