10 Hilariously Dated News Reports on "New" Technologies Anything
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10 Hilariously Dated News Reports on "New" Technologies

Before a technology really makes it big, we, as a society, struggle to understand exactly what it is and how to use it. And now, thanks to technology, we have the embarrassing news reports to prove exactly how much we didn't "get" concepts like The Internet, Remote Controls and even Compact Discs, back when they were still new -- and they're all hilarious. Enjoy this trip through memory lane and marvel at the astounding inventions of the 20th century.

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    The Internet - What Is It?

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    Embedded to your left, we have a report from KRON, a local bay area news station, about what it'll be like in "the f*ture" reading newspapers off of screens instead of paper. The very first line of the report itself is amazing:

    "Imagine, if you will, sitting down to your morning coffee and turning on your home computer to read the day's paper. It's not as far fetched as it may seem."

    Well, back in the dark days before the internet (1981), this seemed like a completely impossible, impractical and alien concept. And hey, back then, it really was. Reading your paper on green print, or even black on white, off of their Commodores would probably hurt their eyes and backs after a while. They didn't have iPads, iPhones or laptops where they could conveniently read their daily news.

    Also, online newspapers were a closed, exclusive network of about a dozen papers linked together with someone typing everything from the regular paper-paper onto a word processor, then sending it out across the network. But who actually subscribed to this?

    Well, back then having your own home personal computer was enough to get you on the news. So, they found the guy in town that had one and went to his house, asking him questions about how he consumes his news. Interestingly enough, and the opposite of what it is now, the guy who's one of the only notable people to explore, use and master a new technology was old. Like, old old.

    He had white hair.

    What the hell happened? My grand parents still use two hands and reading glasses to change the channel on the remote.

    Anyway, as Richard Halloran, a home computer user, says in the video, the primary use of the system is to "have the option of not only seeing the newspaper on the screen but also..." (get this) "...we can copy it. So anything that we're interested in we can go back in again and copy it onto paper and save it."

    Because saving things from digital formats to hard copies is exactly what makes things easier to save. What an awesome time to live.

    It's really quite a feat to see a news report like this and not laugh, but really it's more interesting to see how far we've come and how dramatically our lives have changed. It's funny how there's a whole new universal lingo for everything. If you're not connected to technology, you're not a part of the world anymore. You're "out of the loop".

    So, here's another fun example of exactly how "out of the loop" we all used to be in this report about computer viruses. The first part is the most golden.

    And just to really drive in how foreign of a concept the internet was even in 1994, here's a clip of the today show's Bryant Gumbel almost angrily trying to find out what an "@" is and what, exactly, the internet really was. Even though he was basically a grown up Steve Urkel, he still dismissed technology as something for nerds, as people used to.

    Nowadays, if you don't know technology, you're living your life wrong. Especially if you're in entertainment.

    The best part is how frustrated he gets at the fact that he doesn't know what an "@" means and how to read an internet address which, apparently, the network had enough foresight to establish. As always, the news was just a little bit behind reality.

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