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Artists: List of Art Movements

This is a list of art movements where each movement leads to a list of well known artists of that movement. This art movement directory contains lists of the leading artists in 50 major art movements through history, with photos. All prominent visual artists are listed in this section, grouped by the associated artistic period or movement using our top database of notable artists and their movements. All major artistic movements ranging from the Italian Renaissance to the Hudson River School are included in this directory of leading artists, sorted by type of art. Each of these periods has produced famous painters, sculptors, photographers, or other visual artists and have had a pronounced impact on the artistic community.

  1. Famous Abstract Art Artists
  2. Famous Abstract Expressionist Artists
  3. Famous Academic Art Artists
  4. Famous American Impressionism Artists
  5. Famous American Modernism Artists
  6. Famous American Realism Artists
  7. Famous Art Deco Artists
  8. Famous Art Nouveau Artists
  9. Famous Arts And Crafts Movement Artists
  10. Famous Ashcan School Artists
  11. Famous Baroque Artists, Ranked
  12. Famous Bauhaus Artists
  13. Famous Bay Area Figurative School Artists
  14. Famous California Plein-Air Painting Artists
  15. Famous Classicism Artists
  16. Famous COBRA Artists
  17. Famous Color Field Artists
  18. Famous Conceptual Artists, Ranked
  19. Famous Contemporary Artists, Ranked
  20. Famous Cubist Artists, Ranked
  21. Famous Dada Artists
  22. Famous De Stijl Artists
  23. Famous Dutch And Flemish Renaissance Painting Artists
  24. Famous Dutch Golden Age Artists
  25. Famous Expressionist Artists
  26. Famous Fauvism Artists, Ranked
  27. Famous Fluxus Artists
  28. Famous French Renaissance Artists
  29. Famous Futurism Artists
  30. Famous Geometric Abstract Art Artists
  31. Famous German Expressionism Artists
  32. Famous German Romanticism Artists
  33. Famous Gothic Artists
  34. Famous Graffiti Artists, Ranked
  35. Famous Group Of Seven Artists
  36. Famous Hard-edge Painting Artists
  37. Famous Harlem Renaissance Artists
  38. Famous Heidelberg School Artists
  39. Famous High Renaissance Artists
  40. Famous Hudson River School Artists
  41. Famous Hyperrealism Artists
  42. Famous Italian Modern And Contemporary Art Artists
  43. Famous Italian Renaissance Artists, Ranked
  44. Famous Land Art Artists
  45. Famous Les Nabis Artists
  46. Famous Luminism Artists
  47. Famous Lyrical Abstraction Artists
  48. Famous Mannerist Artists, Ranked
  49. Famous Minimalist Artists, Ranked
  50. Famous Modern Art Artists
  51. Famous Modernist Artists, Ranked
  52. Famous Monochrome Painting Artists
  53. Famous Naturalism Artists
  54. Famous Neo-Dada Artists
  55. Famous Neo-expressionism Artists
  56. Famous Neo-impressionism Artists
  57. Famous Neo-romanticism Artists
  58. Famous Neoclassicism Artists
  59. Famous New Objectivity Artists
  60. Famous New Realism Artists
  61. Famous Op Art Artists
  62. Famous Orientalism Artists
  63. Famous Outsider Art Artists
  64. Famous Pennsylvania Impressionism Artists
  65. Famous Photorealism Artists
  66. Famous Pointillism Artists
  67. Famous Post-Impressionist Artists
  68. Famous Post-painterly Abstraction Artists
  69. Famous Postmodernism Artists
  70. Famous Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Artists
  71. Famous Realism Artists
  72. Famous Regionalism Artists
  73. Famous Renaissance Artists, Ranked
  74. Famous Rococo Artists
  75. Famous Romantic Artists
  76. Famous Section D'Or Artists
  77. Famous Social Realism Artists
  78. Famous Spanish Renaissance Artists
  79. Famous Street Artists, Ranked
  80. Famous Superflat Artists
  81. Famous Suprematism Artists
  82. Famous Symbolist Artists, Ranked
  83. Famous Tile Club Artists
  84. Famous Trompe L'oeil Artists
  85. Famous Underground Artists
  86. Famous Vienna Secession Artists
  87. Famous Washington Color School Artists
  88. Famous Young British Artists Artists
  89. The Best Pop Art Artists
  90. The Greatest Famous Surrealist Artists
  91. The Greatest Impressionist Artists