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"Dumb" TV Shows That Might Teach You Something

You've heard it before. People talk about "trash TV shows," that are disgusting wastes of time. Some say they will "lower your intelligence"... Shut up. They're fun to watch. If you read between the "dumb" banter, may teach you a thing or two about something worth learning.
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    Guiliana and Bill

    The Style Network's show follows E! News Correspondent Guiliana Rancic and her husband Bill, the winner of the first season of the Apprentice, through the ups and downs of being newlyweds. Traveling between L.A. and Chicago, this couple deals with fun, non-trivial issues like the fear of flying, and home decoration. Who cares? It's fun to watch. Bill Rancic is a real estate developer with a cynical attitude towards his wife's opinions on the handbags she would "die" for. Bill is a business oriented guy with constant profit on the agenda, and Guiliana is the perfect opposite, leading to hilarity and an obvious romantic connection. I know, it sounds kinda stupid, but so what? It's a good time! In one episode, Guiliana has serious trouble reclining in a new chair, and the unintentional blooper of her struggling with the furniture caused me to rewind and re-watch at least three times. It's probably YouTube gold. I got a good laugh from it, so can you. Give them a break and tune in.
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    I know. It's a presumably scripted, total B.S. reality TV show about the lives of rich girls living in the social limelight. What is real about it? The businesses, the restaurants, the bars, the stores, some of the lifestyles and the fact that the drama presented onscreen is a fun thing to watch. Let's be honest, you aren't going to walk away from this show with a new sense of philosophical wisdom. That's what freshman college courses are for. If you're a chick, just enjoy the fact that your life isn't as dramatic as these girls'. If it is... that sucks... If you're a bro, have some girl over to watch it with you and tell her that she's way more real, and prettier than Heidi/Lauren/Audrina... Now is it a waste of time?
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    Greek, a show on ABC Family, gets scrutiny with its own title. People will always object the frat/sorority life, but even "Animal House" is outdated at this point. This is as close as it gets on today's TV programming. I'm part of the Greek community, and as a frat guy, I can say that this show is pretty true to its roots. They do scale back on many of the realistic occurrences that actually take place on a collegiate greek row. However, for an ABC Family program, they have clever enough writing to innuendo their way to the basic truths, while still entertaining a younger demographic.
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    I NEVER knew that people had legitimate phobias of inanimate objects like pickles before... go ahead and YouTube it... it's... hilariously educational.
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    So desperate single women and men go on dates with one another paired up by a TV show looking to... obviously pair up people who will probably clash... It's a genius idea, and equally as fun to switch the channel to.
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    They're dumb enough to cheat, and therefore, dumb enough to get caught in compromising positions and then fight/scream/stab their way out of... I mean... C'mon... How is that not worth 30 minutes of your time? If anything, watch it with your significant other and recognize how much more functional you guys are.
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