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What is a virtual band? Cartoon rock stars like the Archies and Jem and the Holograms have been entrancing tykes and tweens for decades, releasing chart-topping albums and filling up our TV screens with radical music videos. These days, virtual bands, and virtual pop idols, have become a huge craze in Japan, and are slowly but surely making their way to America.

Who's your favorite virtual musician? Animated pop idol Hatsune Miku started off as a spokesperson for Japan's Vocaloid software and gradually transformed into a musical icon in her own rite. Today, Miku packs huge stadiums full of screaming fans, who pay big bucks for the privilege of watching their #1 diva perform "live" in the form of a mirror-projected hologram.

Soon we may see the day when hologram-projected concerts are the norm. What pop star wants to take the time and effort to actually get up on stage and do a show when the whole thing can be pre-recorded and staged without them? For now, in honor of the currently rising trend of virtual pop idols, here's a retrospective of the best, most popular virtual musicians ever.

Vote up your favorite fictitious bands below to decide just which virtual musician is the best of all time!

The Best Musicians Who Don]]>
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<![CDATA[Lost Children Who Were FOUND]]> http://ranker.com/list/lost-children-who-were-found/anabel-conner There are few things as deeply disturbing and fascinating as the cases of children who go missing, but are found many years later. It may seem hard to believe, but approximately 2,300 children and adults are reported missing in in the U.S. every day. It's a horrifying and sad statistic, but history has shown that there is always hope! To find a missing person many years later is truly a miracle, as the loved ones of those who are kidnapped seldom receive this kind of happy news. These stories of found lost children prove you can never give up.

It's actually slightly more common to find missing children than you may think. We latch on to these stories with rabid fascination, because they are often the purest examples of the epitome of human strength, fortitude, and resilience. Still others happened under the oddest set of circumstances one can imagine-- like a girl who hid out with her boyfriend for five years, or the guy who was just doing drugs while everyone assumed he'd been murdered by serial killer John Wayne Gacy. The experiences of found missing kids vary from wretched to wacky to WTF?!

From rescues on land and sea, to decades of captivity, and kidnapped kids who never even knew they were considered missing-- this list is compromised of the fascinating stories of often courageous and sometimes strange missing children who turned up months and years after they were lost. 

Lost Children Who Were FOUND]]>
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<![CDATA[17 Times the National Enquirer Broke Real News]]> http://ranker.com/list/national-enquirer-real-news/evan-lambert Over the years, the National Enquirer has earned a reputation for reporting false and inaccurate information, and rightly so. The grocery store tabloid has been sued repeatedly during its run for publishing exaggerated, sensational stories about everything from Cameron Diaz's relationship with Justin Timberlake to the kidnapping victim Elizabeth Smart (who, according to the Enquirer, ran a gay sex ring with her male family members). 

That's not to say that it doesn't sometimes break real news. Contrary to popular belief, the Enquirer actually possesses a capable, dedicated staff of investigative reporters who painstakingly research the tabloid's main stories. That's why they magazine has always been the first to run scandalous, unbelievable stories about topics such as Charlie Sheen's HIV diagnosis and Bill Cosby's infamous history of sexual assault. In fact, the Enquirer reported on Cosby's disgusting dalliances a full nine years before the mainstream media picked up on the story. Initially, no one believed the story, due to the Enquirer's less-than-stellar journalistic reputation.

Yes: It may be hard to believe, but the Enquirer is actually something of a whistleblower when it comes to exposing the hypocrisies and evildoings of society's most famous and powerful figures. Peruse this list of the tabloid's biggest, most scandalous scoops to date and keep your eyes peeled for the next true National Enquirer headlines!
17 Times the National Enquirer Broke Real News]]>
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<![CDATA[19 Things You Need Know About Marvel's Civil War]]> http://ranker.com/list/marvel-civil-war-facts/coy-jandreau Marvel's Civil War is one of the biggest comic book crossover events ever. Marvel built up the stakes for years before pitting its biggest heroes against one another in an epic conflict with long-lasting consequences. When the actual war starts, readers feel a weird sense of betrayal when their favorite characters side with either Captain America or Iron Man. Civil War tells a new story of a kind previously unseen in the Marvel Universe, and also shows familiar superheroes acting in ways fans never thought they would, battling each other over a government attempt to regulate heroes and expose their secret identities.

Event comics bring shared universes closer together and put fresh spins on familiar characters. Many of these characters have been around for more than 50 years and, in some cases, more than 60. That's a long time to keep telling stories about the same characters, and events like Civil War can reinvigorate the characters. It did so to such an extent that there's a big screen Civil War on the way!

These are the facts you need to know to catch up on Marvel's Civil War mega-event before Captain America: Civil War brings the story (or a version of it anyway) to a theater near you! Vote up your bits of trivia and background below!

19 Things You Need Know About Marvel]]>
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<![CDATA[Tasks You Loathe The Most]]> http://ranker.com/list/tasks-you-loathe-the-most/desertrat89 Chores. Niceties. Tasks. Those nasty and/or tedious things we have to do in life to pretend to be civilized. The things that separate us from animals. We hates them, precious. We hates them so much. But, which are the worst? The chores that you face with the enthusiasm of a firing squad? These are the most loathesome tasks and chores in our everyday lives. Vote, rank, or do both... and, as always, add any you see missing.

When it comes to cleaning up after your pets, you'd be hardpressed to find a single person, outside of your run of the mill crazy person that would enjoy doing this task. Pets are awesome to have, but can be a gargantuan pain to take care of. It is simple tasks like this that make you loathe things that you should love. Other everyday tasks that are awful include cleaning the shower, unclogging the toilet and even going to the DMV, which no one loves doing, even its employees. The common hatred of these every day tasks is what can unite people from all walks of life.

Tasks You Loathe The Most]]>
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<![CDATA[Foods You Have to Work for That Are Totally Worth It]]> http://ranker.com/list/foods-that-are-difficult-to-eat/jacob-shelton What are the best foods that are difficult to eat? Some may say that the best food is the easiest to consume - the foods that grow on a vine as if they’re asking to be plucked and digested. Fruits and vegetables like apples, grapes, and tomatoes are perfectly easy to eat and they’re great for you; no fuss, and no muss. While we love apples as much as the next person, we also really love food that puts up a fuss. Seriously, when was the last time you truly enjoyed chomping into a nice slice of cucumber. Yawn. The kinds of food that people really love are not only the kinds that fight back, but also the meals that take you down with them. You know, foods that you have to work for, but that are totally worth it.

Humans have come a long way since being were cave people. But in our heart of hearts (i.e. the second heart we keep inside our hearts) we’re animals, and there’s nothing that we love more than tearing into delicious food that’s trying to keep us from eating it. Whether it’s because the food is too messy (sloppy joes), or if it’s because the food is seemingly impossible to eat (crab legs, delicious, delicious crab legs), those are the noshes that many are drawn to. Tie on a bib, and prepare to face down the foods that are totally worth the work.

Leave us a comment and let us know if you’ve figured out a way around making yourself look like a fool after eating any of these super messy, difficult to eat foods, and be sure to upvote the hard to eat foods below that are totally worth the very real struggle.
Foods You Have to Work for That Are Totally Worth It]]>
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<![CDATA[22 Musicians Who Sold Ad Space in Their Lyrics]]> http://ranker.com/list/musicians-who-sold-out/swiperight Which musicians are total sellouts? Just look at their lyrics! You will likely find that: if it's time for a party, bring out the Ciroc; if you want to hang out with the crew, take a shot of Fireball Whiskey; and don't even think about going into the sun without a pair of Ray-Bans on. Why? Because Diddy, Florida Georgia Line, and Rihanna say so. And now they're off to cash their checks.

Ever wonder why these products are synonymous with the lifestyle they represent? You need look no further than music for the answer. Many artists are now excepting big dollars to plug products in their music - and getting those paydays, though actual dollar amounts are kept under wraps.

If you think Pitbull is a sell out, you're probably right, and just wait until you read about the products he endorses. Wanna know how Nicki Minaj manages to look so fly? Look to see which clothing line pays her mortgage. Even forgotten rappers like Petey Pablo may still be living off that Seagram's money. The list of musicians who sold out is likely as long as the Billboard Top 200 itself.

You can call them sell out musicians, but if you're buying the products they're promoting in their lyrics, then maybe they're really doing fans a service by introducing their audience to brands they'll love.
22 Musicians Who Sold Ad Space in Their Lyrics]]>
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<![CDATA[Fictional Lawyers You'd Most Want Defending You]]> http://ranker.com/list/fictional-lawyers-youd-most-want-defending-you/ranker-characters A list of fictional lawyers you’d most want defending you. Do you know of a movie with a great lawyer in it? Do you wish some of the fictional lawyers were real so that you could have a great lawyer to defend your case? The fictional lawyers on this list are ranked in order of the most popular fictional lawyer to the least popular. If you don’t agree with the ranking, vote up the attorney you'd want on your side to see him or her rise in the rankings.

If you have a really special fictional lawyer that you would love to have defending you, but you don’t see him or her on the list, add them below. Lawyers don’t have the best reputation, and often, it can be discouraging to watch movies where the lawyers confirm the punchlines for all those lawyer jokes.

However, some fictional attorneys instill confidence and enthusiasm in the readers or viewers. Perry Mason, for instance, was a great lawyer who hardly ever lost a case. He also cared about his clients more than he cared about the money. Wouldn't it be wonderful if fictional lawyers like this existed in the real world?
Fictional Lawyers You]]>
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<![CDATA[Indigenous Tribes from Around the World]]> http://ranker.com/list/uncontacted-and-indigenous-tribes/mike-rothschild Indigenous peoples of the world still live in some of the most isolated areas anywhere on earth, resisting contact with the outside world and staying free of societal influences. Uncontacted people live in a precarious balance, striving to maintain their own freedom while being threatened by an outside world they choose to avoid. Logging, ranching, oil exploration, gold mining, and tourism are all threats to indigenous tribes - meaning fewer of these tribes are able to survive.

When the outside world has made contact with these tribes, the results are often disastrous. Violent conflict with illegal loggers and gold prospectors has led to dozens of deaths, and since the tribespeople have no natural immunity, when they do make contact with settled societies, they are extremely vulnerable to common illnesses. There have also been incidents of tourists and photographers attack or shot with arrows by tribes who don't understand why they're being bothered. These tribes live in an increasingly dangerous position.

Here is a list of some of the most fascinating uncontacted peoples and interesting indigenous tribes still out there, and what we know about them at this point.

Indigenous Tribes from Around the World]]>
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<![CDATA[The Most Overlooked Quarterbacks of All Time]]> http://ranker.com/crowdranked-list/most-underrated-quarterbacks-of-all-time A list of the most underrated quarterbacks of all time. Despite the gargantuan scouting staffs that NFL teams employ, there are still plenty of players who fly under the radar or in some cases, don't even play in the league at all. This list includes players who were successful in the Canadian Football League (CFL) as well, after all, there are number of great players on here who never could become the apple of the NFL's eye. There are a bunch of players, even some Hall of Famers and some of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, who are on here. You'll be surprised to learn that these guys slipped through the cracks, especially players like Super Bowl winners like Kurt Warner and Joe Theismann on here, along with one of the best pure passing quarterbacks in Warren Moon. Somehow, these guys were overlooked, yet after honing their craft in the CFL or even the Arena League, these guys got their chance at the big time.

Though some of these guys became NFL afterthoughts, and some, didn't even have a chance to show how good they were, they are still supremely underrated compared to other quarterbacks that did get a chance to play in the pros. You may be surprised to see some other big names on here, but when push comes to shove, this is the reason why these guys are underrated.

This is your chance to have your say on who is the most underrated pro quarterback of all time. Vote whether or not you agree with the status of these players on this Ultimate List.
The Most Overlooked Quarterbacks of All Time]]>
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<![CDATA[The Weirdest (Real) Units of Measurement]]> http://ranker.com/list/weird-units-of-measurement/ranker-science Have you ever measured something using a household item when you're lacking a ruler or measuring tape? Maybe you needed to measure the size of your dinner table and you used your hand. Or you needed to know the size of your bookshelf and you measured it in "Apple TV remotes." Well,at least one of those funny measurements is actually real, despite sounding made up by you on a Saturday afternoon. To find out which is which check out this list of the weirdest (but real) units of measurement below.

This list of funny, strange, and weird units of measurement is both crazy and sometimes confusing. Who would think to use animals like cows, oxen, and sheep to measure something? How about using concert halls, sports arenas, and harbors as a super easy way to measure. Sounds pretty convenient! Or, what about using the time it takes a beard to grow as a way to measure time! These all may sound absurd and totally made up but rest assured these are all real units of measurement that some very strange or too smart for their own good humans use daily (or made use of back in the good old days of donkey power). 

Take a look at this weird list of real units to measure and vote for which one you think is the coolest or funniest. If you happen to use any of these regularly please let us know in the comments!
The Weirdest (Real) Units of Measurement]]>
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<![CDATA[10 Criminals Who Mysteriously Vanished]]> http://ranker.com/list/criminals-who-mysteriously-vanished/public-enemy Criminals who are caught typically want to vanish, escaping the long arm of the law and living out their days in freedom - say fixing boats in some remote Mexican beach paradise - instead of behind bars where they belong. While the vast majority don't succeed (some don't even try), occasionally, a clever criminal will somehow manage to simply disappear.

These are just a few of the most well-known criminals who mysteriously vanished. Some of the names are notorious: D.B. Cooper, Lord Lucan and so forth. Others remained safe in obscurity. The names on this list represent some of the most intriguing disappearances and cold cases ever.

Who are notorious elusive criminals? Take a look and see for yourself what criminals have never been caught and managed to elude justice.
10 Criminals Who Mysteriously Vanished]]>
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<![CDATA[The Most Annoying Things About Air Travel]]> http://ranker.com/list/worst-things-about-flying/lauren-slocum If you've had the pleasure of traveling by plane, you understand the humor in the first part of this sentence. Traveling by plane is not a pleasurable experience by any means. What are the worst things about flying? We've created a list of some of the most annoying things about airplanes, airports, and the people you're forced to share the experience with.

As airlines continue to evolve into money-hungry, leg-squishing nightmare factories that create a travel experience comparable to transporting livestock, the traveling experience as a whole declines. Air travel was once a privilege and a luxury, but it has become a chore and an exercise in discomfort. Want some pretzels while you read? Too bad! Hoping to stretch your legs at some point during that 20-hour flight to Hong Kong? Think again! If there are two things airlines are particularly good at, it's getting you where you need to go and making you miserable along the way. 

Long lines, grumpy adults, crying babies, and uncomfortable seating arrangements all join forces the minute you step into an airport to test your durability, your character, and your sense of humor. Vote up the worst experiences on this list of the most annoying things about airplanes and airports. Just try not to cringe as you think about your next vacation.

The Most Annoying Things About Air Travel]]>
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<![CDATA[What Conservative Tenet is Most Important in 2016?]]> http://ranker.com/list/conservative-tenet-2016/mike-rothschild Conservative values will be key for Republican voters in the 2016 primary. While many candidates claim they follow conservative tenets, some are more dedicated to conservative principles than others. It's important to know which values you find to be the most important so you can recognize them in your candidate of choice. The Republican party is not a monolithic entity, nor are its voters.

For example, do you favor limited government and reduced regulation? Or do you think a massive expansion of the government is necessary to secure the border and fight terrorism? Do you think climate change is man-made, but additional laws aren't needed to fight it? Or is it all a hoax by liberal scientists? Should taxes be lowered across the board, or only for the wealthiest job creators?

Vote up the traditional conservative values you find to be the most important in the upcoming election, and vote down those aspects of conservatism that you don't feel jibe with the movement anymore.

What Conservative Tenet is Most Important in 2016?]]>
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<![CDATA[The Most Ill-Fated Pardoned Turkeys]]> http://ranker.com/list/turkey-pardon-stories/jacob-shelton Presidents have been pardoning turkeys ever since the Truman administration in 1947, but it wasn't technically an official tradition until 1989, when President George H.W. Bush made it a permanent staple in the United State's Thanksgiving tradition. Legend has it that this tradition dates all the way back to the Lincoln administration, when one of his sons asked him to spare the family's Thanksgiving turkey instead of killing it for dinner.  

Despite the fact that each President pardons one or two turkeys each Thanksgiving, these turkeys seem to still have a less-than-stellar lifespan. Most Presidential turkeys, like many other factory-farmed animals, are bred to be eaten. By the time the turkey pardoning date rolls around, their days are numbered. 

Out of all the Presidential pardons, the Obama turkey pardon tends to have the worst luck. His pardoned turkeys rarely live longer than a year, and their deaths tend to be worse than any of the previous turkeys. We're sure he's not killing these turkeys on purpose, but his reputation still lingers in the holiday fowl community. The ill-fated turkeys on this list may have received a Presidential pardon, but they were still cut down in the prime of their lives. Vote up the most ill-fated pardoned turkeys below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section.

The Most Ill-Fated Pardoned Turkeys]]>
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<![CDATA[Who Is the Worst Person of the Week? (Nov. 16-22)]]> http://ranker.com/list/worst-person-of-the-week-112015/mike-rothschild This week's Worst Person of the Week is all about how we respond to terrorism. While the truly horrific attacks in Paris on November 13th are absolutely nothing to make light of, many of the responses to them have been reactionary in the extreme. Most of the world reacted with grace, dignity, and resolve, but whole bunch of people did just the opposite - lashing out in fear and ignorance at the Muslim community and Syrian refugees who had nothing to do with it.

Obviously, the worst people committed terrifying, inhumane acts, but it's also up to us to respond to horror reasonably. So this week we've got insane proposals that Muslims should have ID badges. We've got racist social media posts. We've got offensive comparisons. We've got calls for genocide and concentration camps. We've even got death threats. They come from all over the map, from presidential candidates to state-level elected officials to random rage-aholics.

Here are the worst people this week, a terrible week during which the world grappled with the aftereffects of true atrocities.

Who Is the Worst Person of the Week? (Nov. 16-22)]]>
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<![CDATA[What the Hunger Games Actually Looked Like in the Books]]> http://ranker.com/list/hunger-games-book-vs-movie-comparisons/lisa-waugh WARNING: SPOILERS ACROSS PANEM. This list discusses The Hunger Games books and the movie adaptations. So if you’re not caught up, this is your friendly Mockingjay whistle to return when you've read the books and watched the films.   

How are The Hunger Games movies different than the books? Several characters look different and a few story lines may have changed, but the film producers did the smart thing and allowed the books’ author, Suzanne Collins, to consult and collaborate on the adaptation. Still, it’s always difficult to pack all of the book's material into a feature film (or four). There's bound to be some obvious missteps.  
When it comes to Hunger Games book vs. movie discussions, it’s easy to forget the challenges of casting. An actor may look exactly like a book character, but this series requires lots of action, emotional range, and the ability to convey Collins’s intent across three books - not an easy job when there are die hard fans waiting for you to trip up. Fortunately, Collins was part of the audition process, and the search was exhaustive and intense (except for the lazy casting of Buttercup in the first film).   

In the books, we are experiencing Katniss’s story through her first person narration. In the screen versions, there is no narration. That gave the filmmakers the opportunity to feature other aspects of the story, and to take some license with the characters' looks. This can be frustrating for book fans, while giving those new to the Hunger Games trilogy a more complete idea of the story.  

While the filmmakers got a lot of the casting right (Gale, Prim, Cinna, Rue), they sometimes made some out-of-the box choices. What do you think? How were The Hunger Games books different than the movies? What did they get right? What is your biggest beef? Was Donald Sutherland’s President Snow up to snuff or just not snakey enough? What about the casting of Amanda Plummer and Jeffrey Wright as Wiress and Beetee?

Let us know in the comments and may the odds be ever in your favor. 

What the Hunger Games Actually Looked Like in the Books]]>
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<![CDATA[15 Things You Didn't Know About Marvel's Jessica Jones]]> http://ranker.com/list/jessica-jones-trivia-facts/coy-jandreau When you think of Marvel superheroes on the big or small screen, certain names come to mind, from Spider-Man and Iron Man to Rocket Racoon. Lately you've been hearing a new name... Jessica Jones. Who is she? What does she do? Is she an Avenger? Why should I care about this Jessica Jones person? Well she's one of the most badass superheroes in the business. This list will teach you the basics of Jessica Jones, the most in-demand P.I. in all of Marvel.

Jessica Jones is a relatively new character, but she's done a lot in her limited time. She's been an Avenger, a private eye, a solo hero, a wife, and a mother. She's strong, intelligent, snarky, tough, and won't take crap from anybody... even her husband, Luke Cage. Jessica Jones is an innovative character who is unusual in a lot ways, and this list will give you the primer you need.

There's so much to learn about this fantastic character before you watch the Netflix show. These basics and bits of trivia about the character represent 15 reasons Jessica Jones is one of the most badass characters in comics, so vote up the most impressively badass facts.

15 Things You Didn]]>
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<![CDATA[17 of the Strangest Thanksgiving Traditions Ever]]> http://ranker.com/list/weird-thanksgiving-traditions/jacob-shelton If you live in America, your family probably has some sort of Thanksgiving tradition. Maybe you and your mom watch the big game while your dad obsesses over the turkey, or maybe you and your siblings pitch in to make an epic dessert. But not all Thanksgiving traditions happen in the USA. In America, most people make a turkey with stuffing and the works, but in some countries Thanksgiving is celebrated in a cemetery, or by playing drums to a yam. Weird Thanksgiving traditions can take a lot of forms; from dressing up like homeless people and asking for candy, to eating crab instead of turkey. After all it’s not how you celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s who you celebrate it with that counts. We've put together a list of the weirdest Thanksgiving traditions that are bizarre, strange, or downright unheard of. 

One of the most obvious things about old Thanksgiving traditions is that they’re all really weird. At different times in America’s history, people have dressed up in creepy masks, or pretended to be homeless people. Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday that’s usually connected to strange celebrations, but after reading this list you’ll see that America’s turkey day really is the epicenter of a lot of weird rituals.

Vote up the strangest Thanksgiving traditions below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. 
17 of the Strangest Thanksgiving Traditions Ever]]>
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<![CDATA[The Absolute Worst Movies to Watch on Date Night]]> http://ranker.com/list/worst-date-movies/anncasano First, it should be noted that we’re not saying you shouldn't watch these films. Many of the movies on this list, though bad movies for a date, are actually some of the best films ever made in cinema history. American Beauty won five Academy Awards, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind may be one of the most original stories you’ll ever see on celluloid, and Gone Girl is a top-notch psychological thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. All we’re saying is that maybe these are not the best films to watch if you’re hoping your date ends with romance, in fact, this list should be used as a reference. These are the absolute worst movies for date night.

Some of the movies on this list are just plain gross and disturbing. The fact that a filmmaker thought to turn tourists into a human centipede for the sake of entertainment is pretty disgusting. Other films on this list are really depressing. We know right from the beginning that the movie that Love Story ends with the young heroine’s death, but that won’t stop the deluge of tears that will erupt during the film’s climax.

Finally, there are the movies about bad marriages and horrific break-ups. Nothing kills romance like witnessing a couple’s bitter end. These films hurt the most because we know that there was a time when the onscreen couple was happy and very much in love. No one on a date wants to see what happens when love turns to hate, and a significant other is willing to do anything to hurt their partner.

So let this list be your guide as to what films to avoid on date night. And don't say we didn't warn you!

The Absolute Worst Movies to Watch on Date Night]]>
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<![CDATA[The Most Memorable Advertising Mascots of All Time]]> http://ranker.com/list/the-most-memorable-advertising-mascots-of-all-time/analise.dubner For as long as there's been advertising, companies have been trying to find a way to stand apart from each other with mascots. Some are annoying as hell, but I bet you remember them! Vote for the mascots you think were the most successful - had the most staying power... and be sure to add any I missed.

So here is the list of the best company mascots. The most famous company mascots of all time.
The Most Memorable Advertising Mascots of All Time]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Jobs For Hipsters]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-jobs-for-hipsters/ariel-kana Oh, hipsters; you thrift store loving, American beer drinking, permanent look of disdain having folks are such an interesting slice of society. There are very few popular professions that really suit the temperament of a hipster; jobs that involve being nice to people, waking up before noon, wearing a uniform, and/or using the art history degree they toiled away at are all strictly unsuitable for the modern hipster. That said, you have to wonder: what are the best jobs for hipsters?

Think criticism, think alcohol, think endless opportunities to talk about yourself and you will start to conceive of jobs hipsters have. From art in its many forms to anything that involves speaking derisively about something another person has put effort into, the many professions of hipsters put to use the few likes (and myriad dislikes) of the hipster mentality. Here, in one sure-to-be-dismissed-by-hipsters list, are all the careers hipsters like (so much as they can like something that other people already like).

If you're looking to further your research into hipster sensibilities, you may also want to check out these voteable lists of hipster bands, hipster movies and brands that hipsters love.
The Best Jobs For Hipsters]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Couch Gags in the History of The Simpsons]]> http://ranker.com/list/the-best-simpsons-couch-gags-/coy-jandreau The Simpsons is not only the most iconic show of modern television, but arguably the most important cartoon ever created. Seemingly everything has been referenced by, and in turn referenced, The Simpsons. The Fox animated sitcom is a mainstay that pretty much defined at least two entire generations and became a cultural institution over the decades. 

Its influence is truly immeasurable. Without The Simpsons there would be no South Park, no Family Guy, and no Futurama. The entire television landscape would be unrecognizable. The Simpsons made the adult cartoon the staple of entertainment it is today. There have been over 550 episodes, more than 600 guest stars, and countless recurring characters, but just one famously consistent element on the show: the couch gag. 

The couch gag actually began as nothing more than a clever way to fill time. If an episode ran long, then they'd create a short gag. If an episode was a bit short, they'd create a long gag to pad out the runtime. But over the years it became such a fixture of the show that the intro began morphing into it's own separate art form. As it stands now, the couch gag is essentially a short film playing before every episode of The Simpsons.

Vote for your favorite couch gags, whether you love the quick jokes and visual gags of the early years or the longer, more conceptual gags by guest animators over recent seasons.

The Best Couch Gags in the History of The Simpsons]]>
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<![CDATA[The Operations That Will Make You Love Anonymous]]> http://ranker.com/list/the-operations-that-will-make-you-love-anonymous/beau-iverson Starting from a simple meme and growing into a worldwide group of "hacktivists", Anonymous has perpetrated a number of socially conscious computer attacks. Their activity, both real and supposed has ranged from simple pranks to fighting censorship, taking down pedophile rings, fighting back against perceived corporate abuses, and most recently, fighting against the social media penetration of ISIS.

While much of the hacking of Anonymous is directed at those they have personal beefs with, much of this work has also been greatly beneficial in hampering the operation of people and group that pretty much everyone hates. While their methods are controversial, it's hard to deny that they've done great damage to ISIS, exposed sex offenders, curbed corporate malfeasance, fought for the rights of oppressed people.

Here are some of the top operations carried out by Anonymous and their Guy Fawkes mask wearing recruits.

The Operations That Will Make You Love Anonymous]]>
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<![CDATA[Great Video Game Movies Waiting to Happen]]> http://ranker.com/list/video-games-that-would-make-good-movies/loganrapp It's always tricky talking about video game movies simply because there isn't a strong history of movies based on video games. When some of the "best" video game movies include Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, the batting average for these films isn't all that great. 

Part of the issue is arguably the interactivity of games and how players experience the stories as participants themselves. By the time the film adaptation comes around, fans already know what the material means to them personally and no film version could possibly stack up. There are also the problems of Hollywood simply picking games that aren't worthy of adaptation, completely missing the entire point of the game itself, or settling on hired guns rather than enlisting more creative filmmakers. 

In the era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Transformers, however, licensed films are getting a lot more respect, making a lot more money, and bringing in a lot more talent, so there's hope for the video game movie.

With this list, we're going determine the video games that have the potential to becomes great movies, or at least what games we'd most like to see adapted into films. Some of these are already in development, but as we all know, the movie isn't made until it's out in theaters, so vote for the video games that would make the best movies.

Great Video Game Movies Waiting to Happen]]>
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<![CDATA[Things Competitive People Are Competitive About]]> http://ranker.com/list/things-competitive-people-are-competitive-about/jacob-shelton Why are people so competitive? Show us a person who doesn’t like competition and we’ll show you someone that’s afraid of losing. We know that makes us sound like a total psycho but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be the best at something, whether it’s playing chess in the park or being able to name every member of the bridge crew on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The feeling of stiff competition is like the thrill of the hunt for many, especially those type A folks. Once you’ve had a taste you want nothing else. And even if you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, “I’m not a wacko competitive person,” YOU’RE WRONG! Take a look at this list of things competitive people care about and we’ll bet that you’ll find something on there that gets your engines firing.

Competition can come in a variety of forms. It can be anything from playing a board game, to eating food, to pushing yourself to do better despite whatever odds you’re facing. And even though competition can be a good thing, in our experience it usually ends in someone screaming, and maybe even breaking the thing they were using to compete. About half of the things on this list half definitely ended in a couple of screaming matches, and we bet some of them are going to surprise you.

Vote up the items that you think matter the most to the competitive personality and if there’s something that you just have to win at, add it to the list.

Things Competitive People Are Competitive About]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Short Poems to Memorize]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-short-poems-to-memorize/ranker-books What is the best short poem to memorize? This list includes great poems that are easy to memorize such as "Dream within a Dream," "This Is Just to Say," "Richard Cory," and "First Fig." Memorizing poetry will prove to be an impressive trick at parties, will bring you closer to the poem, and foster a lifelong bond with literature that simply reading these poems doesn't offer.

Written works have the ability to make us feel. They make us want to believe, be inspired, and live vicariously through the stories we read on the page. Though short, these poems are full of rich imagery and hidden meaning. It is these elements which provoke readers to dig deeper, and memorizing the poem furthers that relationship even more.

Poets and their poetry have the ability to take readers places and into worlds never imagined. Poets can often be tortured souls or great thinkers who allow readers a new view on the world. Their skills with words, even when the poem is only a few lines long, draw the reader in, making us want to memorize certain works, like those on this list.

Vote up all good short poems to memorize below or add a the easiest famous poems to recite if they aren't already on the list.

The Best Short Poems to Memorize]]>
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<![CDATA[29 Things You Didn't Know About Cheese]]> http://ranker.com/list/cheese-facts/jacob-shelton Cheese is one of those foods that everyone likes. Even vegans, who don’t eat any animal products, have created fake cheese with a similar taste and texture in order to have their own version of the savory and smelly snack. The history of cheese is long and storied, with a lot of gross stuff culminating in one of the tastiest treats ever created. Even if you’re one of the few people who don’t enjoy a little wine and cheese every now and then, there’s a good chance that you’ve eaten something with cheese in the last 24 hours (pizza, a cheeseburger, some Kraft Singles that were sitting in your fridge?). If you’ve been looking for a way to delve further into your love of cheese, but haven’t been sure where to start, check out these deliciously decadent facts about cheese.

Like most archaic forms of culinary delights, cheesemaking is full of a bunch of weird sounding nonsense that somehow worked out in everyone’s favor. Who knew that letting some milk ferment in a sheep’s bladder would make a food that pretty much everyone puts on everything? The cheesemaking information on this list will change your life, or at least make you look like a real cheese head at the next dinner party you attend. Get out a pen and paper and start copying down these amazing cheese facts.

If this list of cheese trivia really got your metabolism moving, don't be shy! Tell us about your favorite cheese in the comment section and vote for it here!
29 Things You Didn]]>
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<![CDATA[13 Things That Were Postponed Because of Real Tragedies]]> http://ranker.com/list/movies-and-shows-canceled-because-of-real-life-tragedies/mike-rothschild Tragedy will sometimes force the alteration, postponement, or outright cancellation of a piece of entertainment. Whether these involve the participants, such as several cancelled reality shows, or outside forces intervening, it's often a scramble to put together new versions of a film, or find a new release date that honors what's happened, but still upholds the integrity of the art.

The September 11th attacks, in particular, had an effect on a number of films, TV series, and albums. Many were heavily edited or moved around on release schedules, and one film was cancelled altogether, due to it being set in the World Trade Center itself. Other works have been postponed due to shootings or news events, where it was judged that a little bit of human decency was more important than ratings or a good first weekend box office. In a few cases, a postponement essentially tanked a film, but other times it had no real effect.

Here are the movies and TV series that were edited, postponed, or outright cancelled when real life made it necessary.

13 Things That Were Postponed Because of Real Tragedies]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Quarterbacks to Never Win a Super Bowl]]> http://ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-quarterbacks-to-never-win-a-super-bowl A list of the best quarterbacks to never win a Super Bowl. It seems like these days there are two groups of NFL quarterbacks: Super Bowl winners, and everyone else. If you've won a Super Bowl, you're generally thrown into the class of "elite" quarterbacks. What that means is up for debate, but what isn't though, is the fact that a number of outstanding, nevertheless Hall of Fame caliber/Hall of Fame quarterbacks haven't won a Super Bowl. Despite their standing as some of the game's greatest signal callers, for one reason or another, they haven't taken a Lombardi trophy back to their city.

Some of football's greatest quarterbacks didn't have the stars align when they made the big game. Just ask Dan Marino and Jim Kelly. Considered two of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, these two all time greats had the distinction of playing for AFC teams at a time when the NFC had the league's dominant teams. Marino only made the Super Bowl once, and had the misfortune of playing one of the greatest teams of all time in the San Francisco 49ers. Besides that, his teams weren't good enough to advance to the Super Bowl. As for Kelly, his Buffalo Bills went to four Super Bowls, but had to play the NFC East when it had four of the best teams in football.

This is a list of the best quarterbacks to never win a Super Bowl. While winning a championship will define a quarterback, if a signal caller isn't able to win the big game, it's not necessarily his fault either. Take a look and vote for the best quarterback to never win the big game. Vote or re-rank it at your discretion.
The Best Quarterbacks to Never Win a Super Bowl]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Ways to Pass Time at the Airport]]> http://ranker.com/list/how-to-pass-time-at-an-airport/lisa-waugh Ah, passing time at airports. There’s an art to it. If you come prepared, your time in the airport won’t be as terrible as waiting around can sometimes be. Depending on what you’re traveling for, and how long you have between flights, you can load up your down time with many activities that will make the time fly.  
Pro travelers who know how to kill time at the airport are probably less stressed than the people around them. They’re relaxed and ready to go with the flow, realizing that they are at the mercy of the unique environment that is the airport.  
Any family or friends you haven't spoken to in a while? Your mom, your aunt, your best friend from college? Give them a call. You can also get caught up on work calls and leave messages.  
Try a new podcast! There are a ton of excellent podcasts that will pull you in. You can listen to podcasts in a bar, in a restaurant, or while you’re sitting on the floor enjoying a Cinnabon. Just make sure to sit near an outlet because rolling that much data will drain your phone. But if you bring a second device for this purpose, you’re set.
Have restless kids? Make up an airport scavenger hunt. Plant treats and silly items around the terminal and make use of the time, tiring out those little ones so they’ll sleep on the plane. Or, have story time. If you travel a lot, stock up on used books; they don’t need power, you can read through take off and landing, and it’s not a big deal if you leave them behind for another traveler.  
Upvote your favorite airport activities and add any other great ways to enjoy passing time at airports. What are you tips on how to kill time at the airport? Share your wisdom with your fellow travelers!

The Best Ways to Pass Time at the Airport]]>
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<![CDATA[All US Constitutional Amendments and What They Do]]> http://ranker.com/list/us-constitutional-amendments/mike-rothschild US Constitutional amendments range from the ones that everyone can name at the drop of a hat to a few that are so obscure even the Supreme Court doesn't use them. They enumerate rights not originally in the Constitution, establish some of the most basic legal protections American citizens have, and form the foundation of the legal system in the United States. How many Constitutional amendments are there? 27 big ones, all with a unique effect on American history.

Amendments to the Constitution also fix a number of ambiguities and errors that the Founding Fathers made when they drafted the document. Among these are clearing up confusion about succession, changing the very nature of how presidents are elected, granting voting rights to women and minorities, and taking away opportunities for states to abuse their power.

The first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution make up the Bill of Rights, drafted in 1789 and ratified in 1791. But the remaining 17 amendments, ratified in subsequent years, have played important roles in US history as well.

Here are all 27 US Constitutional amendments, from the First through the Twenty-Seventh, with a summary of what they do and various other fun Constitution facts.

All US Constitutional Amendments and What They Do]]>
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<![CDATA[Things You Should Know About Star Wars: The Force Awakens]]> http://ranker.com/list/star-wars-the-force-awakens-facts/jacob-shelton As Star Wars: The Force Awakens draws closer to being released, rumor and fact have begun to mesh together into some kind of globby new reality that become it’s own movie. Don’t be taken in by this parallel universe made of half truths, that’s just as bad as going to the dark side. Why not hang out with us and learn the facts about Episode VII? We’ll be like Yoda and you can be Luke, carrying us around the swamps of the Internet while we teach you the ways of the force. Or possibly a less convoluted metaphor. The next few months are leading up to the apex of most of our geeky lives, and if you care at all about Star Wars, you’ll want to be in the conversation. Don’t be left behind like Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, hop in our Millennium Falcon knowledge and learn everything you should know about The Force Awakens.

Who is Finn? What’s a BB8? Why is my grandpa hanging out with a very hairy man in a space ship? These are the kinds of questions that we’re here to answer, although, if you don’t know who Chewbacca is we may not be able to help you. On this very important list of things you need to know about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we’ve done our best to stay out of the realm of rumors and post information that’s come straight from the actors and filmmakers involved with Episode VII.

Vote on which piece of information you think is most vital to The Force Awakens, and if you’re related to Adam Driver and know something about Kylo Ren that we don’t (which is everything), leave us a comment!
Things You Should Know About Star Wars: The Force Awakens]]>
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<![CDATA[Current TV Characters You Would Hire]]> http://ranker.com/list/current-tv-characters-you-would-hire/ranker-tv The current TV characters you'd hire are all ranked here on this list of employable fictional people. Ever watch a television show and think, "Hey, that character is really good at their job!" For instance, Phil Dunphy from Modern Family considers himself one of the best real estate agents around. That confidence goes a long way! TV characters who are good at their jobs range from tough police officers like Mike Biggs on Mike and Molly to inspiring teachers like the grown-up Cory Matthews on Girl Meets World.
TV characters who are good employees also include detectives like David Duchovny's character on Aquarius and OB/GYNs like Mindy Kaling's character on The Mindy Project. Whether it's your favorite current sitcom or your favorite current drama, television characters who are successful in their careers or have a passion for the gig are all listed here. Just think of Jared Dunn from HBO's Silicon Valley, played by Zach Woods, who is extremely loyal to his startup company and also has innovation of his own.

From the Selina Meyers administration to the Frank Underwood administration, characters from both the VEEP White House and the House of Cards White House are listed here because of their devotion and talent in the workplace. And who wouldn't want Olivia Pope from Scandal cleaning up our messes?

Which of these current TV show characters do you think is best at their job and would be able to hold their own in a real world work environment? Cast your votes below and be sure to add any other talented and skilled television characters, provided they are on a current show (network or streaming) and you think they'd make a great addition to just about any team of professionals.

Current TV Characters You Would Hire]]>
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<![CDATA[The Most Powerful Performances at Paris's Bataclan Theater]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-live-performances-from-bataclan-theater/libby-molyneaux

The Bataclan Theater in Paris will forever be known as the site of one of the most horrific and bloody terrorist attacks in history. On November 13, 2015, eighty people were massacred and many more injured while attending a show by the Eagles of Death Metal. But the Bataclan has long been a place of great joy, art, and dancing.  Sifting through performance videos online in the days after the tragic event, it's the emotional ones that stand out.

Here, we've collected ten must-hear performances, live from the Bataclan. We've included hopeful tunes, sorrowful songs, music of resistance, and even party music. You can't deny that each one of these performances is powerful in its own way. 

Le Bataclan (pronounced Ba-ta-cla') was designed by architect Charles Duval in 1864 and named for an operetta by Offenbach. Paris's Bataclan has a beautiful facade in the Chinoiserie style. The venue survived a devastating fire in 1933 when it was a movie palace.  In recent years, the theater has become known for a variety of acts: indie music, stand-up comedy, world-music acts. Of the venue's plans to re-open, co-manager Dominique Revert remarked in the days after the terrorist attack: “The [atmosphere] will feel a bit heavy for a few months, a few years, but to not open it would be to capitulate. Of course the Bataclan will reopen.”

The Most Powerful Performances at Paris]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best "This American Life" Episodes]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-this-american-life-episodes/cameron-quasney This list of the greatest This American Life episodes of all time ranks the popular radio show's top installments, with links to the episodes for reference, entertainment, and enjoyment. Many public radio fans are truly devoted to this show, which is hosted by Ira Glass, who won the Edward R. Murrow Award for his work on the program. The best This American Life episodes (and even the not quite as great ones) are produced by WBEZ and leave audiences wanting more than just the hour of storytelling. Riveting radio is arguably hard to come by these days, but these episodes are full of mystery, hilarity, and tragedy.

This American Life best episodes range from "Sinatra" (which will teach even the biggest Frank Sinatra aficionados new and surprising details) to "Back to Penn State" (which kept the heat on the topical issues of the day). The best TAL episodes are downloadable, streamable, and unforgettable. From shocking interviews to amazing anecdotes, the stories heard on these This American Life podcast episodes have stuck with old fans and created new fans.

Check out this list, peruse the classic episodes, and learn about "Babysitting," "Guns," or "Birds & Bees" in ways you never thought possible. This list of TAL podcast episodes is votable and needs your votes and opinions to truly determine the best episodes of this insightful, intellectual, and culturally important podcast and radio show.

The Best "This American Life" Episodes]]>
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<![CDATA[Seemingly Generic Terms That Are Actually Brand Names]]> http://ranker.com/list/generic-terms-that-are-brand-names/robert-desalvo When a company trademarks the name of a product and the public actually starts using the trademarked name instead of the generic name, the marketing team needs a raise and promotion. If you cut yourself, would you ask for an adhesive bandage or a Band-Aid? Would you grab a Kleenex or a disposable facial tissue if you were watching Terms of Endearment? Would you go Rollerblading by the beach or inline skating? Do you fancy a game of table tennis or Ping-Pong?

These are just a few examples of proprietary eponyms that sound generic enough in everyday use, but are actually brands owned by someone or some company out there. Which of the following names could you have sworn was a generic term? There are lots of generic names that are brands, and not generic at all!

Read on to find out which companies have done their job so thoroughly that you now use their trademarked brand name instead of the generic term... and can't stop!
Seemingly Generic Terms That Are Actually Brand Names]]>
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<![CDATA[The Greatest Fictional Rock Stars]]> http://ranker.com/list/greatest-fictional-rock-stars/ranker-music List of the greatest fictional rock stars in film, TV, and literature. As kids, who doesn't sing into an imaginary microphone and pretend to entertain thousands of screaming fans? The adoration, the money, the chicks... The life of a rock star sounds pretty great. Who are the best fictional rock singers and members of fictional rock bands? While there are many great fictional singers, this list only includes true rock stars. Some are are the main characters of their own stories, and others only appear for a memorable scene or two in some of the best movies, TV shows, and books. Vote up your favorite fake rocker, and please add any that we missed. 
The Greatest Fictional Rock Stars]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Political Drama TV Shows]]> http://ranker.com/list/political-drama-tv-shows-and-series/reference The very best political drama shows on television, ranked from best to worst. This list of the greatest political drama shows also includes pictures from the shows, when available. Popular political drama TV shows have been a staple of television for years, so there's often debate about what the most entertaining political drama show of all time is. Don't let your favorite political drama television programs fall to the bottom of the list - be sure to vote them up so they have the chance to reach the top spot. The list of political drama television shows below includes information like the program's cast, creator, and premiere date, when available.

The West Wing and House of Cards are included on this list along with many more political dramas. These are without a doubt the best political dramas on TV. Many feature the best fictional politicians to ever grace the small screen, along with other notable characters. Political TV dramas often have intense storylines, win countless awards, and are among the top-rated TV shows in any genre. 

What is the best political drama show of all time? What are the greatest political drama shows? And, most importantly, what do YOU think are the best political TV shows? Political television shows are as popular as ever and they aren't going away any time soon, so be sure to check out the names of political drama shows and series on this list and upvote the best of the best!
The Best Political Drama TV Shows]]>
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<![CDATA[Things You Didn't Know About the Witness Protection Program]]> http://ranker.com/list/witness-protection-program-facts/harmonleon

The Witness Protection Program (WITSEC) is by definition a secretive institution. The Department of Justice has only arranged for the press to interview one protected family since the program's creation in 1970, as part of the Organized Crime Control Act. The average person’s knowledge is limited to what they’ve seen in mobster movies and TV shows. The fascinating witness protection program facts we dug up will give you more insight into this often mysterious federal program. 

While Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) of AMC’s Better Call Saul may be the most entertaining on-screen character in the Witness Protection Program, Henry Hill from the movie Goodfellas is the most famous. Played by Ray Liotta and based on a real-life gangster of the same name, Hill describes life inside the program in the film’s memorable closing scene: “Today, everything is different. There's no action. I have to wait around like everyone else. Can't even get decent food. Right after I got here, I ordered some spaghetti with marinara sauce and I got egg noodles and ketchup. I'm an average nobody. I get to live the rest of my life like a schnook.”

Is that what it’s really like to be schnook? Read on to learn how the Witness Protection Program works and what it takes for a person to assume a new identity and start a new life from scratch.

Things You Didn]]>
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<![CDATA[The Funniest Shows Streaming on Netflix]]> http://ranker.com/list/funniest-shows-on-netflix/ranker-tv The absolute funniest shows streaming on Netflix, ranked from the most popular to the least by the Ranker community. This list has all comedy TV shows that are currently streaming on Netflix. Which show is the funniest?

 From "Arrested Development" to "Cheers," there's a slew of comedies to choose from that spans the decades. This list can also help satiate your binge-watching appetite as well, as many of these shows will keep you in stitches right through their last season. So sit back, relax, and vote up this list of funny shows on Netflix.

The Funniest Shows Streaming on Netflix]]>
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<![CDATA[The Hidden Meanings Behind Popular Frank Sinatra Songs]]> http://ranker.com/list/frank-sinatra-hidden-song-meanings/mike-rothschild While the vast majority of the songs Frank Sinatra recorded were love songs, either odes to its loss or tributes to its greatness, he also recorded a number of songs about places and people that were meaningful to him. Hidden behind those songs are stories about how they came to be and how they got to Sinatra. Hidden song meanings are always interesting, sometimes scandalous, and Sinatra's vast catalog is full of backstory.

Some are cuts he loved, some others he hated and only performed because they were expected of him. Many are songs he recorded numerous different times in various contexts - from swing to torch songs to disco (!). Here are the stories behind some signature Sinatra songs, including a few you might never have heard.

15 Things You Might Not Know About Frank Sinatra
11 Little Known Facts About Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra: The Stories Behind His Songs

The Hidden Meanings Behind Popular Frank Sinatra Songs]]>
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<![CDATA[Things You Hate Most When Driving]]> http://ranker.com/list/things-you-hate-most-when-driving/analise.dubner We all get a little extra annoyed when we slide behind the wheel of our car. Maybe it's because we'd rather just be where we were going and not have to deal with the most aggravating thing about driving... which is other drivers. What the absolute worst when you're just trying run an errand or go home after a long day at work? What makes you wish you had machine guns mounted on the hood? Vote for your most hated thing, and be sure to add anything you see missing.
Things You Hate Most When Driving]]>
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<![CDATA[The Most Questionable Things Ben Carson Has Claimed]]> http://ranker.com/list/ben-carson-lies/loganrapp With strong poll numbers, at least in comparison to his fellow Republican candidates for President of the United States, Ben Carson has received quite a bit of attention for some of the things he's said. The mild-mannered, soft spoken neurosurgeon had flown under the radar while Donald Trump bullied his way to the top, but as the doctor made headway in the polls, people actually started paying attention to the things Ben Carson made up. 

Naturally, we collected some of the more questionable things Ben Carson has said. Some of them might be Ben Carson lies, but it's difficult to say at this point. Is the Ben Carson stabbing story true? Did he really attack his mother with a hammer? Well, take a look and find out. Some of these questionable statements aren't lies, per se, but that doesn't make them truths (like the suggestion that the Holocaust could have been stopped if the Jews had been better armed).

So check out our list of half-truths, questionable statements, and lies Ben Carson said. They made just affect your decision when it comes time to vote.

The Most Questionable Things Ben Carson Has Claimed]]>
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<![CDATA[The Most Nausea-Inducing Great Films]]> http://ranker.com/list/the-most-nausea-inducing-great-films/randolph The most nausea-inducing great films manage to make moviegoers squirm with discomfort, but leave the theater feeling like they've seen a really solid movie. Some films on this list are, not surprisingly, straight-up horror movies, but others are more psychologically disturbing. Either way, every film on this list can be, to some, nausea-inducing and generally unsettling. Be sure to vote for the movies that you think were the most difficult to watch, and, if you know of a particularly nausea-inducing great film that isn't listed, add it.

Movies don't always need to have wall-to-wall, graphic violence to induce nausea, but it helps. Films like 'Drive,' 'Reservoir Dogs' and certainly 'Pulp Fiction' fall squarely in the gratuitous violence category, but they are all excellent movies. Some of the films on this list, including 'A Clockwork Orange,' 'Midnight Cowboy,' 'No Country for Old Men,' 'American History X,' 'Fargo,' 'Crash,' were nominated for, and won, Academy Awards. Many are considered among the best films of all-time ('Scarface' comes to mind immediately). But one thing they all have in common: Each movie listed here can be upsetting to watch.

In terms of outright horror movies, sure, most of them do have extremely graphic, hard-to-watch violence in them, but not all horror films can truly be called 'great.' Some, like Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining' and John Carpenter's original 'The Thing' manage to scare us silly and nauseate us at the same time.

Nausea-inducing great films can stay with someone long after the last frame is shown. They are disturbing and they haunt you. That's what this list is all about, so be sure to vote for your favorites and add any movie that I've missed.
The Most Nausea-Inducing Great Films]]>
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<![CDATA[Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Adele]]> http://ranker.com/list/adele-facts/lisa-waugh Think you know everything there is to know about your English power house singer? Well it's time to put your knowledge to the test because Adele trivia is here! The Adele wiki is full of everything from funny quotes and random facts, to some honest moments about hangovers and motherhood. And that time Adele nearly ran Sean Combs down with a golf cart.  
Who is the real Adele? She doesn’t care what Karl Lagerfeld thinks of her. She certainly didn’t mind appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone as a mere mortal. She dressed up as George Michael for her 27th birthday. Adele cackles, gawks at celebrities, is frightening by fame, and still thinks someone’s going to yank it all away and take her back to Tottenham.  
The Adele biography includes precious comments about her son Angelo, including the fact that she gave up smoking for him. And for all the Adele history out there, you probably didn't know that she charges her fans money to meet with her (which she then donates to charity).  
Which Adele stories are your favorite? Vote them up and let your voice be heard. Is there something from Adele’s life you want to share, add it to the list! 

Fun Facts You Didn]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Current HBO Series]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-current-hbo-series/ranker-tv These are the best current HBO series, ranked from best to worst by user votes. Right now, HBO is airing award-winning programs for a variety of audiences. Some of the best current HBO series are critically aclaimed dramas and some other top current HBO shows are hilarious comedies. HBO has great shows no matter what genre you are in the mood for. Regardless of genre, what are the greatest current HBO series? That's up to you! Vote up your favorites!

What are some of the shows that appear on this best current HBO series list? Game of Thrones has viewers on the edge of their seats with each and every episode. Since premiering in 2011, several main characters have died leaving no one safe for the remaining tenure of the show. True Detective is another good series currently airing on HBO.

The funny side of running a tech startup is explored on the hilarious HBO comedy Silicon Valley. Other great shows featured on this top current HBO series list include Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Veep and The Leftovers.

Which current HBO show should appear in the top spot on this list? 
The Best Current HBO Series]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best Female Scientists in Film]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-female-scientists-in-film/anncasano What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word scientist? It's most likely an intelligent type wearing a white lab coat with round-rimmed glasses. And more than likely, you see the scientist as a male. Scientists in film and movies are typically no different than the character type you have in your head. However, sometimes the script calls for a slight spin on archetype. These are the best female scientists in film.

Several different areas of science are represented on this list. There are anthropologists, forensic specialists, astrophysicists, biologists, archeologists, astrobiologists, and meteorologists. Some of the females on this list are real people, like Dian Fossey (Gorillas in the Mist), who risked her life in order to save a rare species of mountain gorillas in Africa. Clara McMillen (Kinsey), a biologist, aided her husband’s ground-breaking research that ultimately linked science and sexual behavior.

Most of the female characters on this list are fictional and their roles as scientists play a vital part in the narratives of the films they are in. Sure, everyone thinks of Peter Parker when The Amazing Spider-Man is mentioned. But what about Gwen Stacey? Without Stacey, Spider-Man could not have stopped Dr. Connors, and the fine people of New York City would have been turned into human lizards.

It doesn’t matter whether these female scientists are trying to contact aliens or find the cure for a deadly monkey virus. Their dedication and intelligence is apparent all over the silver screen. Be sure to upvote your favorite female scientists movie characters below!

The Best Female Scientists in Film]]>
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<![CDATA[Colorized Photos from Military History]]> http://ranker.com/list/colorized-photos-from-military-history/mike-rothschild When cameras were first invented, pictures were hard to take and involved posing for long periods of time. But cameras became smaller and more portable, and it became easier to take pictures that more closely depicted real life. While color photos from military history were extremely rare at first, they become much more common in later wars.

Vivid colorized photos of every conflict from the Crimean War through the Civil War and World War 2 make war vivid and realistic in a way that no documentary or book can. The colors on uniforms pop, the mud of World War 1 looks thick and foreboding, and even Axis soldiers reveal themselves as human beings
. They capture the mundane moments in the lives of troops on both sides, soldiers relaxing, smiling for cameras, and the aftermath of wars.

Here are colorized photos from the mid 1800s through WW1 and WW2.You'll even see some colorized civil war photos in the bunch. Vote up the color images and pictures that make history come alive. 

Colorized Photos from Military History]]>
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<![CDATA[The Best TV Shows Based on Books]]> http://ranker.com/list/best-tv-shows-based-on-books/ranker-tv Fun fact: Game of Thrones isn't the only good TV show based on a book streaming on the airwaves! Though more and more people are complaining about sequels and reboots and re-imaginings at the movies, it's the golden age of television, with awesome shows inspired by books everywhere you look. The small screen has the benefit of being much more long form, and therefore a great place to showcase something based on a book or series of books. With television adaptations of books you have the ability to learn love and live with characters for the long haul, just as with a novel or series of novels. 

Naturally as TV has been around for quite some time, there have been great book adaptations throughout the years. There have also been plenty of books adapted for TV in the form of the miniseries or TV movie, but that's another list and you won't find them here (otherwise Band of Brothers would most certainly have made the cut). Instead we are just focusing on traditional TV programs that are based on or inspired by books.

Be it a current show (Orange Is the New Black), a critically acclaimed show that has ended (Boardwalk Empire), a show that started out amazing while it was based on it's book series... then derailed (Dexter), or a classic TV show you might not have realized was based on a book at all (M*A*S*H*), this list has them all.

These are the best shows based on books to ever air on television! Vote up the best of these shows below - whether because they nailed the adaptation or because they were top-notch, quality programming in their own right. Maybe the best overall shows rise to the top.
The Best TV Shows Based on Books]]>
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