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TV Programs: Directory of TV Genres

This is a directory of TV Genres and all of the shows under them. These informational lists of TV Genres list out every single television show under that particular genre and every genre has its own list. These lists of TV shows by genre are organized alphabetically and are built using our database of TV series and the list of TV genres in our system (which is as extensive as you'll find anywhere else on the internet.) All lists on these pages of tv program by genre lists can be sorted by any column. All the lists below are factual lists relating to tv program. You can use these factual lists to rank your favorite tv program and can get started with just a single click.

  1. Medical TV Shows/Series
  2. Newsmagazine TV Shows/Series
  3. The Best Action TV Shows Of All Time
  4. The Best Action-Adventure TV Shows
  5. The Best Adolescence TV Shows
  6. The Best Adventure TV Shows
  7. The Best Anthology TV Shows
  8. The Best Apocalyptic And Post-Apocalyptic Fiction TV Shows
  9. The Best Biography TV Shows
  10. The Best Boxing TV Shows
  11. The Best Business TV Shows
  12. The Best Cartoon Series TV Shows
  13. The Best Children's TV Shows
  14. The Best Clay Animation TV Shows
  15. The Best Comedy-Drama TV Shows Ever
  16. The Best Computer Animation TV Shows
  17. The Best Cooking TV Shows of All Time
  18. The Best Costume Drama TV Shows
  19. The Best Cryptozoology TV Shows
  20. The Best Current Affairs TV Shows
  21. The Best Dark Comedy TV Shows
  22. The Best Dating Game Show TV Shows
  23. The Best Dating TV Shows
  24. The Best Docudrama TV Shows
  25. The Best Documentary TV Shows
  26. The Best Educational Television TV Shows
  27. The Best Edutainment TV Shows
  28. The Best Espionage TV Shows
  29. The Best Ever Police Procedural Shows
  30. The Best Ever Spy TV Shows
  31. The Best Fantasy TV Shows
  32. The Best Farce TV Shows
  33. The Best Fashion TV Shows
  34. The Best Film Noir TV Shows
  35. The Best Gardening TV Shows
  36. The Best Historical Drama TV Shows
  37. The Best Historical Fiction TV Shows
  38. The Best History TV Shows
  39. The Best Home Improvement TV Shows
  40. The Best Horror Comedy TV Shows
  41. The Best Horror TV Shows
  42. The Best Improv TV Shows
  43. The Best Interview TV Shows
  44. The Best Investigative Journalism TV Shows
  45. The Best Japanese Television Drama TV Shows
  46. The Best Legal Drama TV Shows Ever
  47. The Best Legal TV Shows
  48. The Best Lifestyle TV Shows
  49. The Best Live Television TV Shows
  50. The Best Martial Arts TV Shows
  51. The Best Medical Drama TV Shows
  52. The Best Military Science Fiction TV Shows
  53. The Best Military TV Shows
  54. The Best Miniseries TV Shows
  55. The Best Mockumentary TV Shows
  56. The Best Musical TV Shows
  57. The Best Mystery TV Shows
  58. The Best Nature Documentary TV Shows
  59. The Best Nature TV Shows
  60. The Best News Magazine TV Shows
  61. The Best Non-fiction TV Shows
  62. The Best Paranormal Romance TV Shows
  63. The Best Paranormal TV Shows
  64. The Best Parody TV Shows
  65. The Best Period Piece TV Shows
  66. The Best Political Drama TV Shows
  67. The Best Politics TV Shows
  68. The Best Procedural Dramas of All Time
  69. The Best Professional Wrestling TV Shows
  70. The Best Psychological Thriller TV Shows
  71. The Best Religious Broadcasting TV Shows
  72. The Best Romantic Comedy TV Shows
  73. The Best Satire TV Shows
  74. The Best Science TV Shows of All Time, Ranked
  75. The Best Serial Drama TV Shows
  76. The Best Sketch Comedy TV Shows
  77. The Best Space Opera TV Shows
  78. The Best Space Western TV Shows
  79. The Best Special Interest TV Shows
  80. The Best Speculative Fiction TV Shows
  81. The Best Sports TV Shows
  82. The Best Stand-up Comedy TV Shows
  83. The Best Steampunk TV Shows
  84. The Best Stop Motion TV Shows
  85. The Best Supermarionation TV Shows
  86. The Best Supernatural Drama TV Shows
  87. The Best Survival TV Shows You Need to Watch
  88. The Best Suspense TV Shows
  89. The Best Talent Shows Ever on TV
  90. The Best Talk Shows On TV
  91. The Best Teen Drama TV Shows
  92. The Best Teen Sitcoms of All Time
  93. The Best Telenovela TV Shows
  94. The Best Thriller TV Shows
  95. The Best Time Travel TV Shows
  96. The Best Travel Documentary TV Shows
  97. The Best True Crime TV Shows
  98. The Best Video Game TV Shows
  99. The Best Western TV Shows
  100. The Best World War II TV Shows
  101. The Best Wuxia TV Shows
  102. The Greatest Animated Superhero TV Series Ever
  103. The Greatest Supernatural Shows of All Time
  104. The Greatest Variety Shows in TV History