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Buildings: List of Architectural Styles

This is a directory filled with fact-based lists of architectural styles. All architectural style and buildings categories are listed here with a list of every notable building of that type. Lists on this page are derived from a database of architecture types and are listed here alphabetically by name of style. These lists of buildings by style include images and additional reference information about building types when available. You can use these factual lists to rank your favorite buildings or learn more about each of them. You can get started with just a single click.

  1. Classical Revival Buildings/Structures
  2. Colonial Revival Architecture Buildings/Structures
  3. Famous American Colonial Buildings
  4. Famous American Craftsman Buildings
  5. Famous American Exotic Revival buildings
  6. Famous Art Deco Buildings
  7. Famous Art Nouveau buildings
  8. Famous Arts and Crafts Movement Buildings
  9. Famous Baroque Architecture Buildings
  10. Famous Beaux-Arts Architecture Buildings
  11. Famous Brutalist Architecture Buildings
  12. Famous Byzantine Architecture Buildings
  13. Famous Carolingian architecture buildings
  14. Famous Carpenter Gothic buildings
  15. Famous Chicago School Buildings
  16. Famous Chinese architecture buildings
  17. Famous Classical Architecture Buildings
  18. Famous Collegiate Gothic Buildings
  19. Famous Constructivist architecture buildings
  20. Famous Contemporary architecture buildings
  21. Famous Corinthian order buildings
  22. Famous Deconstructivism buildings
  23. Famous Desert Modernism Buildings
  24. Famous Doric order buildings
  25. Famous Edwardian architecture buildings
  26. Famous Edwardian Baroque architecture buildings
  27. Famous Egyptian Revival architecture buildings
  28. Famous Elizabethan architecture buildings
  29. Famous English Gothic architecture buildings
  30. Famous Expressionism buildings
  31. Famous Expressionist architecture buildings
  32. Famous Fortification Buildings
  33. Famous French Baroque architecture buildings
  34. Famous French Gothic architecture buildings
  35. Famous French Renaissance architecture buildings
  36. Famous Georgian Architecture Buildings
  37. Famous Googie architecture buildings
  38. Famous Gothic Architecture Buildings
  39. Famous Gothic Revival Architecture Buildings
  40. Famous Greek Revival buildings
  41. Famous High-Tech Architecture Buildings
  42. Famous Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture buildings
  43. Famous International Style Buildings
  44. Famous Islamic architecture buildings
  45. Famous Italian Gothic architecture buildings
  46. Famous Italian Renaissance buildings
  47. Famous Italian Villa Buildings
  48. Famous Jacobean architecture buildings
  49. Famous Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements Buildings
  50. Famous Late Gothic Revival buildings
  51. Famous Medieval architecture buildings
  52. Famous Mediterranean Revival Style Architecture Buildings
  53. Famous Mission Revival Style Architecture Buildings
  54. Famous Modern Architecture Buildings
  55. Famous Moorish architecture buildings
  56. Famous Moorish Revival Buildings
  57. Famous Mughal architecture buildings
  58. Famous Neo-baroque buildings
  59. Famous Neo-Byzantine architecture buildings
  60. Famous Neo-gothic architecture buildings
  61. Famous Neo-Renaissance Buildings
  62. Famous Neoclassical Architecture Buildings
  63. Famous Neoclassicism Buildings
  64. Famous Norman Architecture Buildings
  65. Famous Octagon Mode Buildings
  66. Famous Ottoman Turkish architecture buildings
  67. Famous Palladian Architecture Buildings
  68. Famous Perpendicular Period buildings
  69. Famous Queen Anne Style architecture (United States) buildings
  70. Famous Regency architecture buildings
  71. Famous Renaissance Architecture Buildings
  72. Famous Richardsonian Romanesque Buildings
  73. Famous Rococo Buildings
  74. Famous Romanesque Architecture Buildings
  75. Famous Romanesque Revival Architecture Buildings
  76. Famous Scottish baronial style buildings
  77. Famous Shingle Style Buildings
  78. Famous Skyscraper buildings
  79. Famous Spanish Colonial Revival Style Architecture Buildings
  80. Famous Spanish Colonial Style architecture buildings
  81. Famous Stalinist architecture buildings
  82. Famous Streamline Moderne buildings
  83. Famous Tudor Revival architecture buildings
  84. Famous Tudor Style Architecture Buildings
  85. Famous Venetian Gothic architecture buildings
  86. Famous Vernacular Architecture Buildings
  87. Famous Victorian Architecture Buildings
  88. Famous Victorian Gothic buildings
  89. Federal Architecture Buildings/Structures
  90. Futurist Architecture Buildings/Structures
  91. Italianate Architecture Buildings/Structures
  92. Postmodern Architecture Buildings/Structures
  93. Roman Architecture Buildings/Structures