10 Celebs Who Put the Hip in Hip Replacement People

10 Celebs Who Put the Hip in Hip Replacement

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Are these celebrities "hip"? You be the judge. The one thing the do have in common is that they are all famous, and they have all had hip replacement surgery. Your hip strength and overall health may be something we all take advantage of, and hip problems are easy enough to ignore until it's too late. If you're experiencing overwhelming hip pain that doesn't go away with a walker or cain,  maybe you should take a note from these celebrities and look into hip replacement surgery for yourself.
It's amazing that some of these stars went so long without having hip surgery, as many of them have careers that require that they are mobile. Some of these celebs might just surprise you- hip replacement isn't just for the ancient, after all. If you decide that hip replacement is right for you after reading this list, ask your local medical provider if you can set up a meeting with a doctor! But don't forget, many people have had hip pain go away completely without surgery, simply by putting in an hour of yoga or other stretches in per day.

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  1. George H. W. Bush
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    Former President Bush had his left hip replaced in 2000 at the Mayo Clinic, at age 76. His wife, former First Lady Barbara Bush had the same procedure just 3 years earlier at the same hospital. 
  2. Pop icon Billy Joel had both hips replaced in 2010 to correct what was called "a congenital condition." Just before surgery, he appeared on the Howard Stern Show, saying, "that years of bouncing around stages had taken its toll and he "had" to get it over with. 
  3. Former aerobics queen Jane Fonda had hip replacement surgery in 2005 at age 67. The actress has had her share of surgeries-including multiple cosmetic surgeries and a knee replacement surgery. However, she remains active, showing up just last year, at age 72 in a leotard to celebrate World Fitness Day in Atlanta, Georgia. 
  4. Regis had hip replacement surgery in 2009 at age 78,  and was back to his morning talk show Regis and Kelly just over 4 weeks later. 
  5. The Olympic figure skater's hip problem, Avascular Necrosis, was diagnosed in 2002, and Rudy went on to have a double hip replacement, using ceramic on ceramic implants in his 2003 surgeries. He returned to the ice just a few weeks later, and in 2004 returned to the Champions on Ice Tours. 
  6. Ray Charles
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    The late Ray Charles had hip replacment surgery in 2003. Post-surgery, he said, "I feel terrific and am so thankful to the good Lord that all is going well for me. "I can't wait to get back on the road, which is my second home." Acute discomfort in his left hip forced the then 73-year-old singer to cancel shows and schedule his surgery-  the first time Charles had canceled a tour in 53 years.
  7. Eddie Van Halen
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    Suffering from lingering injuries from past high-risk acrobatic stage antics and crashes, Eddie Van Halen underwent hip replacement surgery in November 1999 after his chronic avascular necrosis, which he was diagnosed with in 1995, became unbearable. He was just the 44 at the time of his surgery.
  8. Former football player and coach Mike Ditka underwent double hip replacement surgery in the late 90's. Post-surgery, he said "The hips are great, I feel great right now, it's the best I've ever felt. I ran this morning, I run every morning I'm here. I work out, I'm in better shape now than I've been in probably the last five or six years, I've taken off some weight. I feel good, I really do—I feel good about life, I feel good about everything." 
  9. During her 60-year career, the film legend earned 12 Oscar nominations, which stood as a record until Meryl Streep surpassed her nomination total in 2003. Hepburn remained energetic into her 80s, rising at dawn and going to bed at seven. She worked in her garden, made anonymous gifts to her small community, and was considered a good neighbor. Slowed by arthritis, hip replacement surgery, tremors and pneumonia, she quipped in 1990, "I’m gradually disintegrating." 
  10. Former Journey lead singer Steve Perry suffered a hip injury while hiking in Hawaii. He was later diagnosed with a degenerative bone condition and told a hip replacement would be required. It's said Perry's reluctance to undergo surgery and his inability to tour while in pain is what lead to the final break-up of the band. Perry did eventually have his hip replacement procedure. 
  11. Elizabeth Taylor broke her back five times, had both her hips replaced three times.
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