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The Most Beautiful Buildings in the World

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Pictures of the most beautiful buildings in the world can hardly do justice to some of the most breathtaking structures on Earth, but the list of the greatest buildings in the world attempts to rank these gorgeous buildings based on the eye-catching beauty. This list of famous buildings includes famous monuments, cathedrals, and other amazing feats of architecture renowned around the world for their form, function, and beauty.

What are the most beautiful buildings on Earth? From the temples of Ankgor Wat to the grandeur of the Burg Khalifa in Dubai and the beauty of the Taj Mahal, there are dozens- if not hundreds- of amazing buildings to visit in the world and the list of the top buildings to see in the world has most of them.

List Criteria: Famous buildings that are still standing, including churches, monuments, memorials, etc.

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    Located In: Uttar Pradesh, India
    Taj Mahal : see more

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