10 Bands To Know So That Older People Think You Are Cool Bands/Musicians
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10 Bands To Know So That Older People Think You Are Cool

Bottom line: everyone relates to music. Whether you are going to interview with the manager at an old-blooded company, or meeting prospective in-laws, the music below is always an easy way to relate. When things get tough, talk about music. In an economy like this, pulling out that music card is definitely a way to break down the corporate wall. Try it. I mean, if the interview is going really badly, what have you got to lose? Most of all, those that are not quite into to the Gen-Y malarkey that we're into will appreciate the fact that we appreciate their golden years. Picture this: a drunken conversation with your gun-cleaning, tool-using, father-in-law to be. One mention of Frankie Valli and he will turn off all the lights and start to dance with his wife, cigar in hand. Then, at that moment, you will be golden...and you can bang his daughter.

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    Okay, do they really need an explanation?! Any man or woman who doesn't like that Beatles has got some explaining to do. STAT! It would be a good debate topic, though.

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    They are in their 60's and still singing their asses off. AND they still sound the same as they did when they were in their prime. They remind everyone that just because you get older, you can still do what you want and be damn good at it.

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    Any man, young or old, that appreciates the instrumental abilities of Chicago immediately gains 10 points. With anybody.

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    "Romeo and Juliet" stands as one of the greatest songs of all time. Just knowing that a young person knows a song of this caliber will make those older peeps swoon, man or woman.

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    Any mention of anything relating to Frank Sinatra (i.e. The Rat Pack) will make any man envision smoking a cigar, turning off the lights, and dancing with his wife.

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    Another guy in his 60's that is still kickin'. Older men know how to rock it, but they need to be reminded sometimes, and that, my friend, is up to you. I wouldn't bring up the fact that his voice reminds you of sex, though.

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