Bands/Musicians: Bands & Artists by Genre

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  1. Best Cabaret Bands/Artists
  2. Best Calypso Bands/Artists
  3. Best Canadian Rock Bands/Artists
  4. Best Candombe Artists
  5. Best Canterbury Scene Bands/Artists
  6. Best Cantopop Bands/Artists
  7. Best Carnatic Bands/Artists
  8. Best Celtic Fusion Bands/Artists
  9. Best Celtic Music Bands/Artists
  10. Best Chalga Bands/Artists
  11. Best Chamber Jazz Bands/Artists
  12. Best Chamber Music Groups
  13. Best Chanson Bands/Artists
  14. Best Chicago Blues Bands/Artists
  15. Best Chicago Soul Bands/Artists
  16. Best Chicano Rock Bands/Artists
  17. Best Chinese Rock Bands/Artists
  18. Best Chopped And Screwed Groups/Artists
  19. Best Choral Music Bands/Artists
  20. Best Choro Bands/Artists
  21. Best Christian Music Bands/Artists
  22. Best Christian Punk Bands
  23. Best Christian Rock Bands/Artists
  24. Best Christian Ska Bands
  25. Best Christmas Music Bands/Artists
  26. Best Classic Female Blues Bands/Artists
  27. Best Classic Metal Bands
  28. Best Classic Punk Bands/Artists
  29. Best Classic Rock Bands/Artists
  30. Best Classical Music Bands/Artists
  31. Best Classical Period Bands/Artists
  32. Best Coldwave Bands
  33. Best College Rock Bands/Artists
  34. Best Comedy Bands/Artists
  35. Best Comedy Rock Bands/Artists
  36. Best Computer And Video Game Music Artists
  37. Best Computer Music Bands/Artists
  38. Best Concert Bands
  39. Best Conscious Rappers
  40. Best Contemporary Worship Bands/Artists
  41. Best Cool Jazz Bands/Artists
  42. Best Country Gospel Bands/Artists
  43. Best Country Rock Bands/Artists
  44. Best Country-rap Artists
  45. Best Cover Bands
  46. Best Creole Bands/Artists
  47. Best Crossover Bands/Artists
  48. Best Crossover Jazz Artists
  49. Best Crossover Thrash Bands/Artists
  50. Best Cumbia Bands/Artists of All Time
  51. Cordell Francis Bands/Artists
  52. The Best C-pop Groups/Artists
  53. The Best Cajun Music Bands/Artists
  54. The Best Cello Rock Bands
  55. The Best Celtic Punk Bands
  56. The Best Celtic Rock Bands/Artists
  57. The Best Chicano Rappers
  58. The Best Children's Artists/Bands
  59. The Best Chill-Out Music Artists
  60. The Best Chiptune Groups/Artists
  61. The Best Christian Alternative Rock Bands
  62. The Best Christian Hardcore Bands
  63. The Best Christian Metal Bands
  64. The Best Christian Rappers
  65. The Best Contemporary Christian Artists
  66. The Best Contemporary Classical Music Artists
  67. The Best Country Blues Bands/Artists
  68. The Best Country Pop Stars/Bands
  69. The Best Cowpunk Bands
  70. The Best Crunk Bands/Rappers
  71. The Best Crust Punk Bands