10 Artists That Inspired The New Album Bands/Musicians
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10 Artists That Inspired The New Album

With the debut of their new single "Headlights" and their new EP "The Hated & The Loved" coming out Morning Parade stopped by and told Ranker about the top 10 bands that inspired their debut album.

Be sure to check out their tour dates and catch them when they hit your area. Morning Parade's next stop will be March 13th at The Roxy in Los Angeles.

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    We all saw Faithless headline V Festival and were amazed by a dance band having as much presence as a Rock band. Big synth lines and dance rhythms definitely are throughout our album.

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    Sigur Ros have such a talent of creating atmosphere and reflection. Their beauty and epicness, definitely is a big part of how we like to sculpt our textures.

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    What can we say? One of the most talented singers on the planet! All of us can not be more inspired by how Jeff completely captivates with every word expressed in his vocals. Definitely inspired by his melody and delivery on the record.

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    French electro rock M83 have always hit our senses with their big pad synths and ghostly tones. Love their productions, and is a key feature on bringing the synth up front in a lot of tracks.

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