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Films: Best Movies by Genre

This is a directory of films by genre. Every movie genre has its own list and every list is filled with the different movies genres' movies and information about those films. The films database at Ranker organizes films by type of movie. Find what you're looking for on the lists below. Note that these are not Top 10 or Best Of lists – those lists can be found if you click the Film header in the nav bar. Whether you are looking for Heist Films, Blaxploitation, or Women In Prison Films, there is a genre for it in the wonderful world of cinema. Following are lists of films listed by genre. These lists of film by genre include photos, posters and additional info where available. You can use these factual lists to rank your favorite films from all genres and can get started with just a single click.

  1. Best Abstract Movies
  2. Best Acid Western Movies
  3. Best Airplanes And Airports Movies
  4. Best Albino Bias Movies
  5. Best Archaeology Movies
  6. Best Art Movies
  7. Best Biography Movies
  8. Best Bollywood Movies
  9. Best Caper Story Movies
  10. Best Cartoon Movies
  11. Best Christian Movies
  12. Best Comedy Horror Movies
  13. Best Comedy-Drama Movies
  14. Best Coming Out Movies
  15. Best Computer Animation Movies
  16. Best Concert Movies
  17. Best Costume Drama Movies
  18. Best Detective Fiction Movies
  19. Best Docudrama Movies
  20. Best Dogme 95 Movies
  21. Best Dystopia Movies
  22. Best Ealing Comedies Movies
  23. Best Existentialism Movies
  24. Best Experimental Movies
  25. Best Film Noir Movies
  26. Best Foreign Legion Movies
  27. Best Future Noir Movies
  28. Best Gay Themed Movies
  29. Best Giallo Movies
  30. Best Historical Drama Movies
  31. Best Horse Racing Movies
  32. Best Legal Drama Movies
  33. Best Mockumentary Movies
  34. Best Musical Comedy Movies
  35. Best Natural Disaster Movies
  36. Best Neo-noir Movies
  37. Best New Hollywood Movies
  38. Best Northern Movies
  39. Best Outlaw Biker Movies
  40. Best Political Thriller Movies
  41. Best Pre-Code Movies
  42. Best Psychological Drama Movies
  43. Best Road-Horror Movies
  44. Best Satire Movies
  45. Best Screwball Comedies
  46. Best Serial Movies
  47. Best Slapstick Movies
  48. Best Slasher Movies
  49. Best Space Western Movies
  50. Best Spaghetti Western Movies
  51. Best Spiritual Movies
  52. Best Splatter Movies
  53. Best Stand-up Comedy Movies
  54. Best Steampunk Movies
  55. Best Stop Motion Movies
  56. Best Surrealism Movies
  57. Best Swashbuckler Movies
  58. Best Sword And Sorcery Movies
  59. Best Tragedy Movies
  60. Best Western Movies
  61. Best Women In Prison Movies
  62. Best Wuxia Movies
  63. Films About Hobbies, Interests, Collecting and Obsessions
  64. List of All Animation Movies
  65. List of All Anime Movies
  66. List of All Black Comedy Movies
  67. List of All Blaxploitation Movies
  68. List of All Boxing Movies
  69. List of All Cold War Movies
  70. List of All Cult Movies
  71. List of All Dance Movies
  72. List of All Detective Movies
  73. List of All Disaster Movies
  74. List of All Erotic Thriller Movies
  75. List of All Fantasy Movies
  76. List of All Martial Arts Movies
  77. List of All Nunsploitation Movies
  78. List of All Parody Movies
  79. List of All Pinku Eiga Movies
  80. List of All Political Drama Movies
  81. List of All Psychological Thriller Movies
  82. List of All Romantic Comedy Movies
  83. List of All Samurai Cinema Movies
  84. List of All Sex Comedy Movies
  85. List of All Stoner Movies
  86. List of All Superhero Movies
  87. List of All Supernatural Movies
  88. List of All Teen Movies
  89. List of Zombie Movies
  90. Romance Movies and Films
  91. The Best Apocalyptic And Post-Apocalyptic Movies
  92. The Best B Movies of All Time
  93. The Best Coming of Age Movies
  94. The Best Courtroom Drama Movies
  95. The Best Doomsday Movies
  96. The Best Exploitation Movies
  97. The Best Family Drama Movies
  98. The Best Gangster Movies
  99. The Best Heist Movies
  100. The Best Hip Hop Movies of All Time
  101. The Best Monster Movies
  102. The Best Mystery Movies
  103. The Best Natural Horror Films
  104. The Best Spy Movies
  105. The Best Time Travel Movies
  106. The Greatest Suspense Movies
  107. The Very Best Children's Movies