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The Top Female Country Singers

List Criteria: Only female singers who sing in the country music genre

Some of the biggest selling and most popular singers in country music are women. With their heartfelt lyrics, strong vocal range and magnetic personalities, these ladies are many country music fans' favorite singers. Many of the top female country singers are the genre's most popular. Singers like Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill and top selling female singer of all time, Shania Twain are on this list.

Many of the legends of country music are ladies who helped paved the way for the today's top female country singers. Women like the late June Carter Cash, Dolly Parton, Wynonna and Linda Ronstadt are some country music's icons whom have made a lasting impact on the genre. As some of the foremothers of country music, they are considered to be not only the some of the top singers from a lyrical and popularity standpoint, but also due to their importance in making it culturally acceptable for country music to accept females as well in the usually macho genre.

Vote for who you think should be considered the top female country singer on this Ultimate List. There are so many of the most recognizable ladies in country so you really can't go wrong with whomever you deem to be the top female country singer.
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  1. 1
    Up 685
    Down 254

    the people's #1 & most listed Starting Over Again, Downtown, Shine

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  2. 2
    Up 462
    Down 209

    often listed & ranked high on reranks 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Loretta Lynn, ...

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  3. 3
    Up 922
    Down 267

    ranked low on reranks American Idol (Live Broadcast), Mama's Song, Play On

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  4. 4
    Up 501
    Down 126

    Forever and Always, A Tribute to Patsy Cline / A Portrait of Patsy Cline, ...

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  5. 5
    Up 636
    Down 206

    What If It's You, Because of You (with Reba McEntire), Keep on Loving You ...

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  6. 6
    Up 542
    Down 145

    The Time Has Come, My Heart, Ask The Boy

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  7. 7
    Up 662
    Down 202

    The House That Built Me, Heart Like Mine, Only Prettier

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  8. 8
    Up 271
    Down 184

    often listed & ranked high on reranks Heaven Only Knows, Evangeline, Her Best Songs

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  9. 9
    Up 659
    Down 209

    Shoes, Millenium Hits, Greatest Hits

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  10. 10
    Up 291
    Down 125

    The Essential Tammy Wynette, I Still Believe in Fairy Tales, 16 Biggest ...

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  11. 11
    Up 471
    Down 166

    Come Home, Fireflies, Like We Never Loved at All

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  12. 12
    Up 315
    Down 118

    Live, Forget About It, Too Late to Cry

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  13. 13
    Up 214
    Down 152

    Johnny and June, Collections, 16 Biggest Hits

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  14. 14
    Up 189
    Down 154

    It Works for Me, Spun Gold, Love Is Fair

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  15. 15
    Up 321
    Down 143

    ranked low on reranks In Another's Eyes, Inside Out, Real Live Woman

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  16. 16
    Up 341
    Down 252

    Home on the Radar Range, Home, Heartbreak Town

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  17. 17
    Up 278
    Down 189

    An Acoustic Evening with Jennifer Nettles II / Live from Eddie's Attic, An ...

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  18. 18
    Up 184
    Down 137

    Her Greatest Hits and Finest Performances, The Very Best of Anne Murray, ...

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  19. 19
    Up 215
    Down 141

    For Sentimental Reasons, Boleros y Rancheras, Heart Like a Wheel

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  20. 20
    Up 212
    Down 134

    A Classic Christmas, Love Heals, Revelations

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  21. 21
    Up 262
    Down 136

    Greatest Hits, Call Me Crazy, I Hope You Dance

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  22. 22
    Up 227
    Down 107

    Girls Like Me, Greatest Hits, Super Hits

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  23. 23
    Up 275
    Down 154

    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Good Friend and a Glass of Wine, O ...

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  24. 24
    Up 323
    Down 195

    100 Proof, Small Town Girl, 100 Proof

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  25. 25
    Up 393
    Down 130

    ranked low on reranks Three Chords and the Truth, A Little Bit Stronger, Real Fine Place

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  26. 26
    Up 168
    Down 99

    Crystal, We Should Be Together, Crystal Gayle in Concert

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  27. 27
    Up 200
    Down 126

    The Long Way Home, The Ultimate Collection, Life Goes On

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  28. 28
    Up 120
    Down 122

    often listed & ranked high on reranks What She Does Best, The Best of Lynn Anderson, You're My Man

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  29. 29
    Up 206
    Down 112

    What Part of No, Leave the Light On, Watch Me

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  30. 30
    Up 108
    Down 77

    King's Record Shop, The List, The Wheel

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  31. 31
    Up 164
    Down 71

    ranked low on reranks When Fallen Angels Fly, Patty Loveless Sings Songs of Love, Patty Loveless ...

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  32. 32
    Up 131
    Down 114

    often listed Shooting Straight in the Dark, The Calling, Shut Up and Kiss Me

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  33. 33
    Up 167
    Down 113

    Burn, Greatest Hits, Delicious Surprise

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  34. 34
    Up 248
    Down 144

    My Favorite Mistake, Rockin' the Globe Live, Good Is Good

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  35. 35
    Up 153
    Down 111

    RCA Country Legends, Above and Beyond the Doll of Cutey, All of These Hits ...

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  36. 36
    Up 224
    Down 136

    Under the Covers, Right on Time, 5-Mo-Fo-Ya

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  37. 37
    Up 117
    Down 73

    Country and West, Are You Happy Baby: The Collection, Dottie West Sings ...

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  38. 38
    Up 176
    Down 129

    Life Uncommon, Intimate and Interactive, Intuition / Standing Still

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  39. 39
    Up 108
    Down 70

    The Queen of Country Music, The Collection, God's Honky Tonk Angel: The ...

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  40. 40
    Up 90
    Down 62

    Brenda, That's All (1972), Brenda Lee, The Brenda Lee Story: Her Greatest ...

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  41. 41
    Up 123
    Down 110

    Never Love You Enough, Lifted Off the Ground, Single White Female

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  42. 42
    Up 60
    Down 91

    Wanda Jackson Salutes the Country Music Hall of Fame, Country Keepsakes, ...

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  43. 43
    Up 70
    Down 62

    20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Donna Fargo, ...

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  44. 44
    Up 98
    Down 79

    Roses, From My Heart, Joy for Christmas Day

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  45. 45
    Up 95
    Down 108

    Everything's Gonna Be Alright, I'm Just a Girl, Did I Shave My Legs for ...

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  46. 46
    Up 57
    Down 47

    added by CrossbonesGT Juice, Can't Wait All Night, Greatest Hits

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  47. 47
    Up 53
    Down 50

    added by Coolza Just Keep Me Moving, Invincible Summer, Watershed

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  48. 48
    Up 74
    Down 53

    added by ivorim I’m With You (The Voice Performance), Over You (The Voice Performance), My ...

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  49. 49
    Up 74
    Down 78

    This Woman, 80's Ladies, Live Close By, Visit Often

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  50. 50
    Up 70
    Down 107

    Men & Mascara, Julie Roberts

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