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If you've yet to hear about the cool galaxy makeup trend sweeping through Instagram lately, then prepare to see some stars. A remarkable blend of astronomy and cosmetology, galaxy makeup looks take makeup to a whole new atmosphere, where the face is only one  of the surfaces available to you. Lips, eyes, collarbones, even someone's entire figure all provide a vast canvas on which you may freely map out the stars, planets, and nebulas that suit your style. Given the infinite vastness of the universe, why should your galactic makeup be restricted by convention? 

Whether looking to see what the trend is all about or for inspiration on how to apply those galaxy makeup tutorials you've been meaning to try, you've come to the right place. Featuring the work of a wide variety of incredibly talented Insta make-up artists, the coolest, most stunning, and all-around interesting galactic makeup ideas will motivate you to try out some galaxy makeup at home. Get ready to see some supernovas among this collection of galactic makeup transformations.

Add A Bit Of Star Dust To Your Next Smokey Eye]]>
Thu, 10 Aug 2017 03:22:47 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/cool-galaxy-makeup-looks/ashley-reign
<![CDATA[Make Your Bets Now - The Penultimate Episode Airs This Sunday]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/game-of-thrones-death-pool/ranker-of-thrones *SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* *SPOILERS*

The Game of Thrones death pool excludes characters who have already been killed off on the HBO series, so if you don't want to know who's already dead, don't look too closely.

Who will die next on Game of Thrones? This is the question at play in this GoT death pool. For those who read the books, don't spoil it for the people watching the TV show! You likely have some insight into who will die next on Game of Thrones the TV show (being that you've read thousand of pages into the Song of Ice and Fire series), but try not to vote for people that will die on GoT because you've already read about them dying in the books.

List of people who will die on Game of Thrones is all about trying to guess who the next person to get the axe (or arrow, or poison, or push out of a window) will be. Vote the GoT characters you think will die soonest and check back to see if other Game of Thrones fans agree with your theories.
Make Your Bets Now - The Penultimate Episode Airs This Sunday]]>
Wed, 23 Apr 2014 08:49:40 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/game-of-thrones-death-pool/ranker-of-thrones
<![CDATA[If You're Looking For A Place To 'Celebrate' Maybe Try Miami Or Orlando Instead]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/what-is-celebration-florida/erin-mccann

Deep inside the imagination of Walt Disney, competing with talking mice and over-the-top theme parks, was an idea for an entire town. Celebration, as it later came to be known, is a planned community built by Walt Disney's company in Florida, built on the same land as Walt Disney World. Although Disney himself passed away before he could enact his plan, the corporation brought his vision to life in the 1990s, and fans from all over the country wanted a chance to live the Disney experience.

The history of Celebration includes years of planning as well as a rigid structure of resident rules and cosmetic standards. Built on small town idealism and nostalgia, Celebration can also be viewed as embracing escapism from the realities of life. The fantasy came crashing down with a 2010 murder in Celebration, Florida, but the community had problems long before that. Weird stories from Celebration, Florida, include poorly made buildings, artificial scenery, and even wife-swapping. Disney gave up control of the town in 2004. What are the real stories inside Celebration, Florida, and why is it so creepy?

If You]]>
Tue, 25 Jul 2017 07:04:26 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/what-is-celebration-florida/erin-mccann
<![CDATA[What Do Yesterday's And Today's Nazis Have In Common - Neither Are Very Bright]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/magicians-tricking-the-germans-in-wwii/ella-talkin

In some rare intersections of history, the “fog of war” is quite literally the puff of smoke that concludes a magician’s disappearing act. In others, the “fog” is a supernatural explanation conjured by a German soldier’s tortured mind. If you're scratching your head right now trying to remember magic used during WWII in Saving Private Ryan or whether there was a section in your 20th century history textbook entitled "did magicians help the Allies in World War II?", you're not alone. The popular consciousness has all but forgotten WWII witches and all the fabulous and bizarre WWII magic technology; now feels as good a time as any to rectify that. 

World War II was as much a war of mind games as it was of bullet holes. To counter the swift expansion of the highly mechanized Third Reich, the Allies got creative with secret weapons, and missions of the magical variety. In the Soviet Union, a night bomber regiment of female fighter pilots was so deadly Germans nicknamed them the Night Witches, and they became the stuff of Nazi nightmares (so there's your answer to "were witches involved in World War II?").

On the German Front, a group of illusionists and masters of imagery and deception (some of whom came from advertising backgrounds; big surprise there) known as the Ghost Army tormented Nazi soldiers with the movement of invisible infantries. Down in Africa, a British magician named Jasper Maskelyne played out magic tricks so grand they have been classified by the Official Secrets Act. The true nature of Maskelyne's World War Two magic will not be made public until 2046 (so put an alarm on your phone, kids). 

What Do Yesterday]]>
Wed, 19 Apr 2017 09:24:55 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/magicians-tricking-the-germans-in-wwii/ella-talkin
<![CDATA[One Of The Many Reasons To Celebrate National Thrift Shop Day]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/valuable-and-important-items-discovered-in-thrift-stores/hugh-landman

One man's junk is another man's treasure, the saying goes. But for some frugal shoppers who found valuable things found in thrift stores, the proverb rings truer than for most. Unbelievable thrift store treasures include famous historical documents, one-of-a-kind works of art, and valuable historical artifacts.

Some of the most unbelievable thrift store finds were found by people who could just tell that what they were looking for was special, while other buyers were stunned to discover the stories behind the items they picked up on a whim. A savvy thrift store shopper with great taste splurged on a $50 Goodwill painting because he could tell it was worth more, while one lucky art buyer actually bought an "ugly" painting as a joke gift for a friend, only to discover it was an original Jackson Pollock. 

From rare historical photos to 2,500-year-old artifacts, here are the stories that will send you to the flea market this weekend.

One Of The Many Reasons To Celebrate National Thrift Shop Day]]>
Wed, 19 Apr 2017 04:23:42 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/valuable-and-important-items-discovered-in-thrift-stores/hugh-landman
<![CDATA[Never Underestimate The Guile Of A Wildling]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/gilly-game-of-thrones-reveal/liam-ross

WARNING: This list contains massive SPOILERS for Season 7 of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones is a study in duality. Gilly's reveal in the Citadel, that some long-forgotten High Septon annulled the marriage of "Prince Ragger," was so small, you could be forgiven for missing it. It wasn't like the Children of the Forest creating the White Walkers or the discovery of dragonglass underneath Dragonstone. Those were big moments, scenes intended to make you notice and remember them. But, like in any good magic act, it's all about misdirection. 

Gilly's discovery on Game of Thrones was meant to be glossed over by all but the most hardcore fans. After all, the announcement was presaged by facts even Samwell Tarly - a notorious glutton for knowledge - found dull (number of steps, number of sh*ts, etc). But to anyone who's been paying close attention to the series - or read the books - Gilly clearly unearthed the most important secret in Game of Thrones history.

The High Septon (almost definitely) preformed an annulment not for some unknown character named "Prince Ragger," but for Rhaegar Targaryen, the Prince of Dragonstone and heir to the Iron Throne. At least, he was before Robert Baratheon caved in his chest at the Battle of the Trident. Still, Gilly's discovery has massive implications for the future of Westeros and, indeed, Game of Thrones as a whole. Rhaegar may be dead, but his son is very much alive. 

Never Underestimate The Guile Of A Wildling]]>
Mon, 14 Aug 2017 04:22:30 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/gilly-game-of-thrones-reveal/liam-ross
<![CDATA[13 Helpful Hurricane Preparedness Tips]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/13-helpful-hurricane-preparedness-tips/mary-sterling

If you're in an area that may be impacted by a hurricane, listen up: There are things you can do now to prepare. Most of the hurricane preparedness tips on this list can be done well in advance of an approaching storm. Don't wait. Do these things now, and if you do wind up taking a hit from mother nature, you'll be grateful you took action beforehand.

With Hurricane Irene making a bee line for the Atlantic Coast, millions of people could be impacted. If the storm moves up the coast to New England, millions more may find themselves unprepared for the wrath. While you can't do much about the storm itself, you can take steps now to keep yourself and your family protected.

Hurricanes pose several threats: high winds can cause devastating damage, but heavy rains and storm surges can be equally as destructive. Widespread power outages are quite common in the wake of a hurricane, so you'll need to prepare for this. In addition, if you are asked to evacuate, you'll want to have everything ready - so you can leave at a moment's notice.
13 Helpful Hurricane Preparedness Tips]]>
Thu, 25 Aug 2011 05:39:35 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/13-helpful-hurricane-preparedness-tips/mary-sterling
<![CDATA[The First Issue Of Sports Illustrated Debuted 63 Years Ago Today]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-sports-illustrated-covers/damemaggie List of the most memorable Sports Illustrated Magazine covers, featuring the coolest photographs, sexiest celebrity shots, and most innovative designs ever to hit newsstands. These best Sports Illustrated covers span the entire history of the publication, and provide a good overview of the stories and issues Sports Illustrated has covered over the years. Iconic magazine covers capture images of historic and cultural landmarks that persist in the collective consciousness. This list includes rare Sports Illustrated covers and hard-to-find classic Sports Illustrated covers as well as the most popular and famous Sports Illustrated magazine covers. The stars, politicians, athletes, and other famous and influential figures on magazine covers document major world events and news stories that have held public attention over the years. Ever evolving fashion, technology, and societal trends influence the art and design of magazine covers, but Sports Illustrated also has a signature font, layout, and style that has come to represent the magazine as an institution. You won't a more comprehensive collection of Sports Illustrated magazine covers. Vote for the vintage Sports Illustrated magazine covers with the most attractive design, most memorable or important news stories, or that you best remember and recognize. Missing your favorite? Add it to the list!
The First Issue Of Sports Illustrated Debuted 63 Years Ago Today]]>
Fri, 06 Apr 2012 18:06:01 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-sports-illustrated-covers/damemaggie
<![CDATA[Celebrate National Roller Coaster Day By Checking Out Some Of The World's Best]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-roller-coasters

The best roller coasters in the world, all in one list, ranked from best roller coaster to worst. These are top roller coasters at amusement parks and other fun time facilities. Some of these amazing roller coasters even reside in the best theme parks for roller coaster junkies. Convenient!

This list includes some of the scariest roller coasters, the tallest roller coasters, the fastest roller coasters, and the most thrilling roller coasters in the world. While the US seems to have a bit of a monopoly on the greatest roller coasters, one of the top roller coasters in the world, the Steel Dragon 2000, can be found in Japan at the Nagashima Spa Land. If you're looking for a heart-stopping roller coaster ride, you'll find options on nearly every continent (there are no roller coasters in Antarctica...yet).

What is the world's best roller coaster? Where can I find the greatest roller coaster in the world? Hopefully you'll be able to answer these questions and more (like what states have the best roller coasters) after checking out this list of the top roller coasters in the world. If you don't see your favorite roller coaster on this list of the world's greatest roller coasters, make sure to add it so thrill seekers everywhere can check it out.
Celebrate National Roller Coaster Day By Checking Out Some Of The World]]>
Wed, 20 Feb 2013 06:00:44 PST http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-roller-coasters
<![CDATA[Pick Up One Of These Bottles To Celebrate The Fact It's National Rum Day!]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-top-shelf-rum-brands/ranker-shopping If you’re a liquor enthusiast, here are a few bottles to add to your collection! If you’ve ever asked the question, “What are the best top shelf rum brands?” you’ve definitely come to the right place! This list includes only the top of the line, more expensive brands of rum for the sophisticated pallet, including: Bacardi, Rhum Barbancourt, House of Angostura, Brugal, Havana Club, Four Square, Montecristo and Neisson. Top Shelf liquor includes only the best ones available; the term “top shelf” was derived from the fact that grocery and liquor stores only put these more expensive, higher-quality liquors on the top of the shelf in order to prevent people from stealing them. Middle and bottom-line products are usually not placed on the top. Because of its supreme quality, rum that falls in this category typically costs a lot more than traditional liquors; it’s usually not intended for every day drinking. Most of the time people only pull bottles like these out for special occasions.Just remember that you truly get what you pay for! Alcohol in this category usually doesn’t have that “bite” that most others have; the ingredients are higher-quality, and the aging process can be different as well.
Pick Up One Of These Bottles To Celebrate The Fact It]]>
Mon, 21 Oct 2013 17:15:01 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-top-shelf-rum-brands/ranker-shopping
<![CDATA[28 Funny Back to School Photos That All Teachers Can Relate To]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-back-to-school-photos-that-all-teachers-can-relate-to/ashley-reign

Back to school is a special time of the year. A tine that all parents love. A time that all kids hate. But who gets the worst of back to school every single year? It's absolutely the teachers. Here you'll find a collection of hilarious teacher back to school images that will give you a look at what it's like to be on the teaching side of the classroom, preparing to jump headfirst into another year or responsibility for twenty or more kids whose parents just dropped them off at school. The parents don't have to deal with them all day. That's the teacher's job now.


28 Funny Back to School Photos That All Teachers Can Relate To]]>
Thu, 01 Sep 2016 10:24:17 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-back-to-school-photos-that-all-teachers-can-relate-to/ashley-reign
<![CDATA[The Best Essential Oils for Relaxation]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-essential-oils-for-relaxation/bunny-brinkman List of the best essential oils for relaxation, ranked by their popularity and effectiveness. Essential oils have the power to deliver specific beneficial healing properties from different plants in a highly concentrated and direct form to your body. Aromatherapy for relaxation is a popular use of alternative medicine. The best essential oils to relax can help you unwind at the end of a long day or week. When used properly, essential oils have been recognized for centuries for having therapeutic properties. If you’ve ever asked, “What are the best essential oils for relaxation?” you have definitely come to the right place!

The best essential oils for relaxation include lavender, chamomile, and citrus oils like lemon. Depending on the type of oil you use, the healing effects of essential oils are limitless, from antibacterial defense to relief of pain to actual emotional therapy. From a strictly scientific perspective, oils are extremely effective due to the 50 million smell receptors that connect directly to your limbic system, which is responsible for emotions and memories. In addition to the medical benefits of oils, on a more practical note they make us feel better simply because they smell so nice!

This list discusses the most popular essential oils to relax. If you’ve ever tried essential oils for relaxation, please vote for your favorites - and add any that I missed.
The Best Essential Oils for Relaxation]]>
Tue, 07 Jan 2014 08:41:27 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/best-essential-oils-for-relaxation/bunny-brinkman
<![CDATA[13 Hot Topic Employees Confess What Really Goes Down Behind The Scenes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/hot-topic-retail-stories/erin-wisti

Working at a Hot Topic means interacting with some unusual customers. From a man claiming to be a dragon to awkward interactions with bronies, Hot Topic horror stories are similar to GameStop employee stories - a very interesting read. In the following Reddit threads, former and current Hot Topic employees share their experiences about working at a store that's thought to be a refuge for teenage goth kids. 

However, not everything is terrifying. There are some refreshing stories about the lax dress code and relatively non-judgmental nature of the staff. Does that make up for foul-smelling customers and demanding middle-aged mothers? You can be the judge of that. If you've ever wondered what it's like to work at Hot Topic, these responses should give you a glimpse into that world. 

13 Hot Topic Employees Confess What Really Goes Down Behind The Scenes]]>
Fri, 04 Aug 2017 03:59:55 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/hot-topic-retail-stories/erin-wisti
<![CDATA[Where Dragonglass REALLY Comes From, And Why The Future Of Westeros Depends On It]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/what-is-dragonglass-game-of-thrones/stephanroget

There are tons of crappy Game of Thrones fan theories out there, but one theory, about where dragonglass really comes from, is crappy for an entirely different reason. Given its seeming importance to the overall story of A Song of Ice and Fire, it should be no surprise that fan theories about dragonglass are as abundant on the Internet as the substance itself is on Dragonstone. But few can compare to the toilet-themed theorizing of one individual on Reddit. To The_Others_Take_Ya, dragonglass isn’t some magical and mysterious rock that somehow kills White Walkers — it’s dragon poop.

While the theory might sound ridiculous at first, it should be noted that George R. R. Martin is known to embrace all aspects of life in his fantasy worlds, even the less-than-glamorous bits. Dragons eat, and therefore, they likely excrete waste. From that point, there’s actually a surprising amount of evidence that not only is dragon poop present in the story, but it’s vitally important to its conclusion.

Where Dragonglass REALLY Comes From, And Why The Future Of Westeros Depends On It]]>
Mon, 07 Aug 2017 04:42:45 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/what-is-dragonglass-game-of-thrones/stephanroget
<![CDATA[Who Are The Reptilians, And What Do They Want With The Human Race?]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/lizard-people-conspiracy-theories/cheryl-adams-richkoff

Who are the lizard people? Are they real? And are lizard people in charge of the world? Reptilian conspiracy theories are more popular than you might think, with some surveys reporting that at least 12 million Americans believe their country is run by alien, reptilian overlords. The first lizard people theory seems to originate in science-fiction literature and have grown beyond made-up stories into a complex belief system with various theories. Some speculate that there are reptilians in government, politics, and in high-ranking business positions. Other lizard people conspiracies involve alien beings, hybrid humans, mysterious planets, and claims that essentially all world leaders and the wealthiest families are part of the reptile tribe. 

But what exactly are the intentions of the lizard people, if they even exist? According to reptilian theorists, this elite alien species seeks world domination and power over every person on the planet. They are all about control, using their influence to vastly lower the quality of life for most people on the planet. This way, people have no energy, time, or motivation to notice or expose even the existence of the reptilians, let alone try to remove them from power. Check out the crazy lizard people theories below that may sound ridiculous at first, but will keep gnawing at the back of your mind as possibly true. 

Who Are The Reptilians, And What Do They Want With The Human Race?]]>
Wed, 19 Jul 2017 03:18:31 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/lizard-people-conspiracy-theories/cheryl-adams-richkoff
<![CDATA[These Nickelodeon And Disney Star Feuds Tore All Your Favorite Childhood Actors Apart]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-nickelodeon-disney-star-feuds/rebecca-shortall

They don't serve drama like this anymore. Today's teen stars are goddamn dullards compared to the drama-ridden heyday of Disney and Nickelodeon. Some of these feuds happened in real time, posted all over the stars' social media for the fans to see. Other times, the drama was revealed retroactively, alerting fans that they're favorite on-screen friends could barely tolerate working together. 

Cast your mind back to the glory days of the early 'aughts. Selena, Demi, and Miley were passing the Jonas Brothers around like a game of pass-the-purity-ring. Taylor Swift was hovering on the periphery, causing trouble and stirring the pot. These Disney stars who hate each other blasted their enemies on Twitter, YouTube, and in interviews - it was glorious! And on the same side of the spectrum, we had Nickelodeon star feuds to revel in. There was never a dull moment. Read on for the best TV teen star feuds that prove ain't no drama like young, raging, hormone-induced drama.

These Nickelodeon And Disney Star Feuds Tore All Your Favorite Childhood Actors Apart]]>
Fri, 04 Aug 2017 03:47:19 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-nickelodeon-disney-star-feuds/rebecca-shortall
<![CDATA[20 Pieces Of Amazing Minimalist Fan Art That Real Fans Will Recognize In An Instant]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/minimal-pop-culture-characters-fan-art/mick-jacobs

Some of the world's most recognizable characters need little more than a couple of well-placed lines and a solid color scheme to make themselves known. In the artwork created by DeviantArt's Arnumdrusk, many of fiction's greatest figures make a huge impact with only a few elements in his minimal mania character series. Arnumdrusk's minimally drawn characters rely on their famous visages to display a unique yet instantly recognizable fashion. Much like minimal Pokémon art, drawings of characters in a minimalist style focus on the distinctive features of a particular individual to reveal and revel in their identity.

Arnumdrusk's minimal characters come from all areas of pop culture. While a strong portion come from Disney, many also come from the world of anime, comic books, and even Internet tales. Though each portrait uses less detail than a standard portrait, they nonetheless remain immediately recognizable. Most would pair nicely with minimal posters of your favorite TV shows, and all of them make for great new ways to picture some incredibly famous characters. Check out Arnumdrusk's illustrations below and vote up the characters you recognize in a heartbeat. 

20 Pieces Of Amazing Minimalist Fan Art That Real Fans Will Recognize In An Instant]]>
Fri, 04 Aug 2017 03:23:47 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/minimal-pop-culture-characters-fan-art/mick-jacobs
<![CDATA[15 Incredibly Drunk People Who Decided To Fight Inanimate Objects]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/drunk-people-fighting-non-humans/brian-gilmore

Unless they're competing in some kind of climactic martial arts tournament, if someone is gearing up for a fight they should probably be drunk. It'll hurt less, look funnier, and if someone's on hand with a smartphone, it'll probably go viral. There are plenty of videos of drunk people looking for a fight, but the cream of the crop are usually the true stories of drunks fighting inanimate objects.

This is a short Internet history of drunk people fighting non-humans of all shapes and sizes, from the guy who tried to ski while smashed to anyone who's thrown a punch at a street lamp. There are plenty of things you shouldn't do while drunk, and even more situations you should avoid, but these intoxicated run-ins are undeniably entertaining. Just don't overdo it – you never know when your friends are recording you, or how they're going to pose you once you pass out. Think of this as a roundup of cautionary tales for people who just don't know when to call it quits. 

15 Incredibly Drunk People Who Decided To Fight Inanimate Objects]]>
Tue, 18 Jul 2017 06:31:43 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/drunk-people-fighting-non-humans/brian-gilmore
<![CDATA[Here's What You Need To Know About Raya, The Tinder For Famous People]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/facts-about-raya-celebrity-dating-app/eric-vega

If you already know about Raya, you're either on it, or you have leaks to thank. This exclusive dating app used by many celebrities was founded in secret in 2015, but it's not quite as shrouded in mystery anymore. There are a lot of things you didn't know about Raya that are finally being revealed, and it turns out that this dating app is an endless source of gossip. Members include everyone from A-list actors to brilliant scientists – basically, anyone you'd be surprised to see on a typical evening scrolling through Tinder.

These facts about Raya illuminate the elite world of online dating, one that its members don't want you to see. This is just a small peek into one of the most secretive apps ever developed. Even though it's notoriously tricky to be accepted as a new user, learning how to use Raya might come in handy. Maybe your shot at fame or big social media break is right around the corner.

Tue, 18 Jul 2017 07:56:36 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/facts-about-raya-celebrity-dating-app/eric-vega
<![CDATA[The Best Vacation Spots for Dog Lovers]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/vacation-spots-for-dog-lovers/ashley-reign Dogs need vacations, too! Does your dog's face seem to fill with sorrow each and every time he or she sees your suitcase lying out, ready to be packed? Do those big puppy eyes and miserably tucked tail seem to linger in your mind as you venture forth each year on vacation? Well we say, no more! Here we’ve assembled a list of vacation spots for dog lovers which are more than happy to have you bring your four-legged friend along for the ride. We’ve assembled a list of some of the coolest canine destinations in North America including dog festivals, pooch themed sporting events, and even chill places where you and your dog can crash in a cabin after exploring the great outdoors.

No matter what you and you four-legged buddy’s interests are, we’ve got dog vacations for everyone. Do you and your poodle love to listen to live music? Head on up to Woofstock, the largest dog festival in North America! Wish you could hang ten with your Rottweiler? Consider a trip to Del Mar Dog Beach in California where you can sign the big guy up for doggie surf lessons (yes really!). Or perhaps you’ve got a low-rider that dreams of athletic glory? Look no further than the National Dachshund Races, which hold events all across the country.

Whether you’re looking to get out and play or sit back and relax, here you’ll find some of the best dog vacations around. So tell Fluffy to stop hiding in your suitcase and go pack her own because this year you guys are hitting the road as a duo.   

The Best Vacation Spots for Dog Lovers]]>
Wed, 08 Jul 2015 02:20:55 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/vacation-spots-for-dog-lovers/ashley-reign
<![CDATA[The 27 Laziest Geniuses on the Planet]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/lazy-people/robert-wabash

We all have our moments of laziness. Whether it is watching something on TV for hours because you can't find the remote, sleeping with the light on because you don't want to get up, or closing the door by throwing something at it, we've all had times where we can't be bothered to do something simple. The funny people in this list have taken laziness to a level so extreme, it's actually impressive.

These are the unofficial "geniuses" of laziness, who have taken great steps to avoid doing even the most simple task. Is bending over to drink your beverage too hard? Try building a super straw that reaches all the way to the couch. Light switch too far from the bed? Keep a loaded Nerf gun by the bed, and you'll be sleeping in no time. You have to hand it to them: these lazy people have figured out some really smart solutions to everyday problems, especially the guy who attached a bottle opener to his dog.
The 27 Laziest Geniuses on the Planet]]>
Thu, 10 Jul 2014 09:39:28 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/lazy-people/robert-wabash
<![CDATA[The Best Cheetos Flavors]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-cheetos-flavors/ranker-food All the best Cheetos snacks flavors to be voted on to determine the greatest Cheetos flavor from the company. The Cheetos flavors are from Frito-Lay’s crunchy flavors, mix-ups flavors, puffs flavors, baked flavors, and fantastix flavors. Each Cheetos flavor appears once, even though some may cross over from different categories of the Cheetos snacks products.

List of Cheetos flavors that poses the question, “What is the best flavor of Cheetos snacks?”. Each flavor of Cheetos snacks has a picture next to it to show how the products look on the grocery store shelves. The list of all flavors of Cheetos snacks includes chili cheese, simply white cheddar cheese, hot reduced fat cheese, and many more. Each flavor can be voted on as your favorite Cheetos flavor in the quest to determine the top Cheetos flavor.

Cheetos are a snack made by Frito-Lay from puffed cornmeal to be cheese flavored snacks of a variety of flavors. The brand was developed in 1948 by Charles Elmer Doolin and were distributed in the United States. In 2010, Cheetos were ranked the top selling brand of cheese puffs in the United States, its primary market. Sales of Cheetos snacks have an annual retail sale of $4 billion.
The Best Cheetos Flavors]]>
Mon, 25 Nov 2013 06:34:30 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/best-cheetos-flavors/ranker-food
<![CDATA[New Evidence May Point To The True Identity Of Jack The Ripper]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/new-evidence-jack-the-ripper-identity/kellie-kreiss

The name "Jack the Ripper" immediately summons both a feeling of fear and morbid curiosity among those who hear it. And any time new Jack the Ripper evidence emerges, most folks father 'round to listen. The notoriously brutal killer who is known to have murdered at least five women in London in 1888 lurked in the shadows of alleys and doorways throughout the poverty-stricken Whitechapel district seeking out his prey. What's worse is that his true identity was never discovered and, though over 130 years have passed, his legacy of terror lives on.

That is until a recent investigation unearthed greater evidence of his identity. The pages of a diary found hidden beneath the floorboards of an old London flat in March of 1992 may hide the key to the Jack the Ripper mystery – a fact no one believed could be true until now.

Recent analysis by Robert Smith, a "Ripperologist" of sorts, has revealed that the book was, in fact, discovered beneath the floorboard of a room that would have belonged to a Mr. James Maybrick in 1889, when the murders were being committed. What's more? The pages contain a detailed retelling of the crimes – and a confession. 

WARNING: Graphic images from the Jack the Ripper crime scenes are included below.

New Evidence May Point To The True Identity Of Jack The Ripper]]>
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<![CDATA[YouTube Announced A Karate Kid Revival Series, And Twitter Is Freaking Out]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/tweets-about-the-karate-kid-revival/liam-ross

YouTube revival series of The Karate Kid film series is slated to launch in 2018. The current series order is for 10 half-hour episodes that will be available on YouTube Red and the original stars of the quadrilogy, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, are set to reprise their roles. While the plot details are obviously still under wraps, we do know that the series (titled Cobra Kai) will take place 30 years after the events of The Karate Kid and see Zabka's Johnny Lawrence attempt to reopen the Cobra Kai dojo.

Macchio's Daniel LaRusso apparently still has a heated rivalry with Lawrence, which is fair, since crane kicks to the face are hard to ever really get over. While LaRusso is successful, perhaps running some sort of chain of Italian/Japanese fusion restaurants, he is "struggling to maintain balance in his life without the guidance of his mentor, Mr. Miyagi." 

The Karate Kid may be coming back with the original cast, but the tone is apparently going to shift to the decidedly comedic. Cobra Kai will be written and executive produced by the team of Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg (Harold & Kumar, American Reunion) and Josh Heald (Hot Tub Time Machine). Hurwitz and Schlossberg are also slated to direct most of the series. 

Predictably, Twitter's reaction to The Karate Kid revival is manic, passionate, and occasionally hilarious. From rabid assertions that Johnny Lawrence, not Daniel LaRusso, is the titular karate kid, to people decrying the death of their childhoods, these tweets about The Karate Kid revival series are some of the best you'll read all day. 

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Cats are wonderful creatures capable of a great many feats, from nearly always landing on their feet to providing some of the best cuddles known to man. But you may not realize there are all sorts of historically important cats as well. Just like dogs, cats are unique animals in that they have been domesticated - albeit only partially - to live alongside humans and cooperate in accomplishing common goals.

Though chief among these is rodent control, in modern history there have been individual cats here and there who have made names for themselves in other ways. Some have survived shipwrecks, careers in government, and even space travel. Some famous cats in history have been spooky, while others have just been downright lucky.

Take a moment to imagine what it must be like to be not only cute, cuddly, and fuzzy, but also daring, cunning, and adventurous? These cats don't have to imagine - they've lived the furry and fabulous life of one of the many awesome cats who made history.

14 Notably Awesome Cats from History]]>
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<![CDATA[Here's How Cities Are Subtly Hiding Their Homeless Populations]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/how-cities-hide-homelessness/anna-lindwasser

Homelessness is a major issue in most cities, and it's not likely to go away anytime soon. As of 2016, an estimated 549,928 people in the United States experienced homelessness on an average night; over one-fifth of that number was comprised of children. It isn't limited to one geographic area, either. Cities with high homelessness rates include New York, Los Angeles, and Washington DC – though you might not know it if you're fortunate enough to rent or own a place there. The methods of how cities hide homelessness are as creative as they are morally questionable.

What are some of the ways cities erase homeless people? Local governments might install spikes on the ground outside of buildings, or design garbage cans so that they can't be rummaged through. Some places go even further by banning charity organizations from feeding the homeless and arresting people for sleeping outside. Homeless individuals often adapt to these new circumstances, though many end up pushed to the very outskirts of society.

Are these policies humane? Take some time to consider how towns control homeless populations, and come to your own conclusions.

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<![CDATA[Here's Why Korea Became Two Different Countries]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/why-is-korea-divided-into-north-and-south/christopher-myers

Korea wasn't always divided into North and South like it is now. While today the differences between the two seem as distinct as night and day, just 75 years ago they were essentially the same nation. Why then, is Korea divided into two countries?

The history of North and South Korea is complicated. The country was split in two after WWII, but the story really goes back to a time long before that. The history of the Korean Peninsula is a tale of a small kingdom being pushed around by much larger powers again and again. The split between the North and the South is just the latest manifestation of that phenomenon.

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<![CDATA[Reasons Why We're Sure Jaime Lannister Is Going To Die Soon]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/rip-jaime-lannister/lisa-waugh Yep! You guessed it. SPOILERS.  
Will Jaime in Game of Thrones die soon? We’ve been having some feelings about it this season, more than other seasons. He’s been on one fool’s errand after another and it seems like he’s about to get some long overdue Stark justice in the form of the very sword he gave to Brienne. Or not.  

The whole Riverrun (Brynden "Blackfish" Tully is refusing to hand over the castle and bend the knee to the current king on the Iron Throne) situation seems rather distracting in a show that is coming to conclusions left and right, and with short remaining seasons on the horizon. If we see a character or a plot development at this point, chances are it has weight and meaning.  
The Tully stand-off with the Freys and Lannisters doesn’t seem like it’s about the Blackfish having a meet with Jaime—sieges are long and boring. And think about it: is whether Edmure Tully lives or dies all that important to GoT viewers? Nope, something is up. And it very well could mean Jaime is doing to die. Or we’re going to die a little bit on the inside from boredom if this siege thing doesn’t pay off.  
Who wants Jaime Lannister dead? Bran? Lady Stoneheart? Daenerys? The High Sparrow? All of those small folk who know that the current king is a bastard? People who blame him for putting Joffrey on the planet? Jaime may be on the road to redemption, but it’s riddled with enemies who would have no problem picking him off.  
How is Jaime Lannister going to die? Probably when he’s made his final atonement and things are looking up. Because that’s how it goes in this universe.

Reasons Why We]]>
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King of the Hill is one of the best adult animated shows that ran for 13 seasons from 1997 to 2009. It followed the everyday life of Hank Hill, a propane salesman, and the lives of his friends and family in Arlen, Texas. But you already knew that. You're here for the good stuff, like all of the crazy King of the Hill fan theories, weird facts, and things you never noticed about the show. Like how Hank isn't Bobby's father... 

Sure, there are plenty of awesome Hank and Bobby moments, but have you ever noticed that Bobby looks exactly like Bill? Or that he and Hank never seem to see eye to eye? What about that time Bill passed on his secret "family recipe?" The facts have been right in front of your face all along. Check out all the evidence that Hank is not Bobby's real father and vote up the best reasons! 

Hank Isn]]>
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A night for the rich and famous usually wraps at an exclusive after party, but for some naughty celebrities, it ends with getting arrested and going to jail. Instead of posing for glamour shots on the red carpet, these celebs smiled for mugshots before serving time for their crimes. News about a celebrity arrest can be shameful, but it's always interesting to know why these famous people got in trouble with the law. From drug possession to domestic abuse, the list of celebrity crimes in 2017 go on and on. Some of these 2017 lawbreakers can also be found on the list of celebrities arrested in 2016.

If you're curious about current celebrity events, especially news of a recent arrest, then look no further. This list of celebrities who were arrested in 2017 ranges from movie stars to music icons, so expect a diverse batch of criminal celebs. While many celebrities are able to avoid prison, some end up behind bars. However, these famous troublemakers still have good reputations even if their embarrassing celebrity arrest photos are trending online. 

Don't be the last one to find out about celebrity arrests that happened recently. This list of celebs who were arrested in 2017 is constantly being updated with the bad boys and girls of Hollywood even if they were arrested today. 

Celebrities Who Were Arrested in 2017]]>
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<![CDATA[Meet The Long-Eared Jerboa―Part Rabbit, Part Mouse, Part Kangaroo And 100% Majestic]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/long-eared-jerboa-facts/mariel-loveland

What do you get when you mix a mouse, a kangaroo, a monkey, a basset hound, and an antelope? You get a long-eared jerboa! No, they're not one of the weird crossbred animals - while these cute critters may look like a hodgepodge of other animals, but they're actually a real, living species. Not only are long-eared jerboas cute, but they're also fierce. After adapting to harsh environments like the Gobi and Sahara deserts, these jumping rodents manage to thrive.

However, did you know that you're the biggest threat to these adorable, angelic creatures? These long-eared jerboa facts will have you wishing you could put every single one of them in your pocket and bring them to safety. From jumping skills akin to Spiderman to having some of the largest ears in the animal kingdom, these adorable jerboa facts prove that these little creatures are more than just a cute rodent.

Meet The Long-Eared Jerboa―Part Rabbit, Part Mouse, Part Kangaroo And 100% Majestic]]>
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<![CDATA[Why Jaime Lannister Might Be The Linchpin To Peace With The White Walkers]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/jamie-is-azor-ahai-fan-theory/rebecca-shortall

There are a ton of theories swirling around the identity of Azor Ahai. Fans spend countless hours poring over the very specific criteria of the prophecy, obsessing over who might be The Prince Who Was Promised. The general consensus seems to be that Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow are tied for first place in the race to be the reborn Prince of Unspecified Gender. But, they are the more, shall we say, predictable choices. And when has Game of Thrones ever been predictable? This series loves a twist. One Redditor, byrd82, has been working on a pretty solid Game of Thrones theory that posits Jaime Lannister might be the Champion of Light.  

Byrd82 crunched the numbers, dug through the evidence, and came up with a pretty convincing argument that Jaime Lannister – Kingslaying, sister-loving, hand-losing Jaime Lannister – is, in fact, the oft-promised Prince who will single-handedly save the Seven Kingdoms.

There's a lot of evidence on the table, in fact, that suggests Jaime Lannister will forge a diplomatic peace with the White Walkers. At the end of this, you could come away thinking that Jaime Lannister is the hero of Game of Thrones. An unlikely one that shoved a child out of a tower window once, but a hero nonetheless. 

Why Jaime Lannister Might Be The Linchpin To Peace With The White Walkers]]>
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<![CDATA[Things That Happen In High School Teen Dramas That Never Happen In Real Life]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-unrealistic-things-in-teen-dramas/elle-tharp

Cheerleading squads, love triangles turned octagons, 30-year-old actors sporting backpacks: who doesn't love unrealistic high school TV shows? High school can be a pretty dramatic place in real life, but the writers of these teen shows have taken some (absurd) liberties for the sake of entertainment.

When it comes to unrealistic teen dramas set in high school, you have plenty of binge-worthy options to choose from. Want over-the-top depictions of massive, booze-drenched parties? Try The O.C. Do you love the catty remarks of HBICs? Put on an episode of Riverdale, where the razor-sharp banter is actually the most relatable aspect of the whole thing. And then there are the bizarre takes on school itself. Did anyone actually have constant free periods like the kids do on 13 Reasons Why?

While the hallways and lockers might have you feeling nostalgic for your own alma mater, some of the plotlines will make you laugh, because they're the least high school things on TV. From the cheesy to the weird, these tropes can be found in classic teen sitcoms and dramas as well as shows on the air today. Read on for the least realistic things in high school dramas. 

Things That Happen In High School Teen Dramas That Never Happen In Real Life]]>
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Viewers weren't exactly sure what they were watching when It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia aired its first season in 2005. Since it's debut, the show has bucked all trends when it comes to TV sitcoms - even when it comes to episode titles (the show's first episode is titled "The Gang Gets Racist"). But what started as a cult TV show with a tiny viewership has grown into one of the most loved TV series of all time that has been on air for 11 seasons and counting. 

Considering that It's Always Sunny has been on for 11 years, we've watched much of the cast grow from young 20-somethings to 30- and 40-somethings. Now we're taking a look back at what our favorite characters looked like in season one vs. what they look like at this point in the show. Why? Because it's fun! It's crazy to look at some of these side-by-side pictures and remember that there is an 11 year gap between them.

Fans have watched the cast of It's Always Sunny age throughout the show - from Mac's weight gain and weight loss to The Waitress's hair color change, to the real life actors all seemingly marrying each other (Day and Ellis are married to each other, as are Olson and McElhenney). 

It's time to check out how the cast of It's Always Sunny aged throughout the seasons - from first gang group date to last. 

How the Cast of It]]>
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<![CDATA[Humor In Animals: The Species That Can Laugh]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/animals-that-can-laugh/eric-vega

Anyone who has owned a pet understands that animals can have complex emotional lives. They feel sorrow, guilt, joy, and anger – and now scientists believe many animals even have a sense of humor. While researchers haven't really studied giggling animals in the past, new studies hope to answer the question of whether or not animals can laugh.

There are countless anecdotal stories of animals acting mischievously or appearing to double over with laughter, but is their data to back up these observations? There are many types of vocal responses that can be interpreted as animals laughing, though these phenomena are only observed in mammals and birds to date. The truth is, scientists don’t know much about the evolution of humor, but the little that is known suggests animals that laugh might be more common than anyone previously believed.

Time will tell whether laughter is the result of evolution or is an inherent part of all life, but the implications of animal giggles are potentially huge. Humans may not be the only creatures on earth that can appreciate a good chuckle.

Humor In Animals: The Species That Can Laugh]]>
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<![CDATA[The Rudest Celebrities In Hollywood, According To The Fans Who've Met Them]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/rudest-celebs-according-to-fans/carly-silver

Even the rich and famous get fed up sometimes. It's understandable that Hollywood stars get annoyed when paparazzi get in their faces, but you'd think they'd be a bit more patient when they have encounters with fans. Unfortunately, some of these famous people were apparently even jerks before they were famous. These are the rudest celebrities according to fans.

Fan stories about rude celebrities can be pretty shocking. Consider the case of A-list actor Christian Bale, who reportedly makes children start bawling. Musician Morrissey has nothing but ill wishes for people who send him fan mail, while heartthrobs like Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson seem to be new-generation nasty towards the adoring masses who made them famous.

Are the pressures of fame simply too much, or do these celebrities secretly hate their fans? Whatever the case, these terrible encounters with rude stars will make you gasp.

The Rudest Celebrities In Hollywood, According To The Fans Who]]>
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There isn't a whole lot of 1920s slang that's still in circulation in the 21st century. However, there are some pretty cool Roaring Twenties slang words that should be brought back into the vernacular, mostly because it's very entertaining. Some of the old '20s expressions are really good, or as they would say, "Really berries!" If Roaring Twenties slang was still in use after the turn of the 20th cenutry, business magnate Richard Branson would be considered an "egg," or someone who is very wealthy with a lavish lifestyle. Mariah Carey would be a "sheba," or a sexually desirable woman. And instead of eating a doughnut, you'd be eating a "sinker."

You have to admit, old '20s expressions are charming and bring you back to a time when flappers ruled the world and alcohol was prohibited. Check out some weird and offbeat slang from a bygone era below and vote up your favorite slang from the 1920s that people actually used. 

30+ Weird Slang Terms From The 20s That Prove Young People Have Always Been Dumb]]>
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<![CDATA[Weird North Korea Stories That Are 100% True]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/weird-north-korea-stories/mike-rothschild North Korean life is a combination of poverty, presentation, propaganda, and intense militarism. As such, weird stories about what the country does to make it look like an actual country - as opposed to a corrupt dictatorship - are everywhere. Every time North Korea does something bizarre, it reminds the world how fragile the country is - held together by a cult of personality, and shared delusions.

Strange and crazy North Korean stories involve everything from Chinese "fans" hired to cheer for their World Cup team, to the lengths they go to to prove that they are the superior Korea, and incredibly graphic murals and propaganda children are exposed to. Ironically, Americans are also shown this same material, and can admire the unfinished luxury hotel in the country's capital, surf English-language homepage of the nation, and go to museums full of atrocities committed by Americans.

Here are some of the strangest things about North Korea - facts that go beyond the poverty and backwards nature of the people, to show how surreal a place it really is.

Weird North Korea Stories That Are 100% True]]>
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<![CDATA[The Coolest Facts You Didn't Know About Instagram]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/instagram-facts/jordan-love Before we had Instagram, Facebook dominated the social media landscape. Then, when Instagram was looking like it could be the next big thing, Facebook went ahead and bought the company for a cool $1 billion. That was back in 2012. Now, Instagram is on top of the world as one of the most popular social networking sites around.

Even if you're on Instagram everyday like a lot of people, chances are that you don't know everything about the site. From the most liked picture to how much some of the top users get paid per post, there's a near endless supply of Instagram facts out there. 

While Twitter seems to be losing steam, Instagram is only getting more and more popular. Some of the most popular celebrity accounts get more new followers in an hour than most of us will in a year. Instagram isn't just interesting on the surface, though. There are loads of interesting Instagram statistics that demonstrate just how popular and influential the photo-sharing platform really is.

There are so many cool things about Instagram that it's hard to even know where to start. Thanks to this list, next time you're trying to explain the popularity of Instagram to your grandparents, you'll know all the important facts and numbers behind the social media giant.

The Coolest Facts You Didn]]>
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<![CDATA[24 Bats That Are Adorable Enough To Cure Your Fear Of Bats]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/cute-bat-pictures/ashley-reign

If you ever feared bats as blood-sucking night lurkers, then strap on your seatbelt and prepare for these photos of adorable bats who just want to change your mind. Don't get it twisted, bats are bada**, but these cute bat pictures show off a softer side to these incredible mammals. As far as the whole blood-sucker stereotype goes, rest assured that out of the 1,100 species of bats in the world, only three species of “vampire bats” actually have any desire to live off the blood of other animals and none of them live in the United States. In fact most bats prefer a good fruit or nectar to going all Dracula on you any day.

And when they're young baby animals, bats just want to cuddle and play like any other kitten or hamster. Many of the sky babies in the cute bat pictures below also love a good chow on insects, eating up to 1,200 mosquitoes in an hour. Forget the bug spray, just get yourself a little sky pup like one of these guys!


24 Bats That Are Adorable Enough To Cure Your Fear Of Bats]]>
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<![CDATA[The Most Realistic Threats Posed by Artificial Intelligence]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/artificial-intelligence-threats-to-humans/rylee_en

These days, the internet abounds with theories about the potential threats posed by artificial intelligence (AI). Movies set in frightening dystopian futures where humans wage war against their dictatorial robot overlords fill theaters. People debate the potential dates and theoretical causes of the Singularity in the comments sections and on major conference stages. But what bad things do those in the know (scientists, technological wizards, and Silicon Valley investors) think AI is really capable of?

This list brings together some of the most widespread theories about the possible threats posed by AI. Sure, the Singularity is something to be concerned about, but have you ever considered that the next major military race might be driven by developing AI for the battlefield? Or that your job might become redundant because of AI? Or, for that matter, that a benevolent AI might destroy all that stands between it and its created function? If these questions interest you, read on to get the scientific thoughts on the negative effects of artificial intelligence!

The Most Realistic Threats Posed by Artificial Intelligence]]>
Fri, 23 Sep 2016 06:17:56 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/artificial-intelligence-threats-to-humans/rylee_en
<![CDATA[The Newest Episode Of Game Of Thrones Was Epic, And Twitter Freaked Out]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/twitter-reactions-game-of-thrones-season-7-episode-3/chwang

Warning: this list contains spoilers.

Season 7 of Game of Thrones is well underway, with (sadly) only four episodes left. Episode 3 was filled with some epic moments, from the long-awaited meeting of fire and ice, to a badass character death. Though Olenna will be joining the list of GoT characters you miss the most, her savage exit will not soon be forgotten. And let's not forget how Cersei orchestrated a vicious end for Ellaria Sand and her only remaining daughter in vengeful memory of Myrcella.  

The third episode of the season was also filled with some of the funniest lines. From Sam's simple response to how he performed a difficult medical procedure to Tyrion's comments on the brooding Jon Snow, the 63 minutes in George R. R. Martin's fantastical world were amazing. Gathered here is a roundup of the best Twitter reactions to Season 7, Episode 3, of GoT. From the hilarious to the heartwarming, re-live the greatest moments from the episode and vote up the best tweets. 

The Newest Episode Of Game Of Thrones Was Epic, And Twitter Freaked Out]]>
Mon, 31 Jul 2017 04:56:43 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/twitter-reactions-game-of-thrones-season-7-episode-3/chwang
<![CDATA[8 Times the Olympics Ruined the Economies of Host Cities]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/economics-of-the-olympics/kellen-perry

In a 2014 editorial in The Washington Post on the economics of the Olympics, Steve Blakely wrote, "Olympics typically lose money at taxpayer expense and leave no long-term economic benefits." Blakely is not alone in this thinking. Writing on the effects of the Olympics on host cities, Binyamin Appelbaum came to the conclusion that "there is strikingly little evidence that such events increase tourism or draw new investment. Spending lavishly on a short-lived event is, economically speaking, a dubious long-term strategy." There are exceptions: Los Angeles in '84 and Barcelona in '92 were both profitable Olympic games that boosted the local economy.

But sometimes, Olympic host city economic issues can be downright disastrous. Billions of dollars in debt passed on to taxpayers, recessions, squatters in Olympic Villages, so-called "white elephant" stadiums left crumbling, and much, much worse. It happens more than you might think. Read on for some of the worst all-time examples of economic issues following Olympic games and learn about the 
effects of the Olympics on host cities.

8 Times the Olympics Ruined the Economies of Host Cities]]>
Wed, 13 Jul 2016 04:48:36 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/economics-of-the-olympics/kellen-perry
<![CDATA[Amazing Things People Actually Built Inside Minecraft]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/awesome-stuff-built-in-minecraft/nathan-gibson

Minecraft was first released in 2011 and, since then, it has become one of the most addictive games of all time. It attracts millions of regular players and has been ported to almost every single platform available. While the game does have other elements, its awesome sandbox capabilities has resulted in huge popularity because its creative aspects allow people to build practically anything they want. With such a large fanbase, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to learn that players have been able to create amazing Minecraft constructions over the past few years.

Despite a few creepy things in Minecraft, the game has birthed some awe-inspiring things. These range from crazy Minecraft projects that see entire teams working together to build enormous structures or just one-man operations that are able to produce truly amazing things no one would have believed is possible. Some of the cool stuff that people built in Minecraft will definitely take you by surprise. After all, you probably would never expected players to create working computers or game emulators with the title. Check out the most elaborate things people have made in Minecraft and vote up the best ones. 

Amazing Things People Actually Built Inside Minecraft]]>
Fri, 21 Jul 2017 04:24:55 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/awesome-stuff-built-in-minecraft/nathan-gibson
<![CDATA[Movies with the Most Hardcore Women]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/movies-with-the-most-kick-ass-women/ranker-film

The movies with the most kick-ass women rank among the greatest action movies of all time along with some of the best sci-fi films ever, mostly because the badass female characters in these movies really know how to bring on the pain. Falling primarily in the action and sci-fi genres, these movies with badass women put the heroines in unfathomable situations they have to kick, punch, blow up, and shoot their way out of. While many would argue that women don't get enough powerful roles in modern movies, don't tell that to these badass female movie characters! 

These are not women you'd want to come face to face with in a dark alley. Shoot, Kill Bill has at least six women you wouldn't want to have to face even if the odds were about 20-1 in your favor. These hard hitting female characters are the stuff that movie legends are made of; the kick-ass films you hear about years down the road (assuming you don't cross the hardcore female characters' paths and get yourself killed). The best part? Behind each of these strong women characters is a badass actress–a real human who is kicking down doors and taking names. 

What movies have women who kick butt? What are the films with kick-ass women? This movies with hardcore women list has a whole mess of actresses who kick ass. Your ass if you're not careful. If your favorite film with badass women isn't on the list, make sure to add it so other fans of movies with killer women can check out new ways to get beat up by a girl.
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<![CDATA[24 Transgender Historical Figures]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/transgender-people-in-history/devon-ashby There have always been plenty of gay and lesbian historical figures, but transgender history can be a little bit trickier to pin down. This is partly because the gender binary is so slippery to begin with. Are there any transgender historical figures? How do we even determine, in some cases, if a person from history was really transgender or not? If a person from history had sexual or romantic relationships with people of the same sex, then we know that person was probably lesbian, gay, or bisexual. Gender expression can take more subtle forms, though, and those forms are often influenced by cultural norms and assumptions about what it means to be masculine or feminine. In Western culture, it has not been uncommon for celebrities and public figures who express their gender in unusual ways to be misunderstood, dismissed as mentally ill, or otherwise marginalized.

Below is a list of transgender historical figures from throughout LGBT history - people who were assigned one gender at birth, and lived their lives (or parts of their lives) conforming to a different one. Some of them were openly transgender, some were genderfluid or nonbinary, and several kept their trans identities secret, sometimes for their entire lives. A few of these famous transgender people in history are open to speculation, and in some cases, these people lived so long ago, in times and places where gender was understood so differently, that we may never know for sure whether they were truly "transgender" or not.

It's definitely clear, though, that gender dysphoria and radical gender variance aren't just new phenomena being embraced by trendy teenagers. Transgender and non-binary identities have been around for awhile, even in cultures like America today, where they've historically been considered abnormal, and sometimes unacceptable.
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The person you sit next to on a long plane flight significantly affects your traveling experience. Sitting next to a crying baby, a talkative creep, or even an armrest hog all contribute to the grueling ordeal of flying, but on the flipside, a courteous, fascinating seat-buddy can make the experience not only painless, but enjoyable. For those who want to fantasize about their perfect plane buddy, this list is for you. Choose the famous people you want to sit next to on a plane for those long flights, and add those you don't see here. 

When it comes to ideal celeb seatmates on a flight, do you prefer down-to-earth celebrities like Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence? If you're looking for enlightenment, how about a universally loved celebrity like Tom Hanks or Morgan Freeman? Maybe a laugh from Dave Chappelle or Ellen DeGeneres? At least, sitting next to them, you may find out what the deal is with airline food.

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<![CDATA[The Best Picnic Foods]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-picnic-foods/ranker-food The best picnic foods are those classic and tasty main courses, side dishes, beverages and desserts that are good bets to take to an outdoor meal at the local park or at the beach. Because there is not always a cooking source like a grill available at a picnic, all of these picnic food ideas can be prepared ahead of time and packed for a lovely gathering with family or friends.

As gathering for picnics is a classic American pastime, the best picnic foods are just that as well. Traditional American foods like fried chicken, apple pie and lemonade or iced tea are staples of picnic menus across the country. But great picnic foods don't stop there. As a main course, sandwiches or subs are another favorite for their portability and ease of eating without utensils.

But no picnic would be complete without side dishes and other finger foods. Choices like potato salad, deviled eggs, cole slaw, pasta salad and chips are common items at picnics. Many also like to serve fresh vegetables, cheese and bean salads. For beverages, kids can enjoy fruit punch while the adults can partake (responsibly of course) on wine and beer. Don't forget dessert with popular favorites like cookies, brownies and cupcakes all typical for great picnic menus, not to mention some of the most delicious foods in the world.

So when you're packing up the cooler and the kids for an afternoon picnic, what are you cooking? Vote for your favorite picnic foods, add those not listed or re-rank this list of the best picnic foods! If you're picnicking with a barbecue, check out the best foods on a BBQ for more inspiration.
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<![CDATA[24 Times Opossums Nailed The Art Of Being Adorable]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/cute-possum-photos/ashley-reign

Instead of caving to the media's portrayal of possums as terrifying rat-like trash burglars, let this collection of adorable possum pictures change your mind on these adorable marsupials. Although possums get a bad rap as disease-carrying night lurkers, their incredibly strong immune systems leave them mostly immune to rabies. The cute possums of the world may carry their young around with them, but they are not carrying disease. In fact, not only are they eight times less likely to carry the disease than wild dogs, possums generally enjoy partial or total immunity to snake venom, even from rattlesnakes and cottonmouths. They may also be a bit sharper than you think, as they’ve been proven to be better at remembering the location of hidden food than rats, rabbits, cats, and dogs.

Furthermore, the lovable possum photos below show their friendliness around humans when raised in proper situations. If you look closely at these cute pictures of possums, you'll realize they really enjoy play, and not the "dead" kind.

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One of Game of Thrones' most endearing qualities lies in the many different analogies it draws between the real world and that of Westeros. The various Houses of the Seven Kingdoms and those who serve under them resemble feudal systems of times past, making Game of Thrones fan art inspired by feudal Japan a perfect fit. Artist Seiji took it upon himself to explore this fascinating parallel with woodblock-inspired interpretations of Game of Thrones reenvisioned in feudal Japan. Westeros' own feudal systems, combined with many strict codes of honor and a reverence for dragons, matches up quite well with ancient Japan's own beliefs and inner-workings.

The images below include some of Game of Thrones' classic scenes, both happy and sad. Much more "historically" accurate than Game of Thrones characters in '90s fashion, these woodblock scenes tell this now timeless story through an entirely new perspective. As a warning, many of these woodblocks contain SPOILERS, so proceed with caution. 

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