Featured List on Ranker http://ranker.com The Top Staff Favorites on Ranker http://ranker.com/img/skin2/logo.gif Most Viewed Lists on Ranker http://www.ranker.com Top Ranking lists, Most Popular Lists, Most Visited Lists <![CDATA[Best Futurama Episodes of All Time]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-futurama-episodes/reference List of the best Futurama episodes, as determined by voters like you. The creation of Simpson's genius Matt Groening, Futurama is easily one of the most beloved TV series of all time. With all the amazing episodes of the show that exist, it's hard to trust just one person's opinion of what the top episodes of all time are. Fans of Futurama are very passionate about the show, and there are often debates over which episodes are the greatest. That's why this list exists- so you can vote for your favorites and we can find out once and for all what everyone thinks the best episode is.

List ranges from The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings to Jurassic Bark, plus much more. Not satisfied with the order of the poll? Then bite our shiny metal ass and make your own version of this list by clicking the "Rerank List" button.
Best Futurama Episodes of All Time]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Spectator Sports]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-spectator-sports/sports-lists The best spectator sports are the ones that are not only the sports that are fun to play, but the sports that are thrilling to watch. Whether you're seeing the best teams in the league or the worst teams ever to play a game, there's a certain spectacle that goes along with watching live sports that makes the spectator sports experience worth every moment. The top spectator sports include NFL football, MLB baseball, and NBA basketball though those are just a few of the greatest spectator sports.

There is an electricity to the crowd at sporting events and being in a team's stadium to watch sports action unfold live isn't the only reason a sport becomes a top spectator sport. In fact, some of the best stadiums are themselves a reason to watch a sport. Some people think the best thing about spectator sports is the concessions. Others think the greatest spectator sports are ones where there's a chance the competitors could get hurt. Sometimes being a part of the best sports franchises makes a spectator sport the best sport for fans to watch. Whatever

What are the greatest spectator sports? What are the best sports to watch live? Which sports are the best to see in person? Are some sports more exciting to watch at the stadium? There are dozens of reasons to watch sports and this list is just a way to approach the question of what's the best sport to watch. If you don't see your favorite spectator sport on the list, be sure to add it and being it to the attention of other sports fans who might vote it to the #1 position as the greatest spectator sport.
The Best Spectator Sports]]>
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<![CDATA[The Most Adorable Animal Parenting Moments]]> http://ranker.com/list/cute-animal-parents-babies/bunny-brinkman The cutest moments in animal parenting history involve mothers and fathers and their littly bitty mini-mes, out in the world doing things families do. Lions, tigers, and bears aren't the only creatures carving their places in the world. Whether teaching to walk, swim, fly, hunt, or just keep watch for danger, these protective parents are all about keeping their young safe so they will one day be big, strong, and vigilant, just like them. Vote up for the most adorable animal mother and baby pics – but don't get too close. Even the tiny ones want to eat you.
The Most Adorable Animal Parenting Moments]]>
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<![CDATA[42 Celebrities Who Had Secret Weddings]]> http://ranker.com/list/celebrities-who-had-secret-weddings/celebrity-insider What celebrities have had secret weddings? Pulling off a wedding in secret if you are an A-list celebrity is no easy feat. These are people, remember, who are literally stalked by the paparazzi virtually 24/7. Once the press gets wind of an engagement, the Great Wedding Watch begins. Some clever couples have managed to shock the world with their top secret nuptials.

Secretly married celebrities include some of the biggest names in film, television and music. Examples, you say? In 2008, two of the greatest musical minds came together in wedded bliss when Jay-Z married Beyonce, in secret. Months later, the world got its first glimpse of Bey's stunning wedding ring! And in June of 2010, Hollywood hottie Megan Fox married longtime boyfriend Brian Austin Greene in a secret ceremony in Hawaii.

Some celebrities seem particularly adept at pulling off top-secret weddings. Case in point: Actor Ryan Reynolds secretly married Scarlett Johansson in 2008 in a remote part of Canada. Years later, Reynolds again married in secret, this time to starlet Blake Lively, in a quite ceremony in South Carolina. Their wedding was certainly among the biggest of 2012.

In case you were wondering, not all of the couples with secret weddings stay together forever. Some celebs will or have wound up on lists of celebrity breakups. That's not entirely surprising, now is it? That being said, it is possible that many of the famous couples listed here will see their relationships stand the test of time. They might even make a list of the longest lasting celebrity marriages some day!

For some recent celebrity nuptials, secret and otherwise, check out this list of 2013's famous marriages.
42 Celebrities Who Had Secret Weddings]]>
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<![CDATA[Bucket List for Couples]]> http://ranker.com/list/bucket-list-for-couples/dani-porter Bucket list for couples: a list of things that all couples should do together when they are getting to know each other and are falling in love. You can do the things on this relationship bucket list at every stage of the relationship. When you are just getting to know each other, or even if you have been together for a long time. If you are wondering how to feel closer to your significant other--take a look at this couple's bucket list. A lot of bonding is created by experiencing new and exciting things together. 
So what are some must-do things for couples to do together? What should be on every couple's bucket list? If you are looking for nice things to do for your girlfriend or cute things to do for your husband, check out this to-do list for couples. Add anything that you think should be on this ultimate bucket list and upvote your favorites. 

You may also be interested in this: Bucket List for Teenagers.

Bucket List for Couples]]>
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<![CDATA[52 Celebrities Who Have Written Children's Books]]> http://ranker.com/list/celebrities-who-have-written-childrens-books/celebrity-lists List of Celebrities Who Have Written Childrens Books ranked by fame and popularity. Many celebrities have taken pen to paper to write popular kids books. Some celebs make their stories autobiographical, while others have wild imaginations. Either way, kids books written by famous people can be enjoyable for the entire family.

Who is the most famous person who has written childrens books? Madonna tops our list. The Material Girl has written five books for kids. Each book is wonderfully illustrated and tells stories that teach kids how to deal with various situations that they will experience at school or on the playground. Other musicians who have written kids books include Will Smith, Bob Dylan and Sting.

Several comedians have also written childrens books. Jerry Seinfeld wrote the book “Halloween” which covers all of the fun of the holiday, from picking out a costume to going trick-or-treating. Ricky Gervais penned the popular “Flanimals” series and Jeff Foxworthy has written several books for kids and adults. “The Jerk” star Steve Martin and “When Harry Met Sally” actor Billy Crystal have also written childrens books.

Why do you think so many famous people decide to write kids books? Share your thoughts in the comments section.
52 Celebrities Who Have Written Children]]>
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<![CDATA[Top Must-Read Books of All-Time]]> http://ranker.com/crowdranked-list/20-must-read-books A list of the best must-read books of all time, suitable for every one of all ages, creeds and color. These are the novels, autobiographies, and short books that you should consider when you ask yourself, "What book should I read next?" If you somehow made it through school without reading the classic - or you're still in school - be sure to check them out to expand your literary horizons.

An eclectic mix that does not cater solely to the sensibilities of the literati, culturati, illuminati or even paparazzi. With some hidden gems in here, it's a great list to consider when looking for something to read next.  

"Tell me what you read and I'll tell you who you are" is true enough, but I'd know you better if you told me what you reread' - François Mauriac. Give fellow voters the best tips you can on the top books of all time that they must read by voting on your personal favorites and downvoting those you didn't enjoy.

Top Must-Read Books of All-Time]]>
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<![CDATA[Most Anticipated TV Shows Fall 2014]]> http://ranker.com/list/most-anticipated-tv-shows-fall-2014/ranker-tv List of all new TV shows premiering in Fall 2014. TV programs this season will see the return of acclaimed actors Matthew Perry (Odd People), Octavia Spencer (Red Band Society), David Tenant & Anna Gunn (Gracepoint) and Katherine Heigl (State of Affairs) to the small screen. Comic book fans eagerly await the premiere of Gotham. The Batman prequel takes a closer look at the early origins of the caped crusader and stars Donal Logue, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Ben McKenzie. There are also plenty of primetime comedies and dramas in store featuring TV favorites such as Thomas Lennon (Odd People), Casey Wilson (Marry Me), Kate Walsh (Bad Judge) and Harold Perrineau (Constantine).

Reality programs continue to blend competition, human drama and inspirational stories, from the dreamers tasked with building the ideal society on Utopia, and drama looks to reign supreme with shows like Forever and How To Get Away With Murder. The 2014 Fall TV season truly has something for everyone. Which series are you most looking forward to watching? The list below includes the most buzzed about sitcoms, dramas, reality and game shows. Vote for the programs you plan to watch this fall to move them to the top of the list.

Most Anticipated TV Shows Fall 2014]]>
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<![CDATA[Ways to Make Sure You Die Happy]]> http://ranker.com/list/ways-to-make-sure-you-die-happy/lauren-slocum Live life to the fullest–Learn how to find fulfillment in your days and in the end, die happy. Been feeling bogged down by your career? Or have you been trying to get away from that toxic friendship with no success? We've all come to that point in life when we feel the need to seek some living tips on how to enrich the quality of daily life.

From the monumental to the seemingly small decisions, the way we approach our individual paths affects both our long and short-term quality of life. Life is a gift, and the way we live it is a choice. If you’re looking for the best mantras for eternal contentment, or even just some tips on being happy, give these ideas a read and start taking control of your own destiny!

Ways to Make Sure You Die Happy]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Shows That Were Canceled in 2014]]> http://ranker.com/list/2014-and-_39_s-canceled-shows/ranker-tv This list of 2014's canceled shows will include all major television programs that get the ax over the course of the year on any network, including cable TV. Which shows will survive and which will be yanked? These days, networks act fast: If a show isn't performing ratings-wise, network execs don't hesitate to cancel it, sometimes after just one or two episodes. Producing programs is an expensive business, and the competition for ratings is fierce. Many networks just decide to cut their losses early, before things get totally out of hand.

Which TV shows got canceled in 2014? Expect this list to grow greatly as the season unfolds. Already, in January of 2014, NBC pulled the plug on the Sean Hayes sitcom "Sean Saves the World," stopping production even though it had committed to five additional episodes. The year began as a perilous one for comedies (most of which were not on this list of the best current TV sitcoms, by the way). HBO decided to nix two of its new comedies, "Hello Ladies" and "Family Tree," after just one season each. Dramas were also on the block, with ABC yanking the spy miniseries "The Assets" after just two episodes aired (the show was supposed to be an eight-parter).

So, take a look at this list, vote up the shows you loved the most, and will miss the most, and vote down any that you absolutely agree needed to be canceled. Just remember: For every show canceled, at least one, or possibly five more, will grow in its place. Don't lose hope, because new TV shows in 2014 do look promising. Check out this list of the new TV trailers for 2014. See? Hope springs eternal!
The Best Shows That Were Canceled in 2014]]>
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<![CDATA[The Worst Songs of the 80s]]> http://ranker.com/list/worst-songs-of-the-80s/ranker-music The absolute worst songs from the 1980s, voted on by the Ranker community. The '80 were known for lots of "worst" things: big bangs, acid-wash jeans, leg warmers, and music. The '80s were a compilation of some of the best and some of the worst music of all time, and unfortunately for our ears, the bad stuff is pretty bad. But thankfully, that's what this list is for! 
Even though some of these bands were wildly successful in the '80s, that doesn't mean they're music is torture to our ears. What are the worst songs from the '80s? That's up for you to decide. This list is votable and re-rankable, so upvote which songs you think are the absolute worst, and downvote the ones you like a little more. Don't see a song that may deserve top billing on this list? Be sure to add it.
The Worst Songs of the 80s]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Websites to Waste Your Time On]]> http://ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-websites-to-waste-your-time-on What are the best websites to waste your time on? Let's face it, the more advanced we become, technologically, the less productive we seem to become. It's all too easy to get sucked into a website and wind up with hours of your life missing. That's what this list is about: The websites listed here make it super easy to waste time in a really entertaining way. These are the best time wasting websites.

From reading interesting facts blogs to catching up with friends on the best social networking sites, we proudly waste our time on these sites. Feel free to rerank this list in any order you want, with any additions you want!Some of the websites listed here frequently top lists of the best overall websites for various years. They are notorious time suckers, but we love them no matter what. Need proof? What, exactly, are you doing right this moment? You are spending some time thinking about ranking and re-ranking an awesome list on... Ranker. It's an excellent way to spend your valuable time.

And after you're done with this list, you're totally going to check out this list of 20 pictures that prove you have a dirty mind. And so on, and so on...
The Best Websites to Waste Your Time On]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Augmented Reality Apps]]> http://ranker.com/list/augmented-reality-apps/devon-ashby If you're one of the cool kids, you've probably heard talk on the Internet about "augmented reality." But exactly what is augmented reality? The best augmented reality apps use your iPad or smartphone to read information about your environment, then put it together with information the program generates, thereby digitally "augmenting" your real interaction with the physical world. Which augmented reality apps should you download?

A ton of cool augmented reality apps are available for your iPhone or smartphone – some are games, some can help you find where you parked your car or locate a good restaurant in a strange neighborhood, and some are just weird and fun. Here are just a few of the strangest, silliest, and greatest augmented reality apps out there.
The Best Augmented Reality Apps]]>
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<![CDATA[The Scariest Movies Set in Schools]]> http://ranker.com/list/scariest-movies-set-in-schools/ranker-horror What is it about a scary school movie that appeals to movie goers? What is it about the thought of a killer psychopath on the hunt for human lives that makes our adrenaline go up and leaves us asking for more? This list features the absolute scariest movies set in a school, ranked by users and movie lovers as the absolute scariest.

Who doesn’t shudder (and laugh in between) at the thought of a ruthless, brutal killer messing with a bunch of high school students? And who doesn’t love the mystery of feeling like you can trust your closest friends, only to find that they are secretly planning on killing you? There are many, but what are the scariest movies set in a school?
This list has the scariest movies set in schools, including: Scream, Urban Legend, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Carrie, The Craft, and Faculty. Vote up your favorite scary school movie below, or add one you love that isn't already on the list.
The Scariest Movies Set in Schools]]>
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<![CDATA[The Worst Beatles Songs]]> http://ranker.com/list/worst-beatles-songs/ranker-music Even the most award-winning, generation-changing, and absolute best bands in history turn out bad songs every now and then, and the Beatles are no different. This is a crowdranked list, featuring the worst of the worst of the Beatles.
What's the absolute worst song that the Beatles made? That's up for you to decide. This list is votable and rerankable, so go through and listen to these songs so you can make the most knowledgeable votes. Don't see a song that deserves top billing on this list? Feel free to add it, and enjoy... or don't. 
The Worst Beatles Songs]]>
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<![CDATA[The Strongest Animals in the World]]> http://ranker.com/list/strongest-animals-in-the-world/ranker-science

Animals of all shapes and sizes have different kinds of strengths. Deciding which animals are the strongest really depends on how you define strength. Do you define strength as the sheer power of an animal, how much they can carry pound-for-pound, or the strength of their bite? This list includes land mammals, marine animals, and insects, all of which are ridiculously strong, in one way or another.

Some animals can carry large amounts of weight, up to several times their own body mass, while others have really strong and ferocious bites. Do you think you know what the strongest animal is? You might be shocked to find out that some of the smallest animals are actually the strongest pound-for-pound.

The top two strongest living things are beetles (yes—beetles!) and the strongest mammal is a gorilla. Which other animals are the strongest on Earth? Take a look at this list, and consider which creatures you would not want to go head to head with.

The Strongest Animals in the World]]>
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<![CDATA[The Most Memorable TV Host Farewells]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-tv-host-farewells/ranker-tv The best final episodes of talk shows, farewells and finales from some of the all-time greatest late night talk show hosts, news shows and daytime television talk shows. With Jay Leno's heartfelt goodbye on February 6, 2014 from the Tonight Show, it's a good time to remember and re-watch the finale episodes of the most popular former talk show hosts. This list is ranked according to the legacy of these TV hosts and which one put on the last final show. 

Whether these shows were canceled due to ratings (Tom Snyder), lack of advertisers (Politically Incorrect), changes in the network (The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien) or because it was time to retire (Johnny Carson) the final episode can be tough for a TV talk show host or news anchor. Hosts, especially those who have been on air for a long time, become a big part of American households. When it is time to say goodbye, they often leave with a departing message of gratitude or thanks. Sometimes they even cry!

Which one of these last episodes of famous talk shows do you remember loving the most? Vote for your favorite TV host farewell and add any video clips that should be on this list. 

See also: The Best Today Show Hosts, Famous Male Talk Show Hosts and Famous Female Talk Show Hosts
The Most Memorable TV Host Farewells]]>
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<![CDATA[31 Celebrities Doing The Ice Bucket Challenge]]> http://ranker.com/list/celebrities-doing-the-ice-bucket-challenge/chris-abraham If you haven't seen a video of someone doing the ice bucket challenge, then you probably don't have a Facebook account. The trend is taking the country by storm, challenging people to either donate $100 to ALS research (Lou Gherig's Disease) or dump ice water on their head. Although most of the people doing it are regular joes, there have been a handful of celebrities who have risen up and taken the challenge as well. This list showcases the most prominent ones, and includes videos so you can watch famous people getting drenched with icey cold water.
31 Celebrities Doing The Ice Bucket Challenge]]>
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<![CDATA[Rank Your Favorite Bachelor of All Time]]> http://ranker.com/list/rank-your-favorite-bachelor-of-all-time/wetpaint With Season 18 of The Bachelor winding down, we thought it would be fun to rank all the men who have had to juggle the advances of dozens of women. Who do you like best from each season of The Bachelor?
Rank Your Favorite Bachelor of All Time]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Cheese for a Grilled Cheese Sandwich]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-cheese-for-grilled-cheese-sandwich/ranker-food What's better than a grilled cheese just the way you like it? Buttered bread, maybe a little bacon, throw an avocado on there... Or plain? Fine, we'll take plain, too. The most important ingredient is the cheese. The grilled cheese sandwich is one of the best comfort foods, and it seems like every family does it a little bit differently. Around here, we're partial to plain ol' American Kraft Singles, but we've also dabbled in Swiss, Provolone, and even Havarti. What else is your favorite cheese? A sharp cheddar? A creamy brie? On white bread, sourdough, rye, or wheat, some with mustard, a pickle on the side, tomato soup to dip it in... We're getting hungry. Vote for your favorites, the best cheeses for grilled cheese sandwiches, and vote down the ones that just don't melt right. Or vote up all of them, because they're probably all pretty tasty.
The Best Cheese for a Grilled Cheese Sandwich]]>
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<![CDATA[Things You Miss Most About College]]> http://ranker.com/list/things-you-will-miss-most-about-college/dani-porter List of things you will miss most after college; or, if you have already graduated, things you miss most about college. The best parts about going to college and reasons why University is the best time of your life. While college is different for everyone, there are some fundamental similarities: everyone is mostly broke, optimistic, open to new experiences and willing to try new things. Many people think that living in a community of people who share the same values and hopes as you is the thing you will miss most about college. Others will mostly miss the hot girls (or guys), parties and opportunities to take a vacation every few months.

What will you miss about college? How do you make the most of your time in college? The answer just may be to realize all of the great things that you have before you graduate and take advantage of them. Does life after college suck? If you keep dwelling on the past, sometimes it can feel that way. But remember once you graduate you still have a lot of learning to do. (You can start with brushing up on these Things You Should Know How to Do Before You Turn 30)

Things You Miss Most About College]]>
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<![CDATA[Celebrities With Ranky]]> http://ranker.com/list/celebrities-with-ranky/ranky You guys know me? I'm Ranky, the official mascot here at Ranker.com. Still nothing? Well, you may not know me yet, but there are plenty of awesome people out there who do. You know the people I'm talking about: Tom Lennon, aka Lt. Dangle from "Reno! 9-1-1", MMA fighter Randy Couture, and even "RuPaul's Drag Race" season 6 winner Bianca Del Rio. Yeah, I hang out with some wicked cool peeps. As far as I'm concerned, the more the merrier when it comes to meeting new people, so you'll see me with quite a few folks here in my celebrity photo album.

Feel free to vote for your favorites shots of me and my celeb friends and remember: Ranky doesn't have a bad side. 
Celebrities With Ranky]]>
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<![CDATA[Celebrity Breakups 2014]]> http://ranker.com/list/celebrity-breakups-2014/celebrity-events Celebrity breakups in 2014 will no doubt include some of the most famous couples ever, along with some of the newer hookups. There's always a variety. This is Hollywood, after all, so it's not out of the question to expect celebrity splits. Some couples will call things off after years together, and others will call it quits after a matter of days (or even hours). This list includes all of the most notable celeb break ups of 2014– the amicable and the ugly!

2013's biggest celebrity breakups included at least two Kardashians (Khloe and momager Kris Jenner), several teen heartthrobs (Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, again, and Taylor Swift and Harry Styles), at least one super wild child and her hot Hollywood hunk (Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth) and of course, George Clooney, who split from Stacy Keibler after two years (which seems to be his expiration date for relationships).

Who will be the most talked about, headline-grabbing celebrity break up of 2014? That remains to be seen, but rest assured, all of the biggest and worst splits will be listed here. These celebs may be world famous, but all the money in the world can't buy true love, after all.

Celebrity Breakups 2014]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Pivots in Internet History]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-pivots-in-internet-history/ready-to-startup The best pivots in Internet history tell the tales of the tech startups who began their journey to the top as one type of company then made a drastic change for the better. It's hard to think about a world without Internet giants like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but without their well-timed pivots, they'd be much different from the companies we know today.

It may not be common knowledge, but many of the websites, social networks and online services that we all use daily almost never happened. Before logging into your Facebook account first thing in the morning, think about what might have been if the company remained a site to pick which of two faces were hottest. Imagine how you'd discover viral videos and listen to your favorite music had YouTube remained a video dating site. Try to comprehend how you'd get your news and hear when your coworker checked into Starbucks on Foursquare had the founders of Twitter stuck to their original idea of a home for podcasts.

It's hard to believe that all of these successful companies came from pivots but more companies than most would expect actually came as a second attempt. Before pioneering mobile phones Nokia produced everything from rubber boots to chemicals. Decades before becoming a leader in gaming Nintendo had ill-advised attempts at producing playing cards, operating a taxi service and even ran adult hotels first.

For startups, knowing when to pivot is perhaps one of the trickiest and most emotional parts of the job but as these successful Internet companies have proved, sometimes when things aren't going so well, changing course can be the key between becoming second fiddle to Foursquare, like the original version of Instagram, to becoming a property swooped up for a billion dollars, like the highly successful photo sharing platform that Instagram became.

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The Best Pivots in Internet History]]>
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<![CDATA[2014 Emmys Red Carpet Worst Dressed]]> http://ranker.com/list/2014-emmys-red-carpet-worst-dressed/fashionbaby The 2014 Emmys red carpet worst dressed are those actors, actresses and other top folks in Hollywood who made a statement with their choice of red carpet fashion at the 2014 Emmy Awards, but did so not necessarily in a good way. These celebs might be bringing home awards for their stellar acting performances, but on Emmy 2014 night, they are not taking home any statues for their dreadful wardrobe choices. Want to see some better looks instead? Check out the 2014 Emmys best dressed too!

As much as we love these actresses for their talent, their charm and their beauty, on Emmy night 2014, they looked like a hot mess. Lena Dunham, we're looking at you. It's one thing to take a risk and go against the grain, but careful there.

Thankfully for Lena, she was far from the only actress who made an unfortunate fashion choice for the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards, which took place on Monday, August 25, 2014, at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Sarah Paulson, Louise Roe, Tassa Farmiga and Betsey Brandt all didn't impress.

Laura Prepon, Christina Hendrix and Julie Bowen, three women who are arguably beautiful, also failed to impress with their meh-worthy gowns. Better luck next year, ladies.
2014 Emmys Red Carpet Worst Dressed]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/fashionbaby http://ranker.com/list/2014-emmys-red-carpet-worst-dressed/fashionbaby
<![CDATA[The Best Coffee Shop Chains]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-coffee-shop-chains/chef-jen The best coffee shop chains are those coffee restaurants likely on your corner that offer up the best coffee and other beverages. From the corporate coffee giants like Starbucks to those smaller chains like Biggby Coffee, these coffee shops are enjoyed by millions each day for their coffee fix or just a delicious drink.

Of all the coffee shop chains, Starbucks is easily the largest with over 20,000 locations in over 60 countries. Starbucks however is usually a love it or hate it company with many opting for locally owned coffee shops over the corporate culture of Starbucks. That said, Starbucks has proved that a coffee shop chain can be wildly successful which has inspired others to follow in their footsteps.

But coffee chains are not just about lattes and espressos with many, Starbucks included, offering bakery items, sandwiches and other food. Au Bon Pain, based in Boston, Panera Bread, headquartered in Missouri, Dunkin Donuts, a staple of of Massachusetts residents, and Tim Hortons, a Canadian chain that also operates in the United States, all have gone beyond yummy coffee beverages into food as well.So what do you prefer? Are you a Starbucks secret menu aficionado or prefer some of the smaller chains like Peet's, Dunn Bros or the Coffee Beanery? Vote for your favorite coffee shop chains or add any other beloved coffee chains below!
The Best Coffee Shop Chains]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/chef-jen http://ranker.com/list/best-coffee-shop-chains/chef-jen
<![CDATA[2014 Emmys Red Carpet Best Dressed]]> http://ranker.com/list/2014-emmys-red-carpet-best-dressed/fashionbaby The 2014 Emmys red carpet best dressed are the talented folks from television who completely wowed with their gorgeous dresses and sharp-looking suits as they arrived at the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards. But not everyone who arrived did so looking fabulous so if you need a laugh (or a cringe) head over and check out the 2014 Emmys worst dressed on the red carpet too!

It should be no surprise that many familiar faces made this list as they frequently make the best dressed lists at other events. The difference is that some of these best dress picks are no even on television shows! Regardless, the likes of Julia Roberts and Camilla Alves simply looked stunning.

Who was the best dressed? That's a good question. Others like Lizzy Caplan, Dayden Panettiere, Taylor Schilling and "Orange is the New Black" co-star Laverne Cox all were gorgeous. With so many stunning looks, it will be tough to pick an overall favorite. Luckily, you can vote for as many looks as you love or even add your own picks.

Hosted by Seth Meyers, the 66th annual Emmy Awards took place on August 25, 2014, at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California.
2014 Emmys Red Carpet Best Dressed]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/fashionbaby http://ranker.com/list/2014-emmys-red-carpet-best-dressed/fashionbaby
<![CDATA[School-supplies]]> http://ranker.com/list/school-supplies/werner-brandes

It's that time of year again! Time to stock up on school supplies & school accessories and head back to school. That hellishly depressing (or glorious, depending on whether or not you own any small children) period when the youngest, most naïve humans in our society are rounded up and forced brutishly into exile inside huge prison-like edifices where they are forced, for hours upon hours each day, to learn math.

On the brighter side of things, this is usually a pretty good time to go drop some cash on a swaggy new backpack and some art supplies, which you (or your children) will then use to painstakingly cling to sanity during the coming months of darkness. But what are the most popular brands of school supplies? Which school supplies are the best? Look at all the different types of adhesives! That backpack has kittens on it!

http://ranker.com/profile-of/werner-brandes http://ranker.com/list/school-supplies/werner-brandes
<![CDATA[The Weirdest Statues of Celebrities]]> http://ranker.com/list/statues-of-celebrities/amylindorff Humans have used statues to memorialize their leaders for thousands of years. A statue immortalizes a mortal, ensuring that generations to come will remember what that person did and stood for. In modern times, many celebrities, athletes, and pop culture icons have been given the statue treatment, though some celebrity statues are more likely to frighten the viewer than enlighten them.

The celebrities on this list all have a statue that was built in their likeness. Some are more realistic than others, and some are downright horrifying. Found in locations all over the world, the statues of these famous people were, in some cases, built as a memorial to the star, or in other cases, erected when the star was still alive.

Click through the list below to find out which celebrities have statues that look like them, and see which actually look like the star, and which are just kind of creepy.
The Weirdest Statues of Celebrities]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/amylindorff http://ranker.com/list/statues-of-celebrities/amylindorff
<![CDATA[Embarrassing 90s Clothes You Used to Rock]]> http://ranker.com/list/embarrassing-90s-clothes-you-used-to-rock/ariel-kana This is a compilation of the terrible 90s clothes you used to rock. It includes all the best 90s fashion trends that at the time seemed so cool but in hindsight are hilarious...ly embarrassing. From the grunge look with flannel shirts and combat boots, to those Hammer pants and Starter jackets, not to mention all the spandex that was around at the time, these fashion trends scream 1990s.

If you lived through the 90s, more than likely you can relate to one of these embarrassing clothing choices. Nothing said 90s like denim overalls - with one strap unbuckled, of course - along with your super-cool Hypercolor shirt all covered up by the most colorful windbreaker you can find. And ladies, don't forget that fabulous fabric scrunchie that hoisted your hair into a swinging pony tail. Pretty sure if you dressed like this today, you'd get more than a few looks. 

Thankfully, many of these horrid 90s fashion trends faded out in the last millennium, but if you look really hard, you can probably spot hints of these fashion don'ts at your local thrift shop. Looking for more 90s awkwardness? Check out the most incredible 90s slang and most nostalgia-inducing 90s toys too!
Embarrassing 90s Clothes You Used to Rock]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/ariel-kana http://ranker.com/list/embarrassing-90s-clothes-you-used-to-rock/ariel-kana
<![CDATA[The Best Current Dramatic TV Shows]]> http://ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-dramatic-tv-shows-of-2011 The best dramatic shows of all time took us back in time, allowed us to visit far away lands and most of all, pulled at our heart strings as we watched our favorite characters deal with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. While some of the best shows on TV have been off for years (Mad Men, we're looking at you) others like Breaking Bad, Fringe, Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones kept us interested, toyed with our emotions and certainly kept our DVRs busy as we followed along with the dramatic story lines.

As with previous years, many of the best, most acclaimed and Emmy Award-winning drama series from 2011 came from networks like CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX while others were only available from basic cable stations like AMC and FX. Even others were limited to those with the pay channels like HBO and Showtime. Regardless of network, these series got us interested and kept us hooked to all the action throughout the year.

The best drama series of all timeprovided a bit of something for everyone. Sci-fi and horror lovers had plenty of options like Terra Nova and American Horror Story while those looking for courtroom dramas could choose from the likes of The Good Wife and The Defenders.

There were plenty of shows for the ladies as well with the likes of Desperate Housewives returning for its final season and new shows like Hart of Dixie airing. Not to leave the gory shows out of the picture, there were several options for those liking bloods and guts with Dexter and True Blood making the list.

Of course there were also plenty of new shows, including remakes of old shows like a reboot of the Charlie's Angels franchise and the return of Hawaii Five-0, as well as plenty of old favorites who returned for another seasons like the NCIS and CSI franchises.

So whether you're a fan of the warm and fuzzy dramas or the hard-hitting crime shows or any in between, one or another of the best dramatic series of 2011 is sure to keep you crying, cheering or simply entertained.

Check out more lists like the most loved tv shows of all time, the top premium cable series, and the best of the best sci-fi shows
The Best Current Dramatic TV Shows]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/ranker-community http://ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-dramatic-tv-shows-of-2011
<![CDATA[The Most Outrageous Emmy Snubs of All Time]]> http://ranker.com/list/the-most-outrageous-emmy-snubs-of-all-time/the-emmys Think you know it all when it comes to the Emmy Awards? You may be surprised to learn that a number of favorite TV shows, actors and actresses who seemed deserving never won - and in some case, were never even nominated - for awards by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Yes, from long-running hit shows like "Married...With Children" (never even NOMINATED for an Outsanding Comedy Series Emmy!) and "The Wire" to veteran actors like Michael Landon, Jim Nabors and, most recently, Nick Offerman, many have been denied even an Emmy nomination, much less a win. Read on and be amazed at some of the biggest, most heinous Emmy nomination snubs ever.
The Most Outrageous Emmy Snubs of All Time]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/the-emmys http://ranker.com/list/the-most-outrageous-emmy-snubs-of-all-time/the-emmys
<![CDATA[The Greatest Songwriters of All Time]]> http://ranker.com/crowdranked-list/greatest-songwriters-of-all-time If you ask anyone who has ever tried, it's tough to write one song, nevertheless a batch to be considered a songwriter. Add to the mix that the song actually getting recorded and becoming a hit, it's pretty hard to be a great songwriter. Yet that's what make the greatest songwriters different from Average Joe who has tried to pen a song. The best songwriters usually have written multiple hits that not only their most ardent fans know, but also casual listeners.

John Lennon and Paul McCartney are considered two the best songwriters. The Beatles were fueled by this legendary duo's prowess and are debatably the greatest band because these two outstanding songwriters.

Similarly to Lennon and McCartney, Bob Dylan is another songwriter who can be considered one of the greatest of all time. Dylan's songwriting introduced powerful imagery and themes that were deeply layered within the context of his writing. His songwriting influenced an entire generation of bands, songwriters and fans, including another member of this list, Bruce Springsteen.

This is the Ultimate List of the greatest songwriters of all time. Everyone on this list is considered one of the best at his or her craft. Vote for the songwriter who you think is the greatest, which shouldn't be too easy with a list like this one.
The Greatest Songwriters of All Time]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/ranker-community http://ranker.com/crowdranked-list/greatest-songwriters-of-all-time
<![CDATA[The Best Series Finales]]> http://ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-best-series-finales This list of the best series finales in television is a somber reminder that no matter how much you love a TV character or a show, in time, they all will end. Your favorite TV couple, your favorite TV villain, and even your favorite TV businesses will all close up shop at some point, and these are the best final episodes of those TV shows that are no longer on the air. And believe it or not, some of the best TV shows ever didn't make the list because they were great TV shows with bad finales.

This list includes the greatest television series finales in the history of television, ranked by TV viewers who had a strong reaction- good or bad- to the final episodes of their favorite shows. Some of these TV shows had the highest ranked series finales of all time while others are on the list simply for resonating with their fans. Some series finales, like the final episode of Newhart, are still talked about because people can't believe the show actually ended that way. Others, like M*A*S*H, rank high because they were emotionally fulfilling to the fans who had turned on their TVs and opened their lives to those most loved TV characters week after week right up until the end.

What TV series had the best series finale? That's what this list is here to decide. Remember, the top series finales both wrapped up the storylines AND left viewers wanting more. Go easy on the series finales that came as a result of a show being cancelled, and make sure to add your favorite TV series finale if it's not already on the list.

The Best Series Finales]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Leonardo DiCaprio Characters]]> http://ranker.com/list/the-best-leonardo-dicaprio-characters/reference List of Leonardo DiCaprio characters, ordered from best to worst along with movie trailers when available. These characters are in order of how many times they've been upvoted, so only the most amazing roles played by Leonardo DiCaprio are at the top of the list. The performances below include both film and television appearances, making it the most accurate ranking of Leonardo DiCaprio's roles. List features Frank Wheeler, Jay Gatsby and more items. If you think the best Leonardo DiCaprio performance isn't as high as it should be, then vote it up so that it has a chance to make it to the top. You can also make your own version of this greatest Leonardo DiCaprio roles list by re-ranking it and putting it in your own order. If you're wondering, "Who is the best Leonardo DiCaprio character?" or "What are the top Leonardo DiCaprio performances of all time?" then this list will answer your questions.
The Best Leonardo DiCaprio Characters]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/reference http://ranker.com/list/the-best-leonardo-dicaprio-characters/reference
<![CDATA[13 Teen Idols Who Actually Made It]]> http://ranker.com/list/teen-idols-who-actually-made-it/brooke-wilson Ladies, you know these guys. The men on this list were plastered all over your bedroom wall(s) throughout your teen years. These hunky teen idols were the men of your dreams, but unlike many failed child actors, they actually made it. These are the teen idols who didn't flame out, but instead got even hotter, going on to become popular, talented, and even Oscar-winning stars.

You saw Titanic in theaters thirty-two times, just to memorize every detail of Leo's handsome face. You swooned over Dawson and didn't even mind Justin Timberlake's weird bleached blonde hair. But these days, you're pleasantly surprised that you can still enjoy the talents of your favorite teen idols (many of whom were the greatest teen stars of the 90s), all grown up, but still successful.

These teen idols actually made it, and the world of film, television, and music is the better for it. Take a trip down memory lane with these hotties, who went from teen stars, to bonafide adult celebrities, known for much more than just their breakout roles.
13 Teen Idols Who Actually Made It]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/brooke-wilson http://ranker.com/list/teen-idols-who-actually-made-it/brooke-wilson
<![CDATA[The Best Movies About Music]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-movies-about-music/ranker-film The films on this list of the best movies about music have been ranked as the best. This list features the best music movies and is compiled from the most popular titles on the subject of music, including both feature films about music and music documentaries. What are the best films about music? Which music films are the greatest? These films are about the greatest rock bands and musicians, whether fictional or real, and surely have some of the best film soundtracks as well.
This list includes titles that have been top box office hits and many of the films featured on this list have are award winners as well. Some of the these films about musicians and music feature (or are based on) true events, while others are completely fictional in nature. A variety of genres are also covered, including drama, comedy, documentary, and romance.
The top music movies on this list feature many famous film stars and include films like Walk the Line, Ray, Dazed and Confused, Woodstock, The Doors, American Hardcore, Singles, Almost Famous, and The Blues Brothers. Vote up the best movies about music below or add a film that you think is great but isn't already on the list.
The Best Movies About Music]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/ranker-film http://ranker.com/list/best-movies-about-music/ranker-film
<![CDATA[The Best Eco-Friendly Brands]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-eco-friendly-brands/werner-brandes With climate change on the rise, droughts and extreme weather becoming all the more common, and signs of environmental degradation all around us, it is more important than ever to make smart, eco-friendly choices with your shopping dollars and the products you buy. Companies all over the world are creating high quality green products, and choosing to run their business in environmentally savvy ways as well. Which are the best eco-friendly brands on the market?

Companies like IKEA and New Belgium are greening their production methods, while others, like Seventh Generation, offer consumers eco-friendly cleaning products and items that have a minimal impact on the natural world. It's incredibly important to recycle and reuse as much as possible, but putting your shopping dollars towards eco brands like those on this list makes a huge difference too.

The brands on this list are also proving that producing green products in green ways doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality. Vote up the best environmentally friendly brands below, and then vote with your dollar next time you're at the store!
The Best Eco-Friendly Brands]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/werner-brandes http://ranker.com/list/best-eco-friendly-brands/werner-brandes
<![CDATA[The Best Natural Remedies for Depression]]> http://ranker.com/list/natural-remedies-for-depression/alex-tuttle Feelings of sadness, hopelessness, anxiety, or suffering from insomnia are all symptoms of depression, which currently plagues one in 10 Americans at some point in their lifetimes. 80% of all people suffering from depression never seek treatment for it, and the numbers of people seeking treatment rises by 20% each year. It can be easy to fall into a pit of depression and be left feeling completely helpless. What are the best natural remedies to treat symptoms of depression?

While there are several medications out there now to help treat depression, there are also plenty of things you can do on your own to help treat the condition. From temporary relief to complete life changes, these remedies are definitely worth a try if you're feeling more than just down in the dumps. Vote up which natural remedies you think are the most helpful, and don't let yourself stew in your own darkness. Talk to someone, or call your state's free depression hotline for more help if you're currently battling with depression.
The Best Natural Remedies for Depression]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/alex-tuttle http://ranker.com/list/natural-remedies-for-depression/alex-tuttle
<![CDATA[41 Inanimate Objects Who Look Terrified]]> http://ranker.com/list/things-that-look-scared/carly-kiel Can you blame a traffic barrier for being a little nervous about his future? What about a bell pepper that has just been sliced in half? Being an inanimate object can be scary. This gallery of things that look scared includes a bunch of unfortunate items who have seen some sh*t. Their... faces are permanently frozen in expressions of sheer terror. What evils have they seen? They'll never talk, but if you listen closely, you can almost hear all of them being like "AAAHHHHH!!!!" Vote up the things that look the most frightened.
41 Inanimate Objects Who Look Terrified]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/carly-kiel http://ranker.com/list/things-that-look-scared/carly-kiel
<![CDATA[99 Life Pro Tips That Will Change How You Do Everything]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-life-pro-tips/robert-wabash Life doesn't come with an instruction book, and yet some people seem to have it all figured it out. Luckily, they're willing to share their expertise with the rest of us. This collection of life pro tips and tricks covers everything from boiling water to helping your parents program the dadgum DVR. Do you know how to use marjoram? How about how to remove Sharpie from a dry erase board?

Some of these great life hacks seem intuitive, but they're not always the first solutions to come to mind when problems arise. Others are so simple and obvious that, well gosh, why didn't I think of that? Vote up the most useful LPTs, and be sure to visit the LifeProTips subreddit for more genius ideas to make your life run more smoothly.
99 Life Pro Tips That Will Change How You Do Everything]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/robert-wabash http://ranker.com/list/best-life-pro-tips/robert-wabash
<![CDATA[The Weirdest YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching]]> http://ranker.com/list/weird-youtube-videos/devon-ashby

We all know about the “weird side” of YouTube. In our darker (or more enlightened) moments, we may even have ended up there. One minute you're minding your business, then someone sends you a link that you assume to be a funny YouTube video, and the next thing you know, you're watching a video of an adult in a full-body cat suit and party wig aggressively twerking to Beyonce.

With all that competition, what are the weirdest YouTube channels out there? The most bizarre YouTube channels? The creepiest YouTube channels? Let's be honest – we're all in the mood for something a little strange and horrifying sometimes, and with over 72 hours of fresh amateur content uploaded every 60 seconds, YouTube is the perfect place to go for that. Below, enjoy a crash course introduction to some of the most bizarre, incomprehensible, and occasionally brilliant channels on YouTube.

The Weirdest YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/devon-ashby http://ranker.com/list/weird-youtube-videos/devon-ashby
<![CDATA[The Most Amazing Painted Staircases on Earth]]> http://ranker.com/list/painted-staircases/rachel-green One of the greatest things about urban art is that it adds beauty to just about anything – including old, mangy stairwells. Some of these staircases are in unassuming places, and many of them are a part of beautification projects in their respective cities. One thing is for sure, though. These art pieces are colorful and thoughtful, bringing beauty and culture into cities around the world.

Take a look through and pick which ones are your favorite. If you like these, you'll probably also enjoy the most beautiful staircases in the world. Enjoy.
The Most Amazing Painted Staircases on Earth]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/rachel-green http://ranker.com/list/painted-staircases/rachel-green
<![CDATA[The Most Beautiful Staircases on Earth]]> http://ranker.com/list/beautiful-staircases/rachel-green We use them all the time in our lives: in our homes, our offices, in stores, and around town. Staircases are something we don't think much about, except when there's no escalator to make things easier for us. 

Thought all stairs were mundane? Not these. All of these staircases are beautiful and have interesting stories. Not all are available to climb, and some even exist just to make a statement, but they all make a (stair)case for rethinking taking the stairs the next time you have the option between them and an escalator. 

Also, check out The Most Amazing Painted Staircases on Earth.
The Most Beautiful Staircases on Earth]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/rachel-green http://ranker.com/list/beautiful-staircases/rachel-green
<![CDATA[The Best Natural Makeup Brands]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-natural-makeup-brands/werner-brandes You're careful to eat healthy and always steer clear of anything that might introduce harmful chemicals into your system, but what about your makeup? Many makeup manufacturers use chemicals and ingredients that are not natural, and could even be carcinogenic (cancer causing). But don't worry! There are many natural makeup brands to choose from if you're looking to green your beauty routine.

This list ranks the best of the many natural makeups now available in drug stores and at the makeup counter. From natural foundations that won't leave you oily, to USDA certified organic lipsticks that you can rest assured will keep nasty chemicals and dyes far from your lips, there are many options in the natural beauty world.

Vote up the best brands for natural makeup products below and remember, you don't have to sacrifice beauty for your natural lifestyle.
The Best Natural Makeup Brands]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/werner-brandes http://ranker.com/list/best-natural-makeup-brands/werner-brandes
<![CDATA[The Most Beautiful Women of All Time]]> http://ranker.com/crowdranked-list/most-beautiful-women-of-all-time List of the most beautiful women of all time: ranked not on talent or accomplishments, but on looks alone. This is a test to see if the so-called "wisdom of the crowd" will actually be able to determine who the most beautiful woman of all time is. If you'd like to rank these women on more than their beauty, consult The Best Actresses in Film History list. This list does not only include prettiest current actresses, but the most beautiful women in history.

So, who is the most beautiful woman ever? Of course, that woman may very well be a total unknown, but since it's impossible to list every woman who's ever existed, and one is less likely to rank people they don't know, this list will obviously be restricted to people who've achieved a fair level of celebrity. A "fair level of celebrity" is defined by being famous enough to have a profile page on Wikipedia or IMDB. Historical figures are accepted IF pictures of them are generally accepted as accurate. Add your own suggestions and this should hopefully be an ever expanding list.
The Most Beautiful Women of All Time]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/ranker-community http://ranker.com/crowdranked-list/most-beautiful-women-of-all-time
<![CDATA[Essential Brands For Your Hipster Lifestyle]]> http://ranker.com/list/hipster-brands/elise Whether you are a hipster or you're just "asking for a friend," you may find this list of hipster brands useful. No judgement here. If you're interested in hipster fashion, you may already know some of the basic tenants: flannel shirts, kewl glasses, vintage and/or ironic t-shirts, artisan food and mason jars. So many mason jars.

Some would say that hipster culture revolves around not buying brand-name anything, but there are some brands that hipsters love, and you will find them here. From the American Spirit cigarettes they smoke to the kimchi they store in their Ball mason jars, the brands listed here are quintessentially hipster. Add to this list of you can think of any that have been looked over. And please, no haters. 
Essential Brands For Your Hipster Lifestyle]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/elise http://ranker.com/list/hipster-brands/elise
<![CDATA[The Most Annoying Social Media Fads of 2014]]> http://ranker.com/list/social-media-fads-2014/ariel-kana Every year since social media became the all-encompassing monster it is today, a variety of topics, issues, memes, and pop culture phenomena have taken Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and all other platforms by storm. An idea or trend takes hold, and people just won't stop talking about it. 2014 was no different, but what were the most annoying trends on social media this year?

Everyone and their mother accepted the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, and surely more than one of your friends had something to say about Israel, or what really happened to Malaysia Airlines flight 370. Robin Williams was just one of the celebrities who died in 2014, his passing taking over Facebook for days. And Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's conscious uncoupling was probably the most confusing of all 2014 celebrity break ups.

No matter what the news or trendy new #hashtag was, 2014 was full of things that completely saturated your Facebook feed. We've assembled them here for a walk down 2014's memory lane, and for you to decide which things people wouldn't stop talking about on social media that annoyed you the most.
The Most Annoying Social Media Fads of 2014]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/ariel-kana http://ranker.com/list/social-media-fads-2014/ariel-kana
<![CDATA[Best Notorious B.I.G Songs of All Time]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-notorious-big-songs/voteable Definitive ranking of Notorious B.I.G songs, as voted on by fans like you. This list of the best Biggie songs has been voted on by other fans like you, so the order of these tracks isn't just one person's opinion. Regarded as one of the greatest rappers of all time, Notorious BIG sadly only had two real studio albums, Ready to Die and Life After Death, before his untimely death in 1997. However even though his discography is limited, Biggie still packs a bigger punch with his two albums than most rappers do with 10. His album Life After Death features a guest appearance from a pre-famous Jay-Z, and other features on his albums includes rappers like Bone Thugz N Harmony, Lil Kim, Method Man and more.   

Vote for the songs you believe to be the top Notorious BIG tracks, which don't have to be singles or the most popular tracks. Whether you like Juicy, Warning or anything in between, you voting for your favorites will help make this greatest Biggie songs list more accurate.

Best Notorious B.I.G Songs of All Time]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/voteable http://ranker.com/list/best-notorious-big-songs/voteable
<![CDATA[Best South Park Characters of All Time]]> http://ranker.com/list/all-south-park-characters/reference List of the best South Park characters, with pictures and character bios when available. With such a great cast of characters, it's tough to say who the greatest really is without everybody weighing in on the discussion. Vote for your favorite South Park characters and help make this list the ultimate source for who the best characters of the show are. South Park character roles from every season are included, along with the names of the actors who play them. List contains items like Eric Cartman and Butters Stotch. You can click each image for a larger picture of the character, and in some cases you can click the character's name for a more detailed description. Who is the fan favorite character of South Park? Scroll down so you can find out once and for all.
Best South Park Characters of All Time]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/reference http://ranker.com/list/all-south-park-characters/reference