tv 10 Most Awkward Talk Show Moments of 2010  

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Matt Lauer interviewed Kanye West, Bill O'Reilly caused the ladies of The View to walk off their own show, Justin Bieber doesn't know what a German is for some reason -- From pissy mood swings and zoned out responses to controversial outbursts, here are the 10 most awkward talk show moments of 2010, now that the year is finally, officially over. Here's to another year of great television.

Letterman Interviews a Miserable Robert DeNiro with Dustin Hoffman

A humorless, almost bitter De Niro appeared on Letterman in December 2010, alongside Little Fockers costar Dustin Hoffman. During the interview, De Niro rarely chuckled, made little eye contact with Letterman, and diverted questions to Hoffman.

At one point, Hoffman told a story about how De Niro waited on him at a party in 1969. The audience seemed to find the story interesting until De Niro capped it with, "It was the night that Bobby Kennedy was assassinated." After a few seconds of dense, awkward silence, Hoffman reels the interview back in by pointing out how much of a downer De Niro is.


Harrison Ford Shows Up High to Conan Interview

Thank god Conan O'Brien knows how to handle awkwardness gracefully. When he interviewed Harrison Ford on his new talk show, it was pretty obvious Ford was mentally absent.

Ford acted weird from the very beginning of the interview, rubbing the couch profusely. He continued, explaining that a noise in the audience is "his echo" and tells Conan a blimp is "meant to be in your face. Or over your head".

Being the charmer he is, O'Brien laughed off the eccentricity, saying it was the most "honest interview" he's ever had.

If the TeamCoco video player isn't loading quickly enough for you, please click here to see this interview where Han/Indy is clearly high.

The View Women Walk Out on Bill O'Reilly

This list wouldn't be close to complete without mentioning Bill O'Reilly's incredibly awkward appearance on the View.

Already known for creating uncomfortable situations, O'Reilly actually succeeded in making the show's hosts walk off their own stage.

But for once, O'Reilly wasn't really the instigator in this situation. He wasn't exactly a Buddhist Monk, but he was about as calm as I've ever seen him. In this case, Whoopie and Joy Behar were the ones who flipped out. And they made it even more awkward when they decided to return five minutes later. As Barbara Walters explained, "We should be able to have discussions without washing our hands, screaming, and walking offstage." Touche, Babs. Touche.


Barbara Walters and Lady Gaga Mix Like Racy Pictures and Your Grandmother

It's awkward enough just hearing Barbara Walters say "Lady Gaga". But for the most part, this interview is pretty mild. As always, Walters asks relevant, well-thought out questions that reveal a lot about the person she's interviewing.

However, her interview with Lady Gaga still makes the list due to a few moments of weirdness. At the beginning of the interview, for example, Lady Gaga announces she'll make an exception and remove her sunglasses for Walters. Later, Walters asks her flat out if she's ever had sex with a woman, to which Gaga replies, "My goodness." Another example? Barbara Walters saying "loving with my muffin".

Also notably awkward is the fact that Lady Gaga and Barbara Walters, side by side, look like a before and after photo. Though I'm not sure who's before and who's after.


Justin Bieber's Interview with a New Zealand TV Station

You know that moment when someone says something, you can't understand them, so you ask them to repeat themselves, and you still can't hear them, and so you ask them again, and you still can't hear them, so you just smile and nod?

That's what Justin Bieber should've done. A New Zealand talk show host asked him if Bieber was German for basketball. After repeating himself several times, the host then shows Bieber the word "German" on his note card, and Bieber replies that we don't use that word in America.

I'm not sure what's the most ridiculous thing going on here—the question itself, the fact that a sixteen year old doesn't know the word German, or that the host can't remember that question long enough to not read it off of a note card.


Matt Lauer Interviews Kanye West

The Today Show invites Kanye West to respond to George Bush's response to West's claim that Bush doesn't care about Black people. Everything went smoothly until Lauer made Kanye watch Bush's reaction, without sound, just to see how sad he looked.

From there, the interview goes downhill fast. Kanye says he doesn't need to be shown the tape to "prompt [his] emotions". He adds that he doesn't need "all the jazz" of television in order to respond, then tells some crew members to be quiet, and gets frustrated when video of his incident with Taylor Swift is shown during the interview.

The whole thing would've gone a lot smoother if Kanye and Bush cut out the middle man and just posted reaction videos on YouTube. No jazz, no interruptions and it would've made for a hell of a web redemption.


Chris Rock on Leno

Leave it to Chris Rock to point out the obvious without regard. There was, of course, Rock's insulting nearly every actor at the 2005 Oscars, and in 2010, he also called out Jay Leno on his own show.

Upon his entrance, Rock points out how much the Tonight Show has changed, subtly hinting at the absence of Conan O'Brien.

Leno tries to change the subject to Justin Bieber, of all things. Rock engages him, making a quick joke, and then says, "I can't believe you're back. You're a bad man, Jay Leno."

Even Chris Rock is on Team Coco.


Barbara Walters Learning How to Dougie

At the end of Walters' 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010 special, Justin Bieber teaches her how to do the Dougie Dance, popularized by the song from Cali Swag District.

For about thirty seconds, Walters dances with Bieber, stroking the back of her head and moving her body in ways an eighty year old body just shouldn't move.