10 Insane Viral Videos Starring Russians (Vol. 3) Anything
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10 Insane Viral Videos Starring Russians (Vol. 3)

Welcome back to a series of dozens of videos in a collection of only the best videos from Russia. The Japanese have the market cornered on the weirdest videos on the internet, Americans have the dumbest and most narcissistic and Russians have what are undoubtedly the most insane, intense, "holy sh*t" videos on the internet.

All of Russia is a Jackie Chan movie. So enjoy this third installment of ten insane viral videos from Russia. Stay tuned for more!

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    Unique Way to Resolve Traffic Accident Dispute

    Possibly the best way a traffic accident has ever ended. Ever.

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    Truck Full of Cows Tips Over

    In communist Russia, cows tip you! Or just fall out of trucks on the interstate...

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    Russian Driver Destroy's Knife-Wielding Bully's Door

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    Russian Freeway Granny

    Obviously the first thing everyone thinks to do when their cab doesn't show up.

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    Russian Superhero

    Where the strength of many men fails, one seemingly common Russian man steps up play everyday hero.

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    Beautifully Executed Russian Road Rage

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