10 Custom Sci-Fi My Little Pony Dolls Anything

10 Custom Sci-Fi My Little Pony Dolls

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You just gotta love Finnish sculptor Mari Kasurinen. Kasurinen has taken the beloved 1980s toy My Little Pony to the next level, as she has created numerous pony sculptures inspired by pop culture.
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    My Little Princess Leia

    My Little Princess Leia.

  2. 2

    My Little Han Solo

    My Little Han Solo.

  3. 3

    My Little Darth Vadar

    My Little Darth Vadar.

  4. 4

    My Little Stormtrooper

    My Little Stormtrooper.

  5. 5

    My Little Chewbacca

    My Little Chewbacca.

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