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Top Video Games of 2012

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Top Video Games of 2012. Every year so many video games are released that it is hard to decide which is the best. 2012 was no exception. 2012 brought us the stirring conclusion to such blockbuster videogame series like Mass Effect 3, Assassin's Creed 3 and Max Payne 3, while also introducing us to new game series like Dishonored, The Walking Dead and a new Halo brand with Halo 4.

The best videogames of 2012 range from platformers, first person shooters and fighting games to games that defy description like Fez and Journey. DLC and XBLA/PSN games also came to the forefront with their additional content and indie game darlings.

So, which video game was the best in 2012? That is for you to decide. Vote up your favorite! If you can't find what you consider to be the top videogame of 2012 here, add it.

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    The Walking Dead Video Game

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