10 Great Things About iSpaces! Websites
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10 Great Things About iSpaces!

Below is a list of just 10 of the amazing things iSpaces, your cloud computer, has to offer! If you have not already registered for your FREE account, do it now! Go to www.ispaces.com and simplify your digital life!
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    1. You get multiple desktops called 'Spaces' that you can arrange the way you want.

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    2. iSpaces runs on Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux and Mac. For the optimum user experience access iSpaces through Google Chrome for PCs and Safari for Macs. So you can use it anywhere, on any machine.

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    3. iSpaces is safe and secure with encrypted storage and backup.

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    4. iSpaces gives you lightening fast access to all of your data, apps and bookmarks from any computer

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    5. iSpaces gives you your own file manager in the cloud with FileSpace! You can store, move and organize not only your local and iSpaces files, but FileSpace also has Dropbox and Box.net integrated too!

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    6. iSpaces is really simple to use!!!!

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    7. Our persistence is so cool! You can login and out of iSpaces from multiple computers and not have to reopen your applications!!

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    8. iSpaces unique web browser will remember your open tabs, passwords, preferences and browsing history, saving it to the cloud.

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    9. iSpaces is FREE!!!!!!!

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    10. iSpaces is persistent, fast, free, simple to use. What more could you possibly want?

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