The 10 Biggest, Deadliest, Most Destructive Hurricanes EVER! Anything
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The 10 Biggest, Deadliest, Most Destructive Hurricanes EVER!

List of the worst hurricanes ever, with photos. What were the biggest hurricanes in history? Every hurricane season, some areas of coastline around the world are threatened. To get some sense of the proportion of the damage caused by these storms, here's a look back at the most destructive hurricanes ever recorded– simply the deadliest, largest, and most threatening hurricanes of all time. Be careful out there. If you're interested in more natural disasters check out the worst tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, wildfires, and earthquakes in history. They'll really put life in perspective for you.
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    1970 Bhola cyclone

    Taking the cake for the deadliest tropical cyclone ever recorded, the 1970 Bhola Cyclone hit East Pakistan (Bangladesh today) and India's West Bengal on November 12, 1970. While the exact death toll is unknown it is estimated that 300,000-500,000 people perished in the aftermath of this storm, making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in recent history.

    This cyclone was not extremely large, reaching strengths equivalent of a Category 3 Hurricane. The killing power of this storm was almost completely attributed to the cyclone's surge, which flooded most of the low lying islands in the Ganges Delta, literally wiping villages and crops off the face of the Earth.

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