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Artwork: Artwork Listed by Period / Movement and Art Form

Informational lists of artwork by period/movement and art form are listed here. Picturess are included on the lists of artwork by period/movement and art form. Lists on this page are alphabetical by name of period/movement and art form.

  1. Famous Abstract expressionism Paintings
  2. Famous Academic art Paintings
  3. Famous American modernism Paintings
  4. Famous American realism Paintings
  5. Famous Baroque Metalworkings
  6. Famous Baroque Paintings
  7. Famous Baroque Sculptures
  8. Famous Baroque Tapestrys
  9. Famous Blue Period Paintings
  10. Famous Classicism Paintings
  11. Famous Color Field Paintings
  12. Famous Contemporary art Installation arts
  13. Famous Contemporary art Paintings
  14. Famous Cubism Paintings
  15. Famous De Stijl Paintings
  16. Famous Dutch Golden Age Paintings
  17. Famous Early renaissance Paintings
  18. Famous Expressionism Paintings
  19. Famous Fauvism Paintings
  20. Famous Futurism Paintings
  21. Famous German Expressionism Paintings
  22. Famous German Romanticism Paintings
  23. Famous Hellenistic Art Sculptures
  24. Famous High Renaissance Paintings
  25. Famous Hudson River School Paintings
  26. Famous Italian Baroque Paintings
  27. Famous Italian Renaissance Frescos
  28. Famous Italian Renaissance Paintings
  29. Famous Italian Renaissance Sculptures
  30. Famous Luminism Paintings
  31. Famous Mannerism Paintings
  32. Famous Mannerism Sculptures
  33. Famous Metaphysical art Paintings
  34. Famous Modernism Paintings
  35. Famous Naturalism Paintings
  36. Famous Naïve art Paintings
  37. Famous Neo-impressionism Paintings
  38. Famous Neoclassicism Paintings
  39. Famous Neoclassicism Sculptures
  40. Famous Pointillism Paintings
  41. Famous Post-Impressionism Paintings
  42. Famous Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Paintings
  43. Famous Realism Paintings
  44. Famous Renaissance Paintings
  45. Famous Renaissance Sculptures
  46. Famous Rococo Paintings
  47. Famous Rococo Sculptures
  48. Famous Romanticism Paintings
  49. Famous Rose Period Paintings
  50. Famous Spanish Renaissance Paintings
  51. Famous Surrealism Paintings
  52. Famous Symbolism Paintings