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Comic Book Series: Comic Book Series Listed by Publisher

Fact-based lists of all comic book series categories can be accessed from here. Following are lists of comic book series listed by publisher. Images are included on the lists of comic book series by publisher.

  1. Famous Aardvark-Vanaheim Titles
  2. Famous Akita Shoten Titles
  3. Famous Antarctic Press Titles
  4. Famous Apple Comics Titles
  5. Famous Archaia Studios Press Titles
  6. Famous Archie Comics Titles
  7. Famous Aspen Comics Titles
  8. Famous Atlas Comics Titles
  9. Famous Avatar Press Titles
  10. Famous Boom! Studios Titles
  11. Famous Charlton Comics Titles
  12. Famous Cinebook Ltd Titles
  13. Famous CrossGen Titles
  14. Famous D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd Titles
  15. Famous Dargaud Titles
  16. Famous Dark Horse Comics Titles
  17. Famous DC Comics Titles
  18. Famous Drawn and Quarterly Titles
  19. Famous Dynamite Entertainment Titles
  20. Famous EC Comics Titles
  21. Famous Eclipse Comics Titles
  22. Famous Enix Titles
  23. Famous Enterbrain Titles
  24. Famous Epic Comics Titles
  25. Famous Fantagraphics Books Titles
  26. Famous First Comics Titles
  27. Famous Fleetway Titles
  28. Famous Futabasha Titles
  29. Famous Gentosha Titles
  30. Famous Hakusensha Titles
  31. Famous Helix Titles
  32. Famous Homage Comics Titles
  33. Famous Icon Comics Titles
  34. Famous IDW Publishing Titles
  35. Famous Image Comics Titles
  36. Famous Kadokawa Shoten Titles
  37. Famous Kitchen Sink Press Titles
  38. Famous Kodansha Titles
  39. Famous Malibu Comics Titles
  40. Famous Marvel Comics Titles
  41. Famous Marvel Knights Titles
  42. Famous MAX Titles
  43. Famous Oni Press Titles
  44. Famous Razorline Titles
  45. Famous Rebellion Developments Titles
  46. Famous Shinshokan Titles
  47. Famous Shogakukan Titles
  48. Famous Shueisha Titles
  49. Famous Slave Labor Graphics Titles
  50. Famous Square Enix Titles
  51. Famous Takeshobo Titles
  52. Famous Top Cow Productions Titles
  53. Famous Top Shelf Productions Titles
  54. Famous Tundra Press Titles
  55. Famous UDON Titles
  56. Famous Vertigo Titles
  57. Famous Wildstorm Titles