The Hottest Legendary Creatures

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The sexiest legendary or mythological creatures from folklore, literature and the arts. These are the mythological or fanciful species so beautiful and desirable that we wish they were real. Almost all world cultures have their own unique stories of fanciful or mythological beasts, monsters and humanoids. Often, these various, diverse creatures share some key commonalities - such as "dragons" - that render them universal images or symbols. Many of these creatures were initially featured in a cultural heritage that was spread around the world through war, conquest or even religious traditions, such as the complex mythological cosmologies of the Ancient Romans and Greeks.

Legendary creature lists can be sub-divided in a number of ways. Many mythological animals are composed of the body parts of different recognizable Earth animals, such as the Griffin, which has the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. Others are clearly meant as symbols for abstract concepts, or scientific ideas that were not yet understood by our human ancestors. Other legendary creatures are associated with alternate dimensions or states of being, or even with the afterlife.

This is a list of all these legendary creatures, with a focus on the recognizable ones that are the most attractive to contemporary humans. They can include characters who belong to any fictional race or species, from witches and wizards to elves and goddesses to angels and demons. Try to pick SPECIFIC creatures from works of fiction or myths, whenever possible, so we can more accurately judge who is really the hottest.

sexy mythical creatures!
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