Bands/Musicians: Bands & Artists by Genre

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  1. Atonality Composers
  2. Best A Cappella Groups
  3. Best Abstract Hip Hop Groups/Artists
  4. Best Acid House Bands/Artists
  5. Best Acid Rap Bands/Artists
  6. Best Acid Rock Bands/Artists of All Time
  7. Best Acid Techno Groups/Artists
  8. Best Acoustic Guitar Bands/Artists
  9. Best Acoustic Music Bands/Artists
  10. Best Acoustic Pop Bands/Artists
  11. Best Acoustic Rock Bands/Artists
  12. Best Adult Album Alternative Bands/Artists
  13. Best Adult Contemporary Artists
  14. Best African Pop Music Groups/Artists
  15. Best Afro-Cuban Jazz Bands/Artists
  16. Best Afro-jazz Bands/Artists
  17. Best Afrobeat Bands/Artists of All Time
  18. Best Aleatoric Composers
  19. Best Alternative Bands/Artists
  20. Best Alternative Dance Bands/Artists
  21. Best Alternative Hip Hop Groups/Artists
  22. Best Ambient House Bands/Artists
  23. Best Ambient Music Bands/Artists
  24. Best Americana Bands/Artists of All Time
  25. Best Anarcho-punk Bands
  26. Best Anatolian Rock Bands/Artists
  27. Best Andean Bands/Artists
  28. Best Anti-folk Bands/Artists
  29. Best Arabesque Music Bands/Artists
  30. Best Arabic Pop Groups/Artists
  31. Best Art Punk Bands
  32. Best Asian Bands/Artists
  33. Best Assyrian/Syriac Folk Music Groups/Artists
  34. Best Atonal Composers
  35. Best Avant Garde Metal Bands
  36. Best Avant-garde Bands/Artists
  37. Best Avant-garde Bands/Artists
  38. Best Avant-garde Jazz Bands/Artists
  39. Best Avant-progressive Rock Bands/Artists
  40. The Best Acid Jazz Bands/Artists
  41. The Best African Hip Hop Groups/Rappers
  42. The Best Aggrotech Bands/Artists
  43. The Best Alternative Country Bands/Artists
  44. The Best Alternative Metal Bands
  45. The Best Alternative Rock Bands/Artists
  46. The Best Arabic Bands
  47. The Best Art Rock Bands/Artists of All Time