10 Most Obnoxious Wedding Themes of All Time Anything

10 Most Obnoxious Wedding Themes of All Time

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After we saw the news of the couple in Japan who were married by a robot, we realized Wedding Season (aka June-July) is rife with examples of poor wedding theme decisions. It's the time of year when the sanctity of marriage and love are celebrated with crab cakes, white frosting and drunken bridesmaids giving it up for pre-screened strangers. Here are the most insane and ridiculous wedding themes we have ever seen. But hey, look at this this way: they're better than Vegas!... Kind of.

What are the worst wedding themes? Alas, while some people are still not allowed to partake, there are others who should not be allowed to join in the fun. You know who I am talking about, these are the folks whose passions for a hobby rank as holier than both the sacred word of God or the exalted slurring of a Dean Martin impersonator. Until these weirdo wedding rituals are absolved... weddings aren't safe for anyone.

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    Renn Faire Wedding

    Let's start off on the right hoof.

    Ah, the wedding of Torack the Troll and the Fairy; 'twas quite magickal.

    If you are going to do the whole Renn Faire thing, learn an accent that doesn't sound straight out of an Alabama filling station...

    Also, here's a note when writing your wedding vows: don't give a shout-out to the other hearty wenches in the crowd.

    Please notice how the woman's face is hidden (displaying the mercy of her husband-elect) throughout the entire ceremony.

    Also, never EVER mention your ex-wife in your wedding vows.

    On top of that don't you want to get married when you look your BEST? But then again, maybe this is his best.

    Look, I love mead and turkey legs (which by the way... are native to North America - woop woop) as much as the next guy, but c'mon, folks, there's obviously a time and a place... a long, long time ago in a place that doesn't exist.

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