10 Fat Facts Anything
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10 Fat Facts

The size of American's waist lines continues to grow. Between 1990-2010, the obesity rate doubled in some American states...and tripled in others. One-third of all American are now obese. We seem destined to be a fat country. Is weight loss surgery the answer?

For many, especially those with diabetes, the answer is a resounding "Yes!". A growing list of studies show that weight loss surgery works much better than the standard treatments to control Type 2 diabetes in obese and overweight people. Contact Leslie at Nuehealth for information on weight loss surgery options: 866-978-2573,ext. 119.

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    In 1990 no state had an obesity rate above 15%

    How things change! By 2010, no U.S. state had an obesity rate below 20%, and a quarter of all state have an obesity rate over 30%. What do you think of fat shaming - do you agree it's the last 'acceptable prejudice'? http://dld.bz/cJefH

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    Annual health care for the obese is +$100 billion

    Obesity is to blame for the top illnesses in the U.S.:Heart disease, diabetes, gallbladder disease and sleep apnea are all directly linked. Learn about Green Zone weight loss surgery. http://pdf.nuehealth.com/green-zone-weight-loss-surgery/

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    Obesity is the #2 cause of preventable death

    In the U.S., obesity ranks just behind tobacco smoking, and is attributed to over 350,000 deaths each year. That tops alcohol, infectious diseases, toxins, car accidents, firearm deaths, sexually transmitted diseases and drug abuse.

    These are 19 health improvements you can expect when you lose weight:  http://sitelet.nuehealth.com/when-you-lose-fat/

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    Obese children are likely to live shorter lives

    Those who grow up obese are twice as likey to die before the age of 55. Contact Leslie at Nuehealth for information on your medical travel weight loss surgery options: 866-978-2573, ext. 119.

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    Our calorie consumption outpaces rest of world

    The average daily number of calories consumed in the U.S. is a whopping 3,830. The global average is over 1,000 calories less per day, at 2,800.   Are these 8 habits making YOU fat?  http://pdf.nuehealth.com/habits-making-you-fat/

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    Obesity reduces life expectancy

    Obese Americans live 13 fewer years than those of healthy weight. Here are some great FAQs for Gastric Sleeve Plication:  http://sitelet.nuehealth.com/faq_gastric-sleeve-plication/

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    Obesity affects education

    Only half of obese girls go to college. A study by the Sociology of Education, Using college enrollment as a measure of academic success, found that obese students had a worse experience at school than their thinner peers and were less likely to attend college, and that the effects of being overweight hurt girls far more than boys. 

    Why I Am a Weight Loss Surgeon: Medical Travel Expert Dr. Lopez-Corvala http://pdf.nuehealth.com/interview-with-dr-corvala/

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    3/4 of Americans eat fast food 1 a week

    Nearly $100 billion a year is spent on fast food.  Find out how Laureli's life is "15 Shade of Great" after LAP-BAND! http://patients.nuehealth.com/testimonials#weight-loss-laureli

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    We have more McDonald's that any other country

    The U.S.has 18,590 McDonald's restaurants out of a total of about 33,000 restaurants in 119 countries.  Do you know your Waist-to-Hip Ratio?  http://pdf.nuehealth.com/download/20130219_diet-facts.pdf

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    We exercise less

    Americans burn between 120-140 calories less a day then they did 50 years ago. That adds up to almost 15 extra pounds per year.Contact Leslie at Nuehealth for information on the world's top weight loss surgery medical travel programs: 866-978-2573, ext. 119. 

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