Featured List on Ranker http://ranker.com The Top Staff Favorites on Ranker http://ranker.com/img/skin2/logo.gif Most Viewed Lists on Ranker http://www.ranker.com Top Ranking lists, Most Popular Lists, Most Visited Lists <![CDATA[What Is Mankind's Greatest Invention?]]> http://ranker.com/crowdranked-list/what-is-mankinds-greatest-invention What is mankind's greatest invention? This list includes some of the most innovative, ground breaking inventions ever. Each invention listed here in some way changed history, altering the way we live our lives. Some inventions, like medicine, help to extend our lives and others, like the wheel, changed the way we get around, transport goods and just generally do anything. Which of mankind's inventions do you believe is the most important? Time to vote, and be sure to rerank this list in any order you like.

The most famous inventors in history have made contributions that stand the test of time. From electricity to fire to telephones, mankind's greatest inventions and discoveries help define who we are today. Can any of you argue that the computer is not one of the most notable inventions ever? Certainly not, given that the computer is how many of you are reading this list right now. Of course, everyone at one time or another has an idea for a new invention.

Sometimes inventors with the best of intentions wind up foiled by their own creations. And, in case you think all great inventions were created by men, think again: This list of history's most under-appreciated female inventors will set you straight.
What Is Mankind]]>
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<![CDATA[Actors Nobody Cares About Anymore]]> http://ranker.com/list/actors-nobody-cares-about-anymore/ranker-celebrities Some of the greatest actors of all time have, in recent days, turned into a bunch of washed-up hacks that would be somehow become more relevant for receiving a Razzie nomination (or seven). No one debates that these actors have made huge contributions to cinema (many of them appearing in the best movies ever made), but recently they've become big stars in big flops. Need examples? Will Smith in After Earth. Harrison Ford in Cowboys & Aliens. K-19: The Widowmaker. Morning Glory. Just take anything starting with "starring Harrison Ford," and there's a good chance it'll stick on that list.

These has been actors once delighted audiences and now revile them. They're funny actors who made dramas and then weren't funny anymore (Jim Carrey); serious actors who starred in comedies and then tried to keep the joke going (Robert De Niro); and actors who ruined their credibility by being constant tabloid fodder (Angelina Jolie). Whatever the reason, these once great actors have become box office kryptonite and should no longer be commanding the multi-million dollar contracts of the highest paid celebrities in the world.

Which actors are no longer relevant in Hollywood? Which actresses are past their prime? When did big name celebrities become irrelevant? This list of actors who are no longer big celebrities is here to provide users a chance to vote for the celebrities no one cares about anymore. If you think there's a celebrity who has faded from the spotlight and isn't on the list, make sure to add them so other users can remember a time when people cared about the comedic stylings of people like Eddie Murphy (R.I.P., funny man).
Actors Nobody Cares About Anymore]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Places to Meet Women]]> http://ranker.com/list/the-best-places-to-meet-women/mark List of the best places to meet women - where to go to meet women and girls that you would want to date. If you are single, you have probably already tried to go to the typical spots where you can meet girls: bars and clubs. Though it's possible to meet women in these places, the best places to meet women are a little more diverse. What are the best places to meet women you don't already know?

The best way to meet women is through activities, doing what you are interested in, and through mutual friends. Putting yourself in a situation where you are doing activities with groups allows you to establish common ground with women and get to know them over a period of time, rather than trying to best them with your one-liners. Tips on how to meet women: try to get out as much as possible, stay active and get your single friends together for group activities. Vote on this list of ideas for how to meet a girlfriend and add any places that have worked for you. 

For more dating tips see: How To Get a Girl to Like You and 31 Ways to Repel a Potential Girlfriend

The Best Places to Meet Women]]>
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<![CDATA[Ways to Make Sure You Die Happy]]> http://ranker.com/list/ways-to-make-sure-you-die-happy/lauren-slocum Live life to the fullest–Learn how to find fulfillment in your days and in the end, die happy. Been feeling bogged down by your career? Or have you been trying to get away from that toxic friendship with no success? We've all come to that point in life when we feel the need to seek some living tips on how to enrich the quality of daily life.

From the monumental to the seemingly small decisions, the way we approach our individual paths affects both our long and short-term quality of life. Life is a gift, and the way we live it is a choice. If you’re looking for the best mantras for eternal contentment, or even just some tips on being happy, give these ideas a read and start taking control of your own destiny!

Ways to Make Sure You Die Happy]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Portrait Photographers]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-portrait-photographers/votable This list of the best portrait photographers of all time has been ranked by the community to determine which portrait photographers are the greatest. This list includes portfolios and additional information such as biographical info, when available. These photographers focus their work on people, from celebrities to other human subjects. Who are the world’s best portrait photographers?
This list includes only the best portrait photographers – many of these artists have been featured on the covers of multiple magazines and many have received prestigious awards for their work as well.
This list features the most popular portrait photographers ever and includes photographers such as Yousuf Karsh, Eve Arnold, Edouard Boubat, Phillipe Halsman, Cecil Beaton, Irving Penn, Antonín Kratochvíl, Mary Ellen Mark, and Annie Liebovitz. Vote up the best portrait photographers below, rerank the list to express your own opinions, or add a portrait photographer you think is the best but isn't already on the list.
The Best Portrait Photographers]]>
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<![CDATA[30 Amazing Geometric Tattoos]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-geometric-tattoos/joswo While the art of tattooing is a tradition deeply embedded in human history, a new fad has emerged, thanks to increased, popular demand for geometric tattoos. From outlines of stags, to colorful cats, to simple symmetrical pattern outlines, these geometric tattoos are some of the most beautiful created, with bold patterns and intricate design.

The geometric style is said to have been inspired by patterns that are seen in nature all around us, and the individuals with these tattoos believe that it reminds us of our temporary presence and connection with the earth. As pretentious as it may sound, the whole concept is rather nice. For those who had no idea about this, well, it's a pretty pattern of lines and shapes and it usually consists of a symmetrical design. And they just look really cool.

Geometrical tattoos come in all designs and shapes, but mainly they are outlines of patterns. Recently, people have requested more vibrant and colorful variations of the tattoos. In the list below are included some of the most beautiful and creative geometric tattoos inked onto skin. Rank your favorite geometric tattoos below!

30 Amazing Geometric Tattoos]]>
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<![CDATA[The 33 Douchiest Things Justin Bieber Has Ever Done]]> http://ranker.com/list/douchiest-things-justin-bieber-has-ever-done/ariel-kana List of the douchiest things Justin Bieber has ever done. From abandoning his own pet monkey in Germany to showing up with a 20-person entourage to guest-host SNL, the Biebs has done quite a few questionable things in recent history. There comes a time in most young famous peoples' lives when their "acting out" incidents become more and more frequent, and the public reaction starts to move away from, "Aw, he probably didn't know any better," to "Ah! What a douchebag!"

Is Justin Bieber a douchebag? Obvs, this depends on who you ask. Devoted fans –Bielebers and those who have Bieber-fever would (or course) say that he is not. But what about the general public? Is spitting in your neighbor's face, threatening paparazzi, and refusing to pay for services that you used enough reason to call someone a douche? Is he actually one of the biggest douchebags in Hollywood? Or is he just acting how any other young person would in these circumstances? Does the Biebs deserve a little slack since he is from Canada and new to all of this fame? 

You can use this list of douch-ey JB moments to make your own decision and judge for yourself. Vote on your favorite d-bag move by the ever-popular teenage heartthrob/popstar, and share with your friends to see what they think.

The 33 Douchiest Things Justin Bieber Has Ever Done]]>
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<![CDATA[16 Types of People You Encounter at Every Music Festival]]> http://ranker.com/list/music-festival-people/ericascheidt Music and summertime seem to go hand in hand; the weather is sweet, the nights are long, and the beer, of course, is constantly flowing. And who wants to watch music without a constant flow of beer? As the summer blares on, you may ask yourself: what on Earth am I gonna do with my last few months of freedom? If you're young and able, the answer may just be to head to every 20-something's idea of paradise: a music festival, of course!

It seems like no matter which music festival you attend, you tend to run into the same types of people. The bros, the hipsters, the mud people, the this-is-the-best-day-of-my-lifeeee! people. Let's be real: people-watching is one of the best things about music festivals. If you've never been, consider this list to be a primer on the characters you will run into at all of upcoming music festivals anywhere that you ever go to. Whether it's Coachella or Lollapalooza, Stagecoach or Governor's Ball, you'll probably catch yourself dancing next to one or all of these music festival types.

16 Types of People You Encounter at Every Music Festival]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Years for Summer Movies]]> http://ranker.com/list/the-best-years-for-summer-movies/ron-mexico List of the best "summer seasons" for new mainstream films. The notion of the "summer blockbuster" movie season started in June of 1975, when Steven Spielberg's "Jaws" became the biggest box office draw to date. (The troubled production had spiraled out of control and wound up costing nearly 4 times as much as was initially projected.) Since then, studios have all attempted to program event movies for the summer months, typically including fare designed to appeal to younger audiences, such as action movies and broad comedies. The long July 4th weekend has always been a coveted release date for new films, but the summer season now extends far longer than it did in the '70s and '80s. New "summer" films now open in early May and continue coming out right up through Labor Day.

In the nearly 40 years since "Jaws," many classic films have seen release during the busy summer movie season. It's now possible to go back and look at the actual historical summers that have given us some of these memorable film experiences, and evaluate which season itself featured the most exciting releases. Here are the best years for summer movies, from '75 through the present day.

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The Best Years for Summer Movies]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Tips and Tricks for Camping]]> http://ranker.com/list/camping-tips/dani-porter Looking for a great outdoor adventure that the whole family will enjoy, but not sure how to make sure your camping trip doesn’t end in disaster? There are a ton of creative, simple ways to make your next nature adventure a success and won’t cost you a lot of extra cash in the process. Camping is an experience that everyone enjoys, as long as some conveniences from home are brought along. What are the best tips for camping?

How do you manage to find the extra space to take everything you need on your camping trip? What do you need in the first place? From food transportation and storage to lighting solutions for those dark, starry nights outdoors, this list has the best, most practical camping tips that will help you have a fun, worry-free camping adventure.
Did you know you can easily make donuts and pizza on your campfire, just as you could in your kitchen at home? Looking for a way to bring eggs on your adventure without the disappointment of opening the carton only to find they’re all cracked? Concerned about what to do if one of your kids gets covered in bug bites? For any camping question you might have, there’s a perfect solution out there! Take advantage of these camping tips and your trip will be a huge success.
The Best Tips and Tricks for Camping]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Countries to Visit in Summer]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-countries-to-visit-in-summer/ranker-travel

List of the best countries to visit in summer, as ranked byavid summertime travelers. For many, summer is the best time of the yearbecause it means warm weather and plenty of time to take that dream vacationyou’ve been saving for. In order to plan for the perfect summer vacation, youneed to ensure that the country you choose will fit your every vacation need.If you’re the sort of person who likes to lie on the beach with a cool drink inyour hand, you may enjoy countries like Brazil. Those who are interested in asporty vacation may search for a country with gorgeous mountains to climb orlarge waves to surf. Anybody with a love of art and culture would enjoycountries such as Italy and Greece for their architecture and world-classmuseums.


What are the best countries for summer vacations? As long asyou know what sort of activities you want to discover in the summer months,there’s surely a country that fits all your needs.


This list includes countries will striking scenery unlikeanywhere else in the world, historical landmarks, white sand beaches, and summertimeentertainment that is perfect for any type of traveler.

The Best Countries to Visit in Summer]]>
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<![CDATA[23 Awesome Pics of Actors with People They Played in Movies]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-pictures-of-actors-and-people-they-played-in-biopics/hoserusc There's no shortage of great biopic films coming out of Hollywood, but often times the actor in the biopic movie never gets to meet the real person they're portraying because, you know, they're dead and all. Sometimes, though, biopics are made while a person is still alive and in those glorious instances, the actors get to meet the real person they're playing. It adds a genuine dimension to the character and allows for the most accurate portrayal of a real person possible.

This compilation of pictures of real people with the actors who played them in a movie is a glance at some of the most epic moments in filmmaking. From behind the scenes photos to red carpet premieres, these are some of the best pictures of real people meeting the actor playing them. Some of these people got along so well during the production of the movies, in fact, that they kept in touch after production was completed.

This votable list of celebrities with the people they played in movies is here for you to vote on, so give an upvote to your favorite photos of real people with the actors who played them. And if getting a glimpse behind the scenes of movies interests you, check out the most amazing behind the scenes photos from iconic films.
23 Awesome Pics of Actors with People They Played in Movies]]>
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<![CDATA[The Greatest Fictional Transgender People]]> http://ranker.com/list/greatest-fictional-transgender-people/celebrity-lists This list contains information about the greatest fictional transgender characters. Several award-winning films and TV series feature transgender characters. Some transgender characters are seen in a comedic light while others illustrate the difficulties that come with being transgender. One famous actor even won an Academy Award for playing a transgender character.

Who is the most famous fictional transgender character? Roberta Muldoon is one of the notable fictional transgender characters listed here. In the 1982 film The World According to Garp, John Lithgow plays a transsexual ex-football player named Roberta Muldoon. Lithgow was nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best Supporting Actor for his performance.

In the 1985 film, Kiss of the Spider Woman, William Hurt plays Luis Molina, a gay man who is likely transgender and is in prison for having sex with an underage boy. The film was nominated for four Oscars and Hurt took home the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance.

Who is the best transgender character on this list? Cast your votes below.
The Greatest Fictional Transgender People]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Netflix Original Shows]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-netflix-original-shows/ranker-tv

For years Netflix has been the go to way to watch your favorite shows and movies. The DVD rental company has quickly evolved throughout the years to allow people to have instant entertainment. If a person wants to watch their favorite TV show or movie, they no longer need to drive to a video rental shop or even wait 3 days for a DVD to arrive in the mail. They only need to press play before enjoying their chosen entertainment. Now Netflix has been delving into the world of original programming with innovative new television shows that are competition for even the most prestigious networks.


This list answers the question, “What is the best Netflix original show?” The shows on this list may never have been made had it not been for Netflix’s ability to take risks. Their completely new shows like Orange Is the New Black and House of Cards have been getting rave reviews and drawing in excited audiences from all over the world. Shows like Arrested Development got the chance to have an extra season of episodes that network TV would never be brave enough to air.


The television series on this list are each examples of Netflix’s potential to outdo every cable network in creativity and entertainment.

The Best Netflix Original Shows]]>
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<![CDATA[The Most Expensive Pop Culture Memorabilia Sold at Auction]]> http://ranker.com/list/most-expensive-collectibles/brettdahlenburg What happens to props, costumes, or other items after they are used in our favorite movies, TV series, music videos, or events? One thing is for sure, they don't get thrown away. Many high profile items from pop culture live a second life as memorabilia for collectors. Years after their initial use, the most interesting and culturally significant items are often sold at auction for exorbitant amounts of money to collectors of all types.

Read on, and you'll find a list of 17 of the most expensive pop culture memorabilia sold at auction, including items used by Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, Julie Andrews, Jerry Garcia, and more. Some of these expensive collectors items are actually worth something (more than sentimental value) so it's no surprise that these items – like Liz Taylor's jewels – sold for an exorbitant amount of money. Other pieces of memorabilia, like Babe Ruth's jersey, gain their value from their place in history and the story surrounding them. Read on to learn more about some of the most expensive items ever sold at auction.
The Most Expensive Pop Culture Memorabilia Sold at Auction]]>
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<![CDATA[Famous People You Never Thought Would End Up in the Same Pic]]> http://ranker.com/list/celebrity-odd-couple-pics/josh-heller Okay, so it's not that crazy to find a picture of a celebrity. Paparazzi love to shoot those. It's also not unexpected for a celebrity to be hanging out with another celeb. Maybe they were dating, maybe they were in the same movie. But it is weird when a famous person is hanging out with another famous person who comes from an entirely different famous world.

This list looks at the oddest pairings of famous people. Just some cool people hanging out with each other. Take a look at these classic, rare photos of these awesome people. It really makes you wonder what they were doing together. Why was Charlie Chaplin spending time with Albert Einstein? Why was Pelé in the same room as Sylvester Stallone? How do Redd Foxx and Malcolm X even know each other? Check them and more in this awesome list of odd celebrity pairings.
Famous People You Never Thought Would End Up in the Same Pic]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best News Coming Out from SDCC 2014]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-news-from-sdcc-2014/ranker-comics San Diego Comic Con 2014 is over. Wounds are healing. Friendships are mending. Sleep is marginally being caught up on. Meanwhile, the internet is alive with the sound of geekdom. 

With the internet being so spoiler hungry and with most studios (print comic, TV, and film alike) all treating July like Comic Con month, there was a surprising lack of new news out there. (Yes, that's a bit redundant but so is announcing a release date, then announcing a new sequel, then announcing GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 is in fact on that date, when we knew it was happening... and that Marvel had that date... I digress).

Which news coming out of Comic Con was the best news ever? 

Here's the countdown of the news that DID happen, the best moments that were (at least marginally) a surprise, and the moments that made all of those lines worthwhile. This is the best news to come out of SDCC 2014! 
The Best News Coming Out from SDCC 2014]]>
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<![CDATA[Rank Your Favorite Bachelorette Stars!]]> http://ranker.com/list/rank-your-favorite-bachelorette-stars-/wetpaint Since Trista Sutter first made her debut in 2003 as ABC's first Bachelorette, there have been nine ladies in total to take the roses and the reins as the show's lead. With Season 10 coming soon, we thought it was about time to take a walk down memory lane and rank our favorite Bachelorettes of all time. Who do you love and who do you wish had never taken over your Monday nights? You know what to do...
Rank Your Favorite Bachelorette Stars!]]>
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<![CDATA[The Greatest Minds of All Time]]> http://ranker.com/list/greatest-minds-of-all-time/walter-graves List of the Greatest Minds of All Time, throughout history. This list represents the most influential thinkers across various disciplines, ranked in a way that represents the power of their ideas and their impact on the world. The wisest men and women include top philosophers, physicists, famous poets, thinkers, teachers, physiologists, artists, inventors, engineers, the most irreplaceable CEOs in the world, economists and politicians and those whose talents span across many fields of study.

This list takes a historic perspective, so the greatest thinkers who are included on this list come from many different eras. The greatest minds of the 21st century may be quite different from great geniuses from the distant past, but each person should be judged within the context of the time that they were living. For example, inventing a new type of telephone in 2013 would not qualify one as "the most brilliant mind of all time," but in 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell first patented the telephone, it was an act of genius not seen before.

See Also: The Most Influential People of All Time.
The Greatest Minds of All Time]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Political Films Ever Made]]> http://ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-best-political-films-ever-made Political movies can approach the notion of politics and government from numerous perspectives, and with many wildly divergent purposes. Some of the earliest and best-remembered films were essentially propaganda tools being used by a political party or ideological group, hoping that the new media of cinema could be useful in helping to persuade or mollify the masses. (In some cases, as with the Nazi documentary "Triumph of the Will" or Sergei Eisenstein's massively influential "Battleship Potemkin," they were undeniable successful, at least initially.)

Political films can also serve the opposite purpose, encouraging people to distrust or even fear their government, or attacking an individual politician or political movement specifically. The paranoia thrillers of the 1970s, for example, reflected America's distrust in its own leaders following the Watergate and other corruption scandals. More recently, George Clooney's "Good Night, and Good Luck" told a true story about journalist Edward R. Murrow facing off against Joseph McCarthy, but as a way of discussing political issues that remained relevant even upon its release in 2005.

Many Americans' understanding of complex political situations, both in their homeland and in other countries, as well, comes from watching popular films. For example, the satirical take on the politics of war in "Wag the Dog," the insights into Greek politics provided by Costa-Gavras "Z" or the look at Bolivian elections in the documentary "Our Brand is Crisis."

This list includes notable and significant political movies from throughout cinema history from all different styles and genres. It is VoteRanked and Open, so be sure to vote up your favorites, vote down the movies you don't think belong on the list and add any other suggestions you have at the bottom of the page.

Check out more lists like this awesome collection of political thrillers, slave movies that will make you question the justice of history, and the top napoleon movies ever made
The Best Political Films Ever Made]]>
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<![CDATA[Cosplayers Who Stepped Right Out of the Comics]]> http://ranker.com/list/cosplayers-who-stepped-right-out-of-the-comics/ranker-comics Fans across the globe migrate to San Diego each year for Comic-Con. But only the bravest of fans spend countless hours constructing a costume in the likeness of their favorite comic book characters to premiere at the convention. These are the best comic book cosplayers from Comic-Con 2014. They're really so great that they looked like they stepped right out of the comic book.

Cosplaying isn't easy. Sometimes you have to be in layers of makeup for hours on end, hoping the heat doesn't melt it off, and still have enough energy to spark a smile when fellow fans want to take your picture. These cosplayers pulled it off, and then some. 

Take a look at the cosplayers pictured below, and vote up the ones you think best suit the characters they're dressed as. 
Cosplayers Who Stepped Right Out of the Comics]]>
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<![CDATA[The Greatest Breakout Characters in TV History]]> http://ranker.com/list/greatest-breakout-characters-in-tv-history/ranker-tv

When a television show first starts, the writers of the program already have the star in mind. They write for the characters they think the audience will relate to and like the most and design the show around those characters. However, once the show hits the airwaves, the viewers don’t always agree. Sometimes the true star of the show is the unlikeliest candidate. The breakout character is usually a character who was introduced as part of the supporting cast, but for one reason or another became a fan favorite. This list of the greatest breakout characters in TV history includes characters from both comedies and dramas and has been ranked by the community.

The breakout character on a TV show usually becomes the most discussed and most loved part of the show. He or she has the funniest lines, the best stories, and is portrayed by the favorite actor. After a positive audience reaction, these breakout characters suddenly start to get more screen time and story lines. Characters like Fonzie and Ben Linus were never meant to be huge parts of their shows, but after their introduction, it was inevitable that they’d become pivotal to the show’s success. Some breakout characters, like Frasier Crane, even go on to star in their own series.

Who are the greatest breakout characters on TV? Vote up the best breakout television characters below or add the best breakout star if he or she isn't already on the list.

The Greatest Breakout Characters in TV History]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Music Videos of 2014]]> http://ranker.com/list/the-best-music-videos-of-2014/ranker-music This list of the best music videos of 2014 will include videos released this year from music's biggest names and most famous bands. Though rarely shown on television these days, music videos have moved to the internet and are still a huge part of pop culture. New videos of the year's best songs will appear on this list. 

So far in 2014, Coldplay has surprised fans with the new single, "Midnight," and the accompanying spooky music video. Shakira and Rihanna teamed up for the sexy "Can't Remember To Forget You" video, only to be out-sexied by Beyonce's video for "Partition."

Which artists will release the biggest music videos in 2014? Will your favorite band take YouTube and Vevo by storm? Check back throughout the year for additions to the list and to watch the hottest music videos of 2014. And if you can't wait, look back at 2013's best music videos here.
The Best Music Videos of 2014]]>
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<![CDATA[40 Super Cute GIFs of Sloths Doing Things]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-sloth-gifs/bunny-brinkman Why are sloths all the rage right now? A number of reasons. They have people-like arms and hands that grab hold of objects, caretakers, and each other, hugging like human babies. They look like they're smiling most of the time. They are tiny, like the size of cats or small dogs. They seem kind of helpless - two of the six species are endangered - slow-moving on the ground where we see them most. They nap a ton, and they do it while hanging upside down from tree limbs. Oh, and they eat upside-down, too. And give birth that way. They only go down to the ground to poop once a week.

What's not to love? This is a collection of GIFs of sloths doing things like napping, hugging, eating, crawling, swimming, communicating, swinging, judging, looking, and other activities. Some are baby sloth gifs, and others are not. Can you even tell the difference? Upvote your favorites. 
40 Super Cute GIFs of Sloths Doing Things]]>
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<![CDATA[Super Creepy Personals Ads From Comic Con 2014]]> http://ranker.com/list/comic-con-creepy-personals-ads/ariel-kana When you put 200,000 nerds in one place over one long weekend, there are going to be some creepy bastards trying to get laid. In disconcerting ways. And putting their strange desires online. These are all the best Comic Con Craigslist personals ads, Whispers, Tinders, and people looking for a quick hook-up at SDCC 2014.
Super Creepy Personals Ads From Comic Con 2014]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/ariel-kana http://ranker.com/list/comic-con-creepy-personals-ads/ariel-kana
<![CDATA[The Worst Sequels Of All Time]]> http://ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-worst-sequels-of-all-time The worst movie sequels from throughout film history. These are the follow-up films in a franchise or reboots that brought the most disgrace to a once-beloved properly, and most completely abandoned the elements that had made the first film popular. In many cases, these terrible sequels even abandoned core concepts, characters and ideas that had made the initial films successful - as when the Joel Schumacher Batman series ditched Tim Burton's dark, gloomy sensibility for candy-colored cartoon theatrics, or the "Jaws" series left realism behind and became a flat-out shark horror series.

Follow-up films have always been a huge temptation for movies executives and studios. Name recognition and positive sentiment towards the first movie means a better chance that a sequel will fare better at the box office than a random, unknown title. Additionally, contracts are often signed before an initial movie is made locking in talent for a second, and even third, entry in a potential franchise, meaning there is less up-front dealmaking and casting to be done before production can begin.

In the case of franchises that are essentially 'locked in place' prior to the release of the first movie, like the "Harry Potter" and "Hunger Games" series, these pre-negotiations can be even more all-encompassing. Often, sequel films are shot simultaneously with the original film, or immediately after production has ceased on Part 1. Richard Donner and producer Ilya Salkind famously attempted to shoot "Superman 1" and "Superman 2" at the same time before the idea was abandoned. The concept was again taken up by Peter Jackson when he made the entire "Lord of the Rings" trilogy of films at once.
The Worst Sequels Of All Time]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/ranker-community http://ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-worst-sequels-of-all-time
<![CDATA[TV Shows Canceled Before Their Time]]> http://ranker.com/crowdranked-list/tv-shows-canceled-before-their-time List of canceled TV shows that didn't deserve to die is ranked by TV fans around the world. From shows that ended too soon to shows that shouldn't have been taken off the air at all, these are the TV shows canceled well before their time was up. Popular shows on this list include "Arrested Development" and "Party Down", but this list of the best cancelled TV shows isn't only about comedies.

What are the best TV shows cancelled before their time? What TV shows were cancelled but came back? Vote on your favorite comedy shows, dramas, sci-fi series, and crossover TV programs, or add your own list of TV shows that should have been given a second chance.
TV Shows Canceled Before Their Time]]>
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<![CDATA[75+ Beautiful Invertebrates That Live in the Ocean]]> http://ranker.com/list/marine-invertebrates-photos/ranker-science An estimated 71% of planet Earth is ocean, home to more than 230,000 species of fauna and flora. This photo gallery includes impressive pics of over 75 marine invertebrates, including cephalopods, crustaceans, mollusks, echinoderms, and more. Octopuses, crabs, jellyfish, and starfish may be the main attractions at public aquariums, but there is much, much more to the deep blue sea. For example, there are more than 3,000 unique species of nudibranch (NOO-dee-brank) sea slugs, many in impossibly bright colors that warn predators that they are poisonous. On the other end of the spectrum, the predatory flamboyant cuttlefish and peacock mantis shrimp boast bold colors to distract prey while they use unique tactics to stun and kill them. It's all very ghastly. Enjoy these fascinating photos of sea creatures you never knew existed, and never forget that the ocean is a dangerous place!
75+ Beautiful Invertebrates That Live in the Ocean]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/ranker-science http://ranker.com/list/marine-invertebrates-photos/ranker-science
<![CDATA[19 Animals Sticking Their Tongues Out In All Their Glory]]> http://ranker.com/list/animal-tongues/rachel-green Animals, much like people, are often caught making ridiculous and laugh-out-loud faces. The animals on this list have all been caught at the perfect moment: with their tongues hangin' out. 

There's a whole variety of animals with their tongues sticking out to choose from here, so go through and decide which pictures you like the most, and which of these animals look cutest with their tongues sticking out. Some are epic, and some are adorable, but it's up to the Ranker community to vote and determine the best and cutest pictures of animals with tongues out on the list below.
19 Animals Sticking Their Tongues Out In All Their Glory]]>
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<![CDATA[50+ Amazing Photos of Everyday Things Cut in Half]]> http://ranker.com/list/things-cut-in-half/robert-wabash The subreddit Things Cut In Half Porn is full of interesting images of everyday objects, foods, and pretty much anything else you can think of... cut in half. You might think you know all about things like cameras, guns, and even vegetables, but until you see these crazy and interesting pictures of those things (and more!) cut in half, you aren't really getting the full picture.

What does a jawbreaker look like if you cut it in half? How about an entire Range Rover? The objects on this list are cool when whole, but get even cooler when they're cut in half so you can see their insides, get a better idea of how they work, and see what's going on beneath the surface.

Vote up the coolest, most interesting pictures of things cut in half below and be amazed to see what a grill in action looks like in cross section, and what's going on inside all kinds of different bullets and ammo.

50+ Amazing Photos of Everyday Things Cut in Half]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/robert-wabash http://ranker.com/list/things-cut-in-half/robert-wabash
<![CDATA[70+ Musicians Who Became Famous Actors]]> http://ranker.com/list/musicians-turned-actors/ranker-music List of musicians turned actors, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Several famous rock stars, pop singers, and rappers have all established successful acting careers as well. Some of these famous musicians prefer to take roles in comedies while others appear mostly in dramas. One famous “American Idol” alum even won and Academy Award for her performance in a film.

Who is the most famous musician turned actor? Madonna tops this list. The "Material Girl" singer has appeared in such films as Evita and Swept Away. Mariah Carey has appeared in such films as Precious and Glitter. "Spotlight" singer Jennifer Hudson has appeared in such films as Sex and the City and Dreamgirls, for which she won an Oscar.

Several male musicians have also made the jump to film. "SexyBack" singer Justin Timberlake has appeared in such films as Alpha Dog and The Social Network. Rapper Will Smith has appeared in such films as Men in Black and Independence Day. Mark Wahlberg was known for his rap career before he landed acting roles in Boogie Nights and The Departed.

Why do you think so many musicians decide to give acting a try? Share your thoughts in the comments section.
70+ Musicians Who Became Famous Actors]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Mustaches in Film]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-mustaches-in-film/amylindorff When men want to show off their dapper, manly style, many opt for the mustache. Though mustaches can easily cross the line from classy and refined to creepy and repulsive, at least you can count on the film world to get it right. The classic film characters on this list all have epic, unique, and memorable mustaches. Which film characters have the best mustaches?

Though many characters from Western films have some impressive 'staches, that genre doesn't have a monopoly on the facial hair look. Comedic characters like Ron Burgundy and Borat also rock the hairy upper lip look. Daniel Day-Lewis appears twice on this list, thanks to his excellent choice in roles, apparently only selecting characters who absolute must have a mustache.

The awesome film character mustaches on this list are memorable either for their bushiness, their carefully sculpted handlebar look, or for inspiring all your hipster friends' own mustaches, these film characters just wouldn't be the same without their iconic facial hair.

Vote up the best mustaches to have ever appeared in film start growing your own cool mustache today.
The Best Mustaches in Film]]>
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<![CDATA[The Objects & Things We Become Attached to the Most]]> http://ranker.com/list/the-objects-and-things-we-become-attached-to-the-most/desertrat89 We all have things in our lives that we value more than others, and those things can be any thing. Do you find yourself unable to throw away or donate that old t-shirt because you just can't part with it? Do you feel camaraderie with certain appliances in your kitchen? What do you find yourself the most attached to? Vote on yours, and be sure to add something you see is missing.
The Objects & Things We Become Attached to the Most]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/desertrat89 http://ranker.com/list/the-objects-and-things-we-become-attached-to-the-most/desertrat89
<![CDATA[How to Be Successful in America Today]]> http://ranker.com/list/how-to-be-successful-v1/dani-porter Success — it's an idea that many Americans obsess over. Regardless of how old you are, where you live, or what your career goals are, being happy and successful are two of the most important life goals for many people. But what is success and how do you attain it? If you look closely, there are actually a great number of common characteristics that are shared by successful people. Some of these are completely out of your control — such as luck or the city you are born in — but other keys to success can be attained by developing skills and traits that some of the most successful people in the world have. 

So what are the skills that Americans need to be successful today? This is a list of traits that are key
 to social, political, and financial success. Vote up the ones that you think are essential and vote down those that you think are relatively ineffective. If you have insight into how to become successful, add your ideas to this list and rerank it! 

How to Be Successful in America Today]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Movies You Never Want to Watch Again]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-movies-you-never-want-to-watch-again/ranker-film A list of the most disturbing movies that, for whatever reason, you never, ever want to watch again. This list is full of great movies that you would never re-watch. These disturbing films hit their mark--they affected you, you connected with the characters or the themes...they are great films--but you got it the first time and would be just fine to never be reminded of what you just watched. These are some of the creepiest movies, scariest and saddest films that were ever made.

Each of these films contains at least one heartbreaking or gory scene or truly creepy character that will always be with you, even if you never voluntarily watch any of these disturbing movies again. Whether the movie vividly depicts addiction: like Leaving Las Vegas; drug use: like Requiem for a Dream; rape: like Irreversible; violence: like Nil By Mouth and Salo or it just makes you feel dirty watching it, like Kids...these are all highly acclaimed, disturbing movies that you will try to forget about as soon as you have watched them. Some of the films on this list are depictions of true-life, heartbreaking events, like United 93, or ill-fated love stories, like Brokeback Mountain. These really good, sad movies are on this list because they can still make you cry just thinking about them. 

Vote on this list of the most disturbing movies of all time and add any movie you never want to watch again if it is not on the list. 

See also: Top Tearjerker Movies That Make Men Cry, The Scariest Movies Ever Made, and The Most Nausea-Inducing Great Films for more masochistic fun. You weirdo. 
The Best Movies You Never Want to Watch Again]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/ranker-film http://ranker.com/list/best-movies-you-never-want-to-watch-again/ranker-film
<![CDATA[The Most Interesting Androgynous Faces]]> http://ranker.com/list/most-interesting-androgynous-faces-v2/lauren-slocum The combination of masculine and feminine physical characteristics make for a stunning type of beauty. Androgynous men and androgynous women will allure and woo your aesthetic eye in this list of women who look like men... and... men who look like women. 

Over the past decade, society at large has made some serious progress when it comes to sexuality. Androgynous models have gained momentum, and androgynous music icons from the past have become sexual revolutionaries.

And androgyny isn't solely a 21st century endeavor. In an article written on androgyny, Scott Barry Kaufman writes, "Freud speculated...that creative people possess greater cross-sex identification than others." Tapping into both masculinity and femininity, regardless of your gender, provides perspective (and as Freud puts it), a likeliness that your creative juices are flowing a little stronger than the average Joe's.

Moral of the story? Be who you are! Let that freak flag fly. And prepare to be inspired and amazed by the pleasant curiosity of these stunningly beautiful androgynous faces. 

The Most Interesting Androgynous Faces]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/lauren-slocum http://ranker.com/list/most-interesting-androgynous-faces-v2/lauren-slocum
<![CDATA[The Greatest Scientific Breakthroughs of 2014]]> http://ranker.com/list/greatest-scientific-breakthroughs-of-2014/amylindorff The greatest scientific breakthroughs of 2014 have affected all aspects of modern life, from medicine, to space exploration, to the future of renewable technologies. Scientists all over the globe are publishing their findings and treating patients with new medicines and techniques that are changing every day life for the human race, and adding to our vast banks of scientific knowledge.

In the animal kingdom, it turns out monkeys can do math, and a certain kind of female bug has a very unique reproductive strategy. NASA has discovered all sorts of cool new things in the moons of the outer planets, including water and what just might be the birth of a brand new moon. Medical scientists have restored the sense of touch for an amputee and developed new drugs to change the way cancer is treated.

This list of scientific discoveries will be updated throughout the year, to include the most revolutionary breakthroughs in all different fields. Vote up the biggest breakthroughs below and get ready for whatever comes next!

The Greatest Scientific Breakthroughs of 2014]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/amylindorff http://ranker.com/list/greatest-scientific-breakthroughs-of-2014/amylindorff
<![CDATA[The Best Sports to Play]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-sports-to-play/sports-lists The best sports to play are the ones that are just as fun to play as kids as they are to play as adults. These are the favorite sports of millions of people around the world, and the people who regard any of these as the greatest sports to play are unlikely to back down. Whether you're of the opinion that slow-pitch softball is the best sport to play or if you think the top sport to play is football (with or without flags), the chances are your favorite sport is on this list. Some of these sports have better chance of players sustaining crazy sports injuries than others, but some people can't walk down the street without getting hurt so why not get injured playing some fun sports?

What are the greatest sports to play? What are the best recreational sports? What are the best sports to play in college? What are the top sports for kids to play? At any age, sports are a part of life, and this list of the best sports to play is about exposing people to what may become their new favorite sport to play. If your favorite sport to play isn't on the list, make sure to add it and see if it can ascend the list and become the #1 best sport to play.

If watching sports is more your thing, check out the best spectator sports for some ideas about great sports to watch.
The Best Sports to Play]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Jobs in the World]]> http://ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-jobs-in-the-world Somewhere between your dream job and your real job are the best jobs in the world; job titles that some extremely lucky people actually have. While some of the greatest jobs in the world also rank among the world's rarest jobs, there are plenty of dream jobs available for the taking (or at least for the applying and the interviewing).

What would be your dream job? What would you love to spend every day doing? If you dream of an extraordinary career that falls outside of the most common jobs in the world, there's a chance you'll find something that tickles your fancy on this list of the best jobs in the world.

Some of the world's best jobs include movie critic, actor or actress, video game tester, and other leisurely pursuits like car tester and holiday reporter. Since not everyone has the same idea about what the top jobs in the world might be, make sure to add your dream profession, if it's not already on this list of the coolest jobs in the world.
The Best Jobs in the World]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/ranker-community http://ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-jobs-in-the-world
<![CDATA[The Female Singer You Most Wish You Could Sound Like]]> http://ranker.com/list/most-coveted-female-singing-voice/carlybobarly What female singer's voice would you most like to have? This is a different question than "who has the best female voice ever?" Some of the greatest vocalists have most distinct voices that may not suit your needs. Like, can you imagine Amy Winehouse singing "Sk8er Boi"? Or Whitney Houston singing a Dolly Parton song? ...What famous woman singer do YOU wish you could sound like? Say you can steal any voice like Ursula steals Ariel's. Whose would be the most fun to whip out at parties? Which would best equip you to sing your favorite songs? Which is the most versatile? Which would make you the most money?

 When you're done here, go vote on the same question for men: What male singing voice do you most wish you had?
The Female Singer You Most Wish You Could Sound Like]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/carlybobarly http://ranker.com/list/most-coveted-female-singing-voice/carlybobarly
<![CDATA[The Coolest Celebrity Autographs]]> http://ranker.com/list/celebrity-autographs/celebrity-lists This list features only the coolest and most impressive celebrity autographs. They say that you can tell a lot from someone's signature, but with most celebrities, all you can tell is that they are in a hurry. However, a few famous people take the time to make their autographs special and unique. Some add a fun doodle to their signatures, while others have beautiful penmanship.

Who is the most famous person with a notable autograph? Madonna sometimes makes an autograph extra special, by adding a lipstick kiss. Her actual signature is long and loopy, which is also fun for collectors. Kanye West is an artist in every sense of the word and even creates a fun doodle when signing his autograph.

Several celebrities just focus on their initials when signing autographs. Brad Pitt's autograph is simple, but effective. He makes sure that the "B" and the "P" are clear, but the rest is unidentifiable. Similarly, Joey Fatone balances the "J" in his first name with the "F" in his last to create an interesting autograph.

Which celebrity autograph do you think is the coolest? Vote up the most awesome celebrity signatures below.
The Coolest Celebrity Autographs]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/celebrity-lists http://ranker.com/list/celebrity-autographs/celebrity-lists
<![CDATA[See No Evil 2's Danielle Harris Ranks Her Top Scream Queens]]> http://ranker.com/list/danielle-harris-sdcc-best-scream-queens/danielle-dauenhauer Considering actress Danielle Harris is known as one of the top scream queens in the genre today, it seemed only appropriate to ask her about who SHE thinks belongs on a list of the Top Scream Queens of All Time. The veteran actress with pipes for days dished about some of her favorite genre actresses to see on screen as part of the promotion for See No Evil 2, which pits her against a (supposedly dead) killer already in the morgue in a race for the lives of herself and her friends. 

Limited to just five actresses (four really, since she had clearly already made the list), the morgue worker with an iron will to stay off the steel slab was asked named four other actresses as long as she could give them in no particular order, leaving the final positions on this list of the top horror genre actresses up to the public so they can have a say in the overall rankings. 

See No Evil 2 premieres in theaters October 20th, 2014. See the trailer here.
See No Evil 2]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/danielle-dauenhauer http://ranker.com/list/danielle-harris-sdcc-best-scream-queens/danielle-dauenhauer
<![CDATA[20 Jobs That No Longer Exist]]> http://ranker.com/list/jobs-that-no-longer-exist/coy-jandreau With the rapid advances in modern technology, more jobs and new opportunities that would have seemed like science fiction a few years ago are becoming a reality. However, as we evolve, a lot of jobs people used to do back in the day are becoming obsolete. This list of jobs that no longer exist show the examples of old positions that have given way to new opportunities on the job search.

Some of these jobs already seem insane to us – it's crazy to us now that PEOPLE ever did these tasks and not machines. It only leaves us to wonder what jobs will no longer exist ten years from now, and seem odd in the future.

20 Jobs That No Longer Exist]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/coy-jandreau http://ranker.com/list/jobs-that-no-longer-exist/coy-jandreau
<![CDATA[The Greatest Spider-Man Costumes of All Time]]> http://ranker.com/list/the-greatest-spider-man-costumes-of-all-time/the-doctor All Spider-Man suits, ranked by users in the order of their appeal and awesomeness, highlights why Spider-Man has one of the most memorable costumes in comic book history. Steve Ditko gave Spider-Man his unique look, and over the years, many artists have taken a shot at redesigning Spidey's duds. From simple "situational" Spidey suits, to complete character makeovers and redesigns, Spider-Man has had some of the most equally ridiculous and awesome costumes in comics. You'll see some of the top Spider-Man looks on this Spider-Man costumes list.

All Spider-Man costumes are not built equally; some are flashier than they are functional, and vice-versa. This is your chance to vote for the greatest Spider suits ever conceived.
The Greatest Spider-Man Costumes of All Time]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/the-doctor http://ranker.com/list/the-greatest-spider-man-costumes-of-all-time/the-doctor
<![CDATA[The Best Outdoor Summer Side Dishes]]> http://ranker.com/list/the-best-outdoor-summer-side-dishes/analise.dubner Picnics and BBQs are the stuff of summer. What are the best things to bring to that potluck or neighbor's grill party? What best compliments the meats sizzling over the fire? Vote for your go-to side-dish and add your fave if it's not here so we can all get ideas!
The Best Outdoor Summer Side Dishes]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/analise.dubner http://ranker.com/list/the-best-outdoor-summer-side-dishes/analise.dubner
<![CDATA[The Best Watercolor Tattoos]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-watercolor-tattoos/joswo While the practice of tattoos has been around for centuries, tattoos imitating watercolor painting are relatively new, as well as revolutionary. Watercolor tattoos imitate the brushstrokes, patterns, and style of paintings created in watercolors, in particular the vibrant colors and detail to hue and opacity. Watercolor tattoos have a distinct style, and the tattoos on this list are the most stunning, and will surely give you ideas for watercolor tattoos of your own.

Many associate tattoos with black blocks of lines and tribal markings, or cheesy sayings in fancy font, but if you're looking for something a little different, check out the coolest watercolor tattoo designs on the list below. We find these types of tattoos incredibly beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

The Best Watercolor Tattoos]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/joswo http://ranker.com/list/best-watercolor-tattoos/joswo
<![CDATA[Being a Camp Counselor Is . . .]]> http://ranker.com/list/being-a-camp-counselor-is/samantha-dillinger All the emotions that a person experiences working as a camp counselor could fill a lake. Or a pool. A rec hall. A radio room. A baseball diamond. A cabin. A bunk bed (pretty much any facility on camp, you get the gist). Point is, when you combine dozens of young adults with hundreds of campers, there are a lot of feelings generated that stick around for quite some time. 

From pool days to field trips, from MORP to musicals, there are myriad once in a lifetime experiences that one feels working at camp, and this list of the worst and best things about working at camp will make anyone who's ever worked at summer camp reminisce about all the good (and bad) times they had during their summers away from home.
What does it mean to be a camp counselor? What's it like when camp ends? What are the best things about working at summer camp? What are the worst things about working at camp? There's no one emotion that fully encompasses what it's like to dedicate your summer to a thankless job where kids and teens routinely try your patience, but there are many different feelings that you experience and these are some of them. If you think of a feeling associated with being a camp counselor that's not on the list, make sure to add it to the best (and worst) things about being a summer camp counselor.
Being a Camp Counselor Is . . .]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/samantha-dillinger http://ranker.com/list/being-a-camp-counselor-is/samantha-dillinger
<![CDATA[Tasks You Loathe The Most]]> http://ranker.com/list/tasks-you-loathe-the-most/desertrat89 Chores. Niceties. Tasks. Those nasty and/or tedious things we have to do in life to pretend to be civilized. The things that separate us from animals. We hates them, precious. We hates them so much. But, which are the worst? The chores that you face with the enthusiasm of a firing squad? These are the most loathesome tasks and chores in our everyday lives. Vote, rank, or do both... and, as always, add any you see missing.

When it comes to cleaning up after your pets, you'd be hardpressed to find a single person, outside of your run of the mill crazy person that would enjoy doing this task. Pets are awesome to have, but can be a gargantuan pain to take care of. It is simple tasks like this that make you loathe things that you should love. Other everyday tasks that are awful include cleaning the shower, unclogging the toilet and even going to the DMV, which no one loves doing, even its employees. The common hatred of these every day tasks is what can unite people from all walks of life.

Tasks You Loathe The Most]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/desertrat89 http://ranker.com/list/tasks-you-loathe-the-most/desertrat89
<![CDATA[The Most Rewatchable Movies]]> http://ranker.com/crowdranked-list/what-movies-can-you-watch-over-and-over-again--v1 There are some movies that I always stop at and watch if I see them on TV or I can put in the DVD player and watch when I'm board and never get tired of. I'm sure you have the same movies. They may be your favorite movie or they're just that good. I'll start and you add to the list. What movies - theatrical releases, made for TV, direct to video, holiday special, whatever - have the highest rewatch value for you?
The Most Rewatchable Movies]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/ranker-community http://ranker.com/crowdranked-list/what-movies-can-you-watch-over-and-over-again--v1
<![CDATA[The Best Movies About Summer]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-movies-about-summer/ranker-film It’s summertime – the feeling is easy, it's the perfect temperature, time is spent laying on the beach all afternoon, followed by roasting marshmallows over a campfire and staring at the stars at night. Who doesn't love summer?! It’s no wonder so many famous movies have been set in the summer! What are the best movies about summer? Vote up the best films below and see where your favorites rank!
The movies on this list all have a summertime theme in one way or another. Many of these movies revolve around water, either a beach or a lake, and some feature the camps kids go to during these relaxing months, or the family vacations many people take. A number of these films have remained all time classics as well.
This list features the best summer movies including, Weekend at Bernie’s, Meatballs, Almost Famous, A Streetcar Named Desire, Independence Day, Jaws, Stand by Me, and The Seven Year Itch. Vote up the best summertime films below or add one you love that isn't already on the list.
The Best Movies About Summer]]>
http://ranker.com/profile-of/ranker-film http://ranker.com/list/best-movies-about-summer/ranker-film