10 Amazing Insect Defensive Tactics Anything
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10 Amazing Insect Defensive Tactics

It's not easy being at the bottom of the food chain. Insects have predators coming at them from all sides, so they've cooked up a whole bunch of ways to defend themselves. Some of these techniques are pure offense, but most of them have evolved into remarkable defenses. Hiding, fighting, playing dead... nothing is off the table when it comes to survival. These are 10 ways insects protect themselves.

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    No, really, I'm dead. Just lying here, deceased and unmoving. Move along, nothing to see here but us dead bugs.

    Things that eat other things tend to quickly lose interest in dead prey, so some insects that employ the strategy of playing dead (thanatosis) can often escape unharmed. Threatened insects simply let go of whatever they happen to be hanging on to and drop, motionless, to the ground where they put on the performance of a lifetime. Certain caterpillars, ladybugs, many beetles, weevils, robber flies, and giant water bugs all employ this technique. Guess what Death-feigning beetles do to protect themselves?

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