tools 10 Most Used Size's of Socket and or Wrench.  

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List Rules Metric and Standard sizes.

I come across a variety of sizes, but there are sizes that I use a lot! Mostly your basic sizes to take off and put back on body parts and accessories.

10 MM socket

Most of the time I use this size for most fender bolts, license plates. Door handle bolts and nuts, sensor attachments, antenna's, and inner fender nuts. As well as fog lights, grills....I could go on!

8 MM Socket

I find these on fender's mostly, and bracket bolts.

13 MM Socket

These are mostly bumper bolts, windshield wiper nuts, hood bolts, and some interior nuts like seat bolts and seat belt bolts.

7 MM Socket

Mostly inner fender screws and some license plate screws. I also see a lot of these in the interior panels, like door panel screws and grab handles. Fog lights and some bumper brackets.

15 MM Socket

Like the 13 MM socket, Its mostly Bumper, hood, and also interior seat bolts, seat belt bolts.

1/4 in. Socket and wrench

Inner fender screws, and interior screws and nuts.

1/2 in. Wrench

Bumper nuts, and some interior nuts, mostly seats ect....

6.5 MM Socket

Interior screws, and inner fender screws.