10 Famous Women We REALLY Didn't Need to See Naked

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Ninety five percent of the time, female celebrity nudity is a rare gift, something to gaze upon fondly and treasure. These intimate pictures give us the opportunity to see our idols at their most vulnerable, confirm or deny lurking suspicions about what they actually look like naked, and paint a more accurate picture for some of our deepest fantasies. The following people have provided us with the exact opposite of this.

The other five percent is comprised of everything dark and unsightly, the bodies for which clothes were made.These are celebrities of the female variety that make you wish you could turn back time and unsee what you have just seen, lest the imagery haunt you until you poke your own eyes out with a ball point pen. Their nudity, be it accidental or intentional, is enough to kill even the strongest of sex drives. When exposed, these women are basically the physical embodiment of a cold shower.

Here are ten examples of female celebrities you didn't need to see more of in all their naked (or partially naked) glory, forever scorching their nauseating forms on our retinas. Shelley Long nude? No thanks.
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